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WELCOME to the Operational Tutorial for. The Principles The Principles Zoom Save As Gap Analysis Gap Analysis Compliance Guidance Compliance Guidance.

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1 WELCOME to the Operational Tutorial for

2 The Principles The Principles Zoom Save As Gap Analysis Gap Analysis Compliance Guidance Compliance Guidance Saving Project Feasibility Project Feasibility Building Answers to the Questions Building Answers to the Questions Printing Feasibility Printing Feasibility Print Level 2 Print Level 2 Print Robot Process Audit Innovator Demo Process Audit Innovator Demo Contact Details Contact Details

3 Innovator can be accessed from >.. Desktop Shortcut or >.. C: Drive (default) or >.. Start Up Menu Accessing Process Feasibility Innovator You can now OPEN your Process Feasibility Innovator

4 Innovator Software utilizes VB / VBA / Java as well as numerous Macros and Active X content for its analysis and reporting. Some Macros and Active X content can be malicious and can contain viruses and other security hazards. To protect you, Microsoft by default, disables Macros & Active X and allows you the user to selectively enable this content if you trust the program source. You can trust The House of Quality and enable this content. Windows 2007 Windows 2010 This safety feature may or may not be applicable dependent on your Excel “macro settings”

5 Project Feasibility enables the 35 Requirements of Customer recognised criteria to establish if your Organisations Management System provides adequate confidence to Customers to source specific Products. The Process Feasibility Gap Analysis it will default to the Project Feasibility View.

6 A Gap Analysis paves the way for a Project Feasibility Audit. An Internal Process Feasibility Gap Analysis (sometimes referred to as a Desk Top Audit) is a Self Assessment to establish & document how a Management System addresses Project Feasibility requirements. A Gap Analysis provides Customers with confidence that the Potential exists to comply with Process Audit requirements. More information about Project Feasibility is available on a separate Project Feasibility Tutorial

7 The Process Feasibility Gap Analysis Is customised in Company / Audit Information to a specific level of Process Audit

8 Some Housekeeping is required to set up the information for the Process Feasibility Gap Analysis Information added here is displayed in various Pages and Reports throughout Process Feasibility Gap Analysis This section is Auto filled from the Audit Report This Page duplicates as the Front Cover of Project Feasibility innovator REPORT Auto Filled based on your licence

9 Enter> The Product (or Process) Group the Audit is Applicable to. Enter> The Reason for the Audit e.g. New contract Changed Process Process Problem Enter> Applicable OEM Customer Once entered, this data is utilized throughout the Process Feasibility Gap Analysis Reports. Enter> As applicable Auto Filled based on your licence

10 Note: Project Feasibility (Gap & Audit) evaluates only 1 Process Step

11 Note: Process Feasibility Gap Analysis: shows only the one option. The Audit Type.. is impregnated on each Process Feasibility gap Analysis page Selecting the Audit Type.. The Full Process Audit Innovator also has options for:- Process Feasibility Audit Process Gap Analysis Process Audit Options have customised views and reports depending on the application. Once the Company / Audit Information has been entered push Complete to return to Innovator

12 All the work is done in Phases 2-3-4-5-6.1-6.2-6.3-6.4-6.5-6.5 -7. The Rest are automated Analysis & Reports

13 << 1 st level These are the Process Audit Questions of Phase 2 2 nd level Each Question has a set of Requirements >> Questions for each Requirement are displayed using the Expand Bar with a Drop Down Selection Box Select Phase 2..

14 Zoom to A specific percentage IMPORTANT Using the slide zoom in Windows 2010 may distort the text! Zoom to a certain value by entering the percentage in the Zoom Box. A number from 70 to 400

15 a)To understand the Requirement - i.e. 2.1 Organisational Management. b)To Briefly describe how the Organisation complies with that Requirement. c)To Rate on a Robot G – Y – R - NR The Principles of Process Audit Innovator are The Objective is to concisely state HOW “Organisational Management” is addressed in the QMS. Note: on b) The Brief Description (under Evidence) can only be entered once the Requirements related to the Questions are understood and the Auditor is aware of how those Requirements are met by the Organisations Management System.

