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Schonweiss A Business Plan Ph +91 9400991188

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1 Schonweiss A Business Plan Ph +91 9400991188

2 An Overview  Schonweiss Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded in February 2012.  With an ISO 9001:2008 ( ANAB & UKAS ) certified process in web and mobile application development  A start up company with a portfolio few companies in India can boast of.  A Microsoft BizSpark StartUp 2

3 An Overview - Continued  Developers of “Discussion Manager” –the world’s most sophisticated discussion manager application. Free trial version available for download on Google Play, and full version on the Amazon Store  Several breakthrough projects under development – including a sophisticated ebook reader with voice tagging, audio based look up of meaning, ability to annotate with sketch, text, video, or audio over a pdf, and integrated notebooks functionality; a thinking/idea- sharing oriented social web platform, and augmented reality applications.  A portfolio of over a dozen uploaded applications. – in the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone Markets. 3

4 Structure of the Plan  This plan focuses on a central application in our portfolio – a Discussion Management application – fully developed, for the Android Platform, in-house at Schonweiss.  Annexed to this document is also an extended portfolio - a list of applications we have currently developed and have online in various markets – which we believe will help demonstrate in practical terms our capability to develop applications for various mobile platforms, and emerge as a market leader. 4

5 Elevator Pitch  Schonweiss Software Solutions Private Limited is a product oriented start up – which has a model of drawing in the best talent, and creating applications which have the potential to conquer a global market  Focusing on Mobile Applications and social oriented web based systems, and with no external funds, Schonweiss already has created a portfolio few companies in India can boast of.  Our demonstrated technical expertise, the ability to generate cutting edge solutions, and focused and dedicated teams make us stand apart from the rest of the competition. 5

6 Market & Industry Environment “ By 2014, the smartphone-app market will total more than $40 billion.“ – Inc. Magazine  Schonweiss focuses on developing smartphone and tablet technologies than can make life easier, be it the productivity at work, education, daily life, or social life.  Schonweiss is also targeting web based social solutions designed for efficient idea exchange, enabling groups of people world over to come together and work on projects, social idea exchange, and more. 6

7 Market & Industry Environment An infographic [ref]from notes:ref  There are currently over 6 Billion Mobile Subscribers, a number which is around 87 percent of the world’s population.  There are over 1.2 Billion mobile web users worldwide  Google accumulates $2.5 Billion yearly revenue from mobile advertising  Mobile ad spending is expected to hit $20.6 Billion by 2015  Consumption of mobile applications occurs over a wide spectrum - banking, social networking, travel, shopping, local info, news, videos, music and more 7

8 Market & Industry Environment Growth in a Typical Sector 8

9 Market & Industry Environment  An emerging market, one that is sharping growing.  A sharply growing market that is slowing displacing existing application markets  The current steep growth of the market make the environment an ideal one to venture in  The right time to target the smart phone applications market and establish oneself in it is now. 9

10 Value Proposition, Key Products and Differentiation  As had been mentioned before, this presentation focuses on a key product developed in house at Schonweiss – A Discussion Manager application for the Android Platform.  The focus on a single fully built product is made here so that it may be demonstrated Schonweiss can conquer a potential international market worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  The Discussion Manager application, in its first release, which was on Oct 5, 2012, in the Amazon Android Market, is already[by virtue of its feature sets] among the most sophisticated discussion management tools we are aware of on the Android side. 10

11 Key Portfolio Product - Schonweiss Discussion Manager  Every field requires people to come together, be able to coherently share ideas, maintain records of the same.  Conventionally, white boards, and discussion rooms have enabled people to come together and exchange ideas.  Communication utilities like Microsoft’s Lync and typical communication software have several limitations – for one, we believe they are designed for a desktop environment and the kind of interaction a desktop environment allows. The ability to communicate through natural gestures, an intuitive white boarding environment, ability to save projects, and discussion notebooks, and restore them, etc., are often conspicuously lacking. 11 The Inspiration

12 Key Portfolio Product - Schonweiss Discussion Manager  We decided to create a whiteboard-notebook application, which presents to all users in a discussion room on a WiFi HotSpot – a multi-page whiteboard.  In addition we decided mere text, chat, or live video communication is insufficient. There are going to be audio aspects of the discussion that need to be recorded within the notebook, there are going to be pictures are videos inherent to the discussion which must go recorded into the discussion notebook as well. 12

