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Taming the Tongue James 3:1-12.

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1 Taming the Tongue James 3:1-12

2 A Caution Against a Boastful Tongue
James 3:1-5a Warning against pride and against presuming a calling that is not yours This is exactly the condemnation of Jesus towards to teachers in his day To boast = to talk big, i.e. be grandiloquent (arrogant, egotistic)

3 The Corruption of an Unbridled Tongue
James 3:5b-6 The uncontrolled tongue can turn ones life into a blazing flame of destruction

4 A Control for the Untamable Tongue
James 3:7-8 If no one can tame the tongue then what is the use? No man can tame the tongue, but Christ can

5 The Contradiction of the Untested Tongue
James 3:9-12 James’ writings serves as a series of test (Faith) Belief is not created by your words Our words don't make belief...they reveal the true belief of our heart.

6 Conclusion What is your heart saying to you this morning?
Be cautious in any motive to exalt yourself? Eliminate the boastful speech. Words can destroy years in an instant No man can tame the tongue, but Christ can! Our words reveal the true belief of our heart.

7 Application Can you go 24 hours without sarcasm, derogatory and hurtful remarks or negative ways of communicating? Are you willing by God's grace to begin working on developing a Christ-like method of communicating? Will you be intentional about it starting today?

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