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Welcome to … “REFRESHMENTS” Discovery and Empowerment Dialogue© (Part H)

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2 Welcome to … “REFRESHMENTS” Discovery and Empowerment Dialogue© (Part H)

3 HOW VITAL Is the Awakening of Your Eco-Intelligence In Your Quest to Become a Whole Person and a Sustainable Leader?

4 Let’s Review The Universal Relevance in YOUR Life, of My Story

5 HOW Were You Impacted… By the Understanding I Gained about My Life Journey and My Educational Journey?

6 Did Your Parents and Teachers SUPPORT & GUIDE YOU In Making Healthy Lifestyle, Food, and Health Care Choices that Could SUSTAIN the Living Ecology of Your Body and the Earth?

7 If You Had Parents and Teachers that Supported the Awakening of Your Innate Eco-Intelligence… Consider Yourself ‘Lucky’, If Not ‘Blessed’!

8 Are You Aware of The Unhealthy Cultural Influences of the Past that Linger in the Present to Sabotage the Awakening of Our Eco-Intelligence?

9 I Can Think of Several Unhealthy Cultural Influences: Social Trends Parenting Advertising and Media Addiction to Technology vs. Relating to Nature Loss of Emphasis on Health and Healthy Eating Outdated Approach to Education; Fails to Support a Culture that Is Responsive to Change

10 Sherri Lander Smith, the founder of Genie U, which supports parents and educators in providing learning experiences for children and teens that liberates their innate genius… says that our nation’s schools are unable to create a culture of change because they are using the same archaic, factory- method of education that was used in the 1800s.

11 If Our Current Educational ‘System’ Is Not Meeting Our Fast-Changing Cultural Needs… How Do We Create ‘A Culture of Change’ that Supports Us In Becoming The Leaders of a New Earth?

12 How Do We Go About ENHANCING a Learner ’ s Sense of Discovery, Empowerment, Joy, and Healing in the Learning Process?

13 “What Is” A Sustainable Leader?

14 Coming Up In Our Next and Final Dialogue (within the “Refreshments” Dialogue series)…. I will briefly touch on the six ‘seed ideas’ (cultivated through my transformation education) that supported me in becoming a sustainable leader, which support you in becoming one, as well!

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