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VA Update – Sarah Jackson New Budget Worksheet NIH Notices and Other Updates Uniform Guidance and Reminders.

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2 VA Update – Sarah Jackson New Budget Worksheet NIH Notices and Other Updates Uniform Guidance and Reminders

3 Bug has been identified that excludes faculty departments from the routing – Caused by editing of personnel after initial entry Remedy is in the works Current work around – If you need to edit any personnel data, delete the individual and re-add them – Changes made on initial entry will be saved

4 Budget spreadsheet calculates F&A based on most standard rates and F&A bases Link on the ORSP Forms & Guidelines page /orsp/proposal_preparation/forms.html /orsp/proposal_preparation/forms.html – Budget Worksheet (multi-year with F&A calculations) Demo Suggestions/ Comments to Robbie Lee –

5 NOT-OD-15-078 NIH eRA Inclusion Management System (IMS) Inclusion Data Reports (IDRs) in RPPRs Formatted to meet Congressionally-mandated reporting NOT-OD-15-081 New OPTIONAL form “PHS Additional Indirect Costs” Can provide indirect cost information to NIH in multi- project applications when entire components are led by a collaborating institution

6 NOT-OD-15-083 NIH expectations for applications related to the NIH Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) PolicyNIH Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) Policy – cover letter states the studies proposed will generate large-scale genomic data – Include a genomic data sharing plan (GDS Plan Guidance) GDS Plan Guidance Applicants who wish to use controlled-access human genomic data from NIH- designated data repositories should, in the Research Plan: – briefly address their plans for requesting access to the data, and – state their intention to abide by the NIH Genomic Data User Code of Conduct NOT-OD-15-086 Use of cloud computing services for controlled-access data subject to the NIH GDS Policy – Requires NIH prior approval – Must meet NIH/Institution security standards & follow NIH Security Best PracticesNIH Security Best Practices – Model Data Use Certification Model Data Use Certification

7 NOT-OD-15-085 Reminder of new biosketch format for applications due on/after May 25, 2015 – Biosketch FAQs Biosketch FAQs – SF 424 (R&R) Forms & Instructions SF 424 (R&R) Forms & Instructions – SciENcv system video tutorial and user guide SciENcvvideo tutorial user guide – NIH Podcasts Understanding NIH’s Biosketch Requirements (mp3 and transcript)mp3 transcript Using SciENcv to Create an NIH Biosketch (mp3 and transcript)mp3 transcript NOT-OD-15-087 New NIH Grants Policy Statement issued March 31, 2015 Incorporates Uniform Guidance

8 NOT-OD-15-088 NIH updating accounting and business software from May 19 – June 3, 2015 – No new/revised NoAs – Institutions can utilize eRA Commons, xTrain, PMS drawdowns, etc. – NIH will not be able to process NCEs, Fellowship Activations, Awards, or EINs May 23 eRA systems downtime – No submissions via eRA Commons (RPPRs, FFRs, JIT, etc.) – No submission of new applications via ASSIST

9 NOT-OD-15-090 Encouraged to report ANY publications found in Table 1 of the RPPR previously reported using paper 2590 or competing renewal process Transitional, 1-time measure to ensure NIH systems can store appropriate award-publication associations

10 SCTR Internal Scientific Review of Extramural Grant Application – Limited to MUSC Faculty; Internal SCTR/MUSC scientific review of an extramural grant application (e.g., NIH K-series, R-series, U-series, NSF, PCORI, AHRQ, etc. applications) – Application Due Date: Minimum 6 weeks before the extramural grant application due to MUSC ORSP – Contact: Dayan Ranwala, PhD - NSF Uniform Guidance Implementation FAQsFAQs – Will be updated periodically as additional questions arise

11 UG effective 12/26/2014 NIH issues INTERIM Terms and Conditions 2/5/15 NIH’s new Grants Policy Statement 3/31/15 NSF & NIH lead Work Group Updating FINAL standard Terms and Conditions; May take several months (NIFA,NIST,NOAA,DOE,FAA,EPA, NASA) DOD developing a different implementation model

12 TIMELY processing of paperwork (PEARS, etc.) – Avoid Retro-active actions as much as possible Creates more work for everyone Red flags for auditors – Negatively affects expenditure reports MUSC cannot bill/invoice/drawdown what doesn’t exist Puts future funding at RISK! ALERT ORSP & GCA of financial concerns ASAP! – Waiting can COST us ALL – PLEASE contact us at first HINT of a problem

13 Questions/Comments? PLEASE complete a survey & THANK YOU Next ORSP Information Session: May 20, 2015 @ 10:30 am, IOP Auditorium

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