16 Not Rated: Maximum number of questions not assessed is limited to 3 The Requirement in the question is not achieved The Requirement in the Question is achieved only to a certain extent The requirements in the question is achieved

17 Each Question has a comment box describing typical activities that could demonstrate compliance. The FREE HoQuality /Forum has extensive additional support providing further explanations of the Requirements.

18 Each Question has a number of related Requirements. Each Question indicates A)The original German text B)The official translation C)A modified translation based on TS16949 terminology A). B). C). The FREE Hoquality /Forum has extensive additional support providing further explanations of the Questions FREE HoQuality /Forum

19 Reference The Gap Analysis comes with editable – pre-defined answers taken from “an ideal” QMS. Once the Questions related to each Requirement are understood the Auditor should (under - Evidence) Document how the organisations Management Systems addresses each Question. Where applicable a X –Ref can be indicated to any applicable Documentation. (Note: Hyperlinks can be inserted here if applicable)

20 Effective Organisational Management has a number of Requirements. How the QMS addresses each Requirement will effect how the overall Question of Organisational Management is assessed. How Summary of How Once how the Organisations Management System addresses the Questions are recorded The Auditor must.. a)Assess the overall impact of the Questions on the Requirement b)Summarise that impact in the Evidence column c)Rate the perceived level of Compliance R Y G How Perceived Rating R Y G

21 -Customer Requirements - International Network (licence agreements) -Job Descriptions for Project Manager -Project Organisational Chart - Specialist technology resources Guidance VDA Requirement FREE VDA 6.3 Requirements, Translation & Interpretation Guidance

22 Select Project Feasibility..

23 The Scoring System


25 Project Feasibility Total & Individual Score Innovator indicates the Red Yellow Green & NA status of each Project Feasibility Phase and of the full Project Feasibility Gap Analysis The Status of the 35 Project Feasibility Questions are identified individually.


27 The Project Feasibility Status is automatically displayed against the established criteria.


29 Results of the Project Feasibility Scoring will automatically be carried forward to the Project Feasibility Report

30 Corrective Actions are required against all Yellow & Red Ratings Corrective Actions are identified against each applicable Requirement. A brief description of intended Corrective Action can be entered against each applicable Requirement.

31 We suggest that you Print the Report to PDF and then Copy / Send or Print from the PDF.. Important Patience Please: Allow time for the Innovator to Print Conducting other actions whilst the Process Feasibility Innovator is printing may cause instability. Ensure you have saved (with backup) prior to printing. The PDF will by default be saved in the Internal Project Feasibility Gap Analysis Folder that the Gap Analysis resides in. Printing Not available for Project Feasibility

32 Print to PDF a COVER for the Report To avoid naming conflicts Rename the File to indicate Cover Printing Not available for Project Feasibility

33  Print button is enabled.  Select Print Hard Copies of the Audit Questions; Requirements; & Open Audit Questions; can be Printed or e-mailed and issued to Individual Auditors

34 Saving Process Feasibility Gap Analysis is FILE driven. This enables the User/s to Copy / Save / Rename unlimited copies of the Feasibility. Note: The Folder Structure under which the FILES are saved is completely under the control of the User. Using the Save function will over write your File and no backups will be generated. The content of these saved Files are identical. They can be distributed, renamed, archived or deleted dependent on your specific Documentation Control requirements. If you don't require Date/Time Backups –(not a good idea)- the Innovator CAN BE SAVED USING THE NORMAL Save Function. The File we opened was Using the function Save with Backup over writes the original File and generates two additional Files One : with date added Two : with date & time added. Select the Drop Down Menu IMPORTANT Have patience for the Save to Activate!

35 The File we opened was Using the function Save AS In the File Name box, enter a new name for the file. Click Save Select the Drop Down Menu Save As is used to rename a file or change the location of where file is located


37 South African Contact Numbers: Tel: 0861 101 708 Fax:0861 100 288 International Contact Numbers: Tel:+(27) 748 1925 Fax:+(27) 748 6656

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