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2 VISION In such an integrated and competitive world, we support the development of projects of high social value, in tune with the values ​​ and ethics of a global society that demands more equity and access to welfare.

3 SERVICES SMARTLANDING Acutely aware of the difficulties that business development brings, of the differences between market sectors and industries, of the cultural differences between countries and the growing need for transparency, our support for our clients allows them to successfully develop their ideas, projects and businesses. We offer a high quality, effective and long-term relationship with our clients. Our services include legal, commercial and communications advice for any business, anywhere in Latin America, either directly and/or through our extensive professional network.

4 DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES WE PROVIDE YOU WITH BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES THAT YOU NEVER EVEN DREAMED OF We let you focus on what you like and what you do best while we take care of the rest. We work with you directly and use the best suppliers in the region to realize your goals and develop any kind of business, in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay and Mexico.

5 SERVICES SMARTLANDING  Smartlanding advises you about your arrival, making the best use of all international agreements that Chile has with your country or region;  Smartlanding helps you integrate into Chilean and/or Latin-American culture;  We help you set up the best tax and/or legal structure for your company and/or business;  Smartlanding provides you with advice to help you enter your target markets; Leasing or purchasing land, hiring services, logistics, relationships with clients, suppliers and authorities;  We design and support business, marketing and customer services strategies;  We oversee the arrival of executives and their families and help them adapt to their new environment;  We evaluate the development of your business and look for any potential risks in your business plan. ARE YOU A FOREIGN INVESTOR PLANNING TO LAND IN CHILE?

6 ARE YOU THINKING OF STARTING A NEW BUSINESS?  We analyze the internal and external economic environment and provide you with the relevant data so that you can draw up and implement a suitable business plan.  We analyze the main players and competitors in your field;  We deal with the paperwork needed to register your company, get it started and finance it;  We provide you with information on labor, tax, environmental and other laws that you’ll need to evaluate before you start a new business.  We evaluate your project and provide financial planning. SERVICES SMARTLANDING

7 ARE YOU PLANNING TO BROADEN OR REDEFINE YOUR GOALS, OR SWITCH MARKETS OR CHANGE THE COUNTRIES IN WHICH YOU WORK?  We evaluate your current position and advise on potential growth (new markets, audiences, etc).  We help you define new goals and strategic planning;  We help you develop business plans, and advise on the best legal, tax, marketing, communication and distribution strategies for your business.  We analyze and design franchises. SERVICES SMARLANDING

8 SERVICES SMARTLANDING ARE YOU PLANNING TO LOOK FOR NEW MARKETS? We boast an extensive professional network in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay and Mexico so we can:  Obtain and analyze the key information you need to decide whether you should enter a specific country and/or market;  Investigate and analyze the opportunities in any given market or product line;  Analyze your advantages and competitive edge;  Provide you with coaching, allowing you to integrate fully in the local culture, its tastes, habits and lifestyles;  We can set up business meetings and introduce you in any new market and/or area.  We look for project financing;  We find the best strategic partners for you.

9 LOOKING TO BUY A COMPANY OR PLANNING TO SELL YOUR COMPANY?  Smartlanding provides you with the best strategies so you can increase the value of your company and therefore get the best sale price. We undertake extensive research on your company, its main competitors, its organizational structure, its accounts, finances, tax and legal situation as well as working out the value of things like trademarks and business know-how;  We come up with a detailed plan to increase the value of your company, with estimates for costs and timings;  We oversee the implementation of this plan;  We look for strategic partners and/or investors for your business. SERVICES SMARTLANDING

10 DO YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR IMAGE OR STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR STAKEHOLDERS? We diagnose the style and current state of your company's communications and the methods you use We analyze your key stakeholders and their needs (investors, shareholders, regulatory bodies, government authorities, clients, employees, the media,people of influence, interest groups) We study your company, its culture and its values so we can come up with a new narrative for it We train senior management so they can make the most of their communication skills and influence We come up with eye-catching action plans designed to plant the messages and business objectives of your company in the minds of these keyaudiences We implement these action plans and measure their results

11 SERVICES SMARTLANDING WE ORGANIZE EVENTS AND DESIGN DIFFERENT TRAINING COURSES FOCUSED ON:  Increasing the skills and knowledge of both importers and exporters;  Identifying the best solutions for problems arising from investing in new markets;  Strengthening and improving soft skills in business development;  Identifying, building and outlining the services and values you offer;  Identifying strategies to help you reach new markets.

12 INTERNATIONAL NETWORK Chile Perú Argentina Uruguay México Colombia

13 TEAM Pamela Goldbaum Pimstein (Law graduate from the University of Chile, 1995) Founder and head of Goldbaum Abogados, a boutique law firm specializing in tax and estate planning. Formerly a partner at Pffefer & Cia, a law firm, and tax and legal manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers Chile; Attorney specializing in corporate and mining law at Carey y Cia law firm and at the National Bankruptcy Superintendency. Her expertise covers real estate, mining, commercial and tax law, and providing tax services to Chilean and international companies and individuals. Has worked as Professor of Economic Law at the University of Chile and the Catholic University of Concepcion. Degree as Company Director from the Adolfo Ibáñez University, 2012.

14 TEAM Diana Gurovich Rosenberg (Degree in business administration, University of Chile, and a masters in Security and Defense, ANEPE). She specializes in evaluating and starting up new projects, particularly linked to real estate, innovation, new technology, telecommunications, security and human resources. Has worked as general manager of several companies, including family offices, Telkom, Cifco and Global Place. Has also worked as a project leader at Banco Edwards, In Motion and Inversiones Interover Sur, among others, successfully leading multidisciplinary teams. She is a project evaluator for the state development agency CORFO and professor of strategic planning and project evaluation.

15 TEAM Jennyfer Salvo Cofman (Journalist graduate from the Catholic University of Chile). She specializes in designing and implementing international communication Strategies. She was reporter of El Mercurio and founder of the research unit at Chilean National Television (TVN). As press and cultural representative at the Chilean embassy in Peru (1997-2006) she helped forge relations between Chile and Peruvian media; she supported the Chilean Commercial Office in Lima and has advised international companies such as IT&T, LAN and Luchetti. She managed Chile’s international communication strategy (from 2008 to 2012). As an independent consultant, she has advised the government of Honduras, the Interamerican Development Bank (BID), the Chilean ministries of Foreign Affairs, Labor and Justice and the Chilean-Peruvian Commercial Counsel, among others. She has acted as an international speaker in softpower skills, image management, public diplomacy and strategic communication.

16 SMARTLANDING Business Development 562 22484080 Office 569 92268240 Pamela Goldbaum 569 98225356 Diana Gurovich 569 90347243 Jennyfer Salvo Estoril 50 of. 1007 Las Condes Santiago – CHILE 56-2-22484080


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