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Chinese Zodiac 中 (zhōng) 国 (guó) 生 (shēng) 肖 (xiào)

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1 Chinese Zodiac 中 (zhōng) 国 (guó) 生 (shēng) 肖 (xiào)

2 Objects: 1.To know the Chinese Zodiac culture. 2.To learn the names of the 12 Shengxiao. 3.To sing a Chinese Shengxiao Song.

3 The Chinese ancients used twelve animals to represent a person’s birth year, and each person belongs to one of the animal signs or 生肖.

4 生 means birth, 肖 means resemblance. The meaning of each sign serves as an analogy for the person born to that sign.

5 the twelve 生肖 ? the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster, the dog, and the pig.

6 鼠 (shǔ)

7 牛 (niú)

8 虎 (hǔ)

9 兔 (tù)

10 龙 (lóng)

11 蛇 (shé)

12 马 (mǎ)

13 羊 (yáng)

14 猴 (hóu)

15 鸡 (jī)

16 狗 (gǒu)

17 猪 (zhū)

18 鼠 (shǔ) 牛 (niú) 虎 (hǔ) 兔 (tù) 龙 (lóng) 蛇 (shé) 马 (mǎ) 羊 (yáng) 猴 (hóu) 鸡 (jī) 狗 (gǒu) 猪 (zhū)


20 Make 12 flash cards for the 12 animals. One side with Chinese characters and Pinyin, the other side with English meaning.

21 Website showing the stroke order

22 Judge 生肖 from the characteristics. Please hold up and speak out your flash card as your choice.

23 You have a lot of good in you. You are creative and successful but can be troublesome! You are clever and hardworking. Sometimes you like to be alone, dreaming of great things. You are usually modest – but not always. You are very hardworking and loyal. Justice is important to you. But you have rather a strong will. You have a strong character – in a quiet sort of way. You like to learn – but only about the things that interest you.

24 You have a hot temper, but a lot of charm. You always finish what you set out to do. You are quiet, calm and can keep a secret. You like doing things on your own. You are brave and have a strong will. You are loving, but can get a bit angry. You are lucky, but deserve it because you are patient and not greedy. You are shy and a bit moody sometimes.

25 You like to be the leader – you talk a lot and sometimes ask a bit too much of other people. You can be sensitive. You are wise and attractive, but sometimes you boast. You can also be a bit mean. You are independent, clever and people admire you. You are cheerful and like talking! You are artistic, calm and caring. You also know how to use your talents well. But you can’t always make up your mind!

26 Chinese Zodiac Song

27 小 (xiǎo) 老鼠 (lǎoshǔ) 打头 (dǎtóu) 来 (lái) ,牛 (niú) 把 (bǎ) 蹄 (tí) 儿 (ér) 抬 (tái) ;老虎 (lǎohǔ) 回头 (huítóu) 一 (yī) 声 (shēng) 吼 (hǒu) ,兔 (tù) 儿 (ér) 跳 (tiào) 得 (dé) 快 (kuài) ;兔 (tù) 儿 (ér) 跳 (tiào) 得 (dé) 快 (kuài) !

28 龙 (lóng) 和 (hé) 蛇 (shé) 、尾巴 (wěiba) 甩 (shuǎi) ,马 (mǎ) 羊 (yáng) 步 (bù) 儿 (ér) 迈 (mài) ;小 (xiǎo) 猴 (hóu) 机灵 (jīling) 蹦 (bèng) 又 (yòu) 跳 (tiào) ,鸡 (jī) 唱 (chàng) 天下 (tiānxià) 白 (bái) ; 鸡 (jī) 唱 (chàng) 天下 (tiānxià) 白 (bái) !

29 狗 (gǒu) 儿 (ér) 跳 (tiào) 、猪 (zhū) 儿 (ér) 叫 (jiào) ,老鼠 (lǎoshǔ) 又 (yòu) 跟 (gēn) 来 (lái) ,十二 (shíèr) 动物 (dòngwù) 转圈 (zhuànquān) 跑 (pǎo) ,请 (qǐng) 把 (bǎ) 顺序 (shùnxù) 排 (pái) ! 请 (qǐng) 把 (bǎ) 顺序 (shùnxù) 排 (pái) !

30 Homework: Make a 生肖 poster of your family members.

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