13 Key Portfolio Product - Schonweiss Discussion Manager  Discussion in any field requires such notes, full with video, audio, text, graphics to be maintained and referred to at a later point in time. Be it note-taking or software requirement collection.  For individual preparation of notes, we decided we are going to have the app help the user create and maintain projects of his own, and later present it to a group, if needed. Or, keep it saved for his future reference. 13

14 Key Portfolio Product - Schonweiss Discussion Manager The Result of around 4 months intensive development at Schonweiss was an application that allows for all of that. 14

15 15

16 Demonstration Videos - Toolkit  16

17 Demonstration Video - Communication  17

18 18

19 19

20 20

21 21

22 Downloading The Discussion Manager  A free time limited trial version, and a full version of the Discussion Manager App is available on the Amazon Android Store: search-alias%3Dmobile-apps&field- keywords=discussion+manager+schonweiss ( Click link above to visit the pages ) search-alias%3Dmobile-apps&field- keywords=discussion+manager+schonweiss  A free time limited trial version is available for download on Google Play: om.schonweiss.discussion.manager&feature=sear ch_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5zY2h vbndlaXNzLmRpc2N1c3Npb24ubWFuYWdlciJd om.schonweiss.discussion.manager&feature=sear ch_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5zY2h vbndlaXNzLmRpc2N1c3Npb24ubWFuYWdlciJd Requires Android 3.1 and higher 22

23 Key Product – Discussion Manager – Path Ahead  Schonweiss plans to collect venture funds to further advance development of the tool and add additional features such as Doman Specific discussion tools – For instance, a s/w requirement collection toolkit allowing for use-case diagrams, flowcharts, activity diagrams, wireframing, etc., could be developed and made available as an in-app purchase. Plausible improvements to the app are being continually researched on.  Schonweiss plans to collect funds to intensively market the application and enter and establish itself in the space before a competitor can. Currently, we have the advantage of a headstart - that we already have a fully functional Discussion Manager with a comprehensive feature set, and more functional than any application we know of in its category. We also have within the company, the know how, and the practical technical expertise needed to take this forward efficiently. 23

24 Key Product – Discussion Manager – Path Ahead  We have already started development of the same on the iPhone and iPad side, and hope to complete it in the coming few months.  We are beginning development of a similar product on the Windows 8 side.  A server component is being developed which will allow communication over the internet – once a server IP is specified – the user will get a list of all rooms in the server  Desktop client components will be developed for all major operating systems. 24

25 The Arena – Popular Communication Tools MessengerUsers ( Wikipedia Statistics Oct. 2012 ) AiM100 Million eBuddy35 Million IBM Lotus Sametime40 Million ICQ50 Million iMessage140 Million Lync3 Million MXit11 Million Paltalk3.3 Million Skype1.09 Billion Tencent QQ0.99 Billion Windows Live330 Million Wireclub3 Million Xfire16 million 25

26 Key Advantages Over Competition  Current messengers were either developed at a time when desktop based applications were popular, and many have feature sets that are inspired by the communication model of earlier desktop based communicators.  No other communication utility currently existing - that we know of - provides the feature set, and the discussion management ease Schonweiss Discussion Manager provides.  The architecture of our application is such that Domain Specific Toolkits can be added on easily. In later versions, we plan to make these in-app purchases.  A desktop tool developed has the potential to displace many existing discussion management tools. We plan to have additional features such as screen sharing in the desktop version. 26

27 Key Advantages Over Competition  We have a headstart into an unoccupied Market space - a potential market that is untapped still.  Since we already have the communication tool demonstrated in the presentation, fully developed – we have a head start of several months over any other competition we may likely face. 27

28 Business Model and Sales/Marketing Strategy  The strategy would be make available the app on all major online Market – including Amazon and Google Play. The iphone version will go into the iTunes Market  A Viral video showing how the application can increase productivity will be made, and uploaded to popular video channels  Dedicatted marketing website ( – prototype hosted on )with marketing, and customer support is being designed and will soon be online. This is for increasing customer visibility as well. 28

29 Business Model and Sales/Marketing Strategy  The pricing of the mobile application will be kept @ or less than 4 dollars.  A server component for desktop that allows for communication over the internet will be sold for a higher price.  The feature set will be made much richer, while the UI much more intuitive and lighter such that it intuitively appeals to all users, in the coming few months  We estimate we’ll be able to generate over 10 to 20 million downloads of this application in the next 2-3 years, with proper initial venture support.  We will also be targeting mobile manufacturers to include a trial of our Discussion Manager amongst the standard set of applications that ship with their mobiles. 29

30 Business Model and Sales/Marketing Strategy  Several companies already in the Market on the messenger and communication side are likely to be interested in buying the technology once a complete suite is made – including for the Desktop. Companies likely to be interested include Microsoft, Google, Skype, etc.  The technologies developed as part of this project can be adapted into social media and social networking platforms to allow for better interaction – and we are already exploring the possibilities along the lines in a social media platform we are developing,. 30

31 Entrepreneur Profile Schonweiss was founded by its current CEO, and Managing Director Dilip Rajeev. Age: 28 years Past Employment: Worked as a Software Development Engineer with Microsoft IT R&D Hyderabad, upon his graduation in 2007, till 2008. Profile: A broad spectrum of interests, and the experience gained over personal research into a multitude of fields is what I bring into Schonweiss. I have had a keen interest in software design and algorithmics, and was an international semi-finalist in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, Algorithms round, during my college days. A Mensa member, and a mathematical problem solving enthusiast. Have researched into a variety of fields – and have published a book on Chinese Philology (, On Amazon ). www.chineseideographs.comAmazon 31

32 Organization Structure  Currently, we are Private Limited Company - 14 employees strong, with 8 dedicated developers. 32

33 Capital  We plan to raise around 10 million dollars in Capital, and are currently targeting investors.  As of October 12, 2012 – we have taken no external funds and the company has been in a phase of building its portfolio, for targeting investors – by making a practical demonstration of our ability to break through into an international market, if provided sufficient funds.  We plan to make our initial public offering in around 4 years time from now. 33

34 Addressing Risks & Gaps  At Schonweiss we are not staking our future path on a single technology but are venturing into multiple products with a global market – technologies which currently do not pose us with a competitor.  Our demonstrated ability to create cutting edge applications in a very short period of time, using small, lean teams provides us advantages over the bigger companies which often have bulkier processes which slow them down.  With funding, the pace of development and the quality and sophistication of our products – which already is at an international standard – can be made to improve several folds.  Schonweiss is also founding a services based IT solutions wing, once sufficient funding is obtained. This will also ensure a steady influx of money – and keep the company from having its future staked on the success of any particular product. 34

35 An Extended Portfolio  The following few slides will present an extended portfolio of Schonweiss - through a set of applications we developed for our portfolio. 35

36 An Extended Portfolio  Within a year of our founding, our dynamic and vibrant teams can already claim a level of expertise and practically demonstrated technical expertise, efficiency, and ability in developing mobile applications which few other companies in India can boast of.  The following portfolio of applications we have developed in house in Schonweiss, and are currently uploaded on the Android Market, Windows Phone Market, and Apple iTunes Market serve to demonstrate in very practical terms the quality of our development teams and the efficiency we are capable of generating. 36

37 {Demonstrating}  Schonweiss Software Solutions has a capability to generate international quality applications on both the mobile and web ends. Schonweiss has also the capability to handle projects with complex requirements, and the expertise to generate software designs that are at par with the world best. At the visual design, UI Design, and graphics design ends too, Schonweiss offers the ability to generate the highest quality solutions as is demonstrated by our portfolio. 37

38 Android Market On the Android side we have done applications, such as: Nora’s Summer Vacation Google Play Link: =en =en Video presentation: 38

39 Nora’s Summer Vacation  Nora’s summer vacation is an application Schonweiss developed as part of its portfolio. The application demonstrates Schonweiss’ capability to generate complex applications for the Android tablet and mobile. Our capability, at a seed stage, in terms of graphics, visual design, and algorithmics are demonstrated in the game.  The theme of the game revolves around the story of a little girl named Nora who spends her summer vacations with her grandma, in a remote village. Her grandma gives her tasks each day, and the user has to help Nora do them. Tasks involve collecting things, fishing, etc., to be performed against a timer. 39

40 40

41 41

42 42

43 FunQuaria  Google Play Link: nweiss.stars&hl=en feature=plcp nweiss.stars&hl=en feature=plcp  Video presentation: e=plcp e=plcp 43

44 FunQuaria  FunQuaria is a game for Android in which the player has to identify a personality against a set of hints. A dynamic animated aquarium background shows the efficiency of our algorithmic design, whereby multiple animations are performed efficiently on a processor- bandwidth limited environment. The ability to come up with efficient multi-threaded engineering designs that perform seamlessly is all the more important in both mobile and tablet platforms. 44

45 45

46 46

47 47

48 48

49 49

50 Dream Forest  Google Play Link:  Video Presentation: 50

51  A Game for kids, developed as part of our current Portfolio on the Android side. 51

52 52

53 53

54 54

55 The Ghost House  Google Play Link: nweiss.ghosthouse&feature=more_from_developer#?t= W251bGwsMSwxLDEwMiwiY29tLnNjaG9ud2Vpc3MuZ2hv c3Rob3VzZSJd nweiss.ghosthouse&feature=more_from_developer#?t= W251bGwsMSwxLDEwMiwiY29tLnNjaG9ud2Vpc3MuZ2hv c3Rob3VzZSJd 55

56 The Ghost House  The Ghost House is an immersive experience in which children can learn alphabets or numbers. The focus of the design is on creating an application for the mobile that generates an immersive experience for the user, through both audio and visuals. 56

57 57

58 iPhone and iPad – The iTunes Market  On the iPhone and IPad side, we have a portfolio of applications whose quality demonstrates the technical capability of our iOS application development wing. These include: SaveMyGarden iTunes Link: garden/id538282271?mt=8 garden/id538282271?mt=8 A game in which the player has to save a garden from insects. 58

59 59

60 60

61 Cross The Ball  iTunes Link: ball/id537941681?mt=8 ball/id537941681?mt=8  A game in which the user has to enter a house without getting hit by a ball. 61

62 62

63 63

64 64

65 65

66 Shoot @ Sight  iTunes Link: sight/id533050926?mt=8 sight/id533050926?mt=8  A game in which the user can spend time in the woods, in a simulated environment.  The game is about hitting a set of moving targets - birds, fishes, or balloons ( in trial mode ) with a gun – one wins additional ammo for hitting targets. The gun can be positioned using the device’s accelerometer, or by touch. 66

67 67

68 68

69 69

70 Pick n Pair 70 iTunes link: pair/id523588129?mt=8 pair/id523588129?mt=8 A game for children that creates an immersive experience in which children are lead to learn the alphabets.

71 71

72 72

73 73

74 74

75 Find My Home  iTunes link: home/id529716084?mt=8 home/id529716084?mt=8 A game that familiarizes kids with the homes of animals. 75

76 76

77 77

78 Kill N Joy  iTunes link: joy/id529463245?mt=8 joy/id529463245?mt=8 78

79 79

80 Windows Phone  On the Windows Phone side, we have an application that is at par with the best of its kind application in the International Market - Jigzelle ( Demonstration Video: ). The only equivalent application on the Windows Phone market, in our knowledge, is one developed by an American firm – Jigsaw Guru, an application from a firm specializes in the aspect of Jigsaw based games. We hold that the engine of our Jigsaw puzzle application is a whole lot more elegant and efficient than any other existing application of the sorts in the Windows Phone Market, that we are currently aware of. The application can currently be downloaded for free from the Windows Phone Market. 53fd-41ab-8c05-3f89c000f631 53fd-41ab-8c05-3f89c000f631 80

81 Jigzelle – A Jigsaw Game For Windows Phone  Windows Phone Market Link: 53fd-41ab-8c05-3f89c000f631 53fd-41ab-8c05-3f89c000f631  Video Presentation: This Jigsaw Puzzle game, developed entirely in-house at Schonweiss, allows for an instant Jigsaw to be made out of any image in the phone gallery, or the application’s gallery, or a snap taken from the phone camera - One may instantaneously take a photo, select a portion, and convert it to a Jigsaw game. The application solves the puzzle for the user, if the user fails in his attempts to solve it. 81

82 82

83 83

84 84

85 85

86 86

87 Windows Phone – Spot Out  An application that familiarizes children with the sounds of birds, animals, and instruments  Windows Market Link:  /en- us/store/app/spotout_app/0748 2e93-8eb4-4660-8f38- 3f2f3a79a5b0 /en- us/store/app/spotout_app/0748 2e93-8eb4-4660-8f38- 3f2f3a79a5b0 87

88  Schonweiss is also capable of making complex, international quality web design solutions, web applications, custom CMSes, Wordpress solutions, Drupal solutions, etc. 88

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