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Template for CENG 421/ELEC536 assignments Author.

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1 Template for CENG 421/ELEC536 assignments Author

2 Outline List here the main points of your talk i.e. title of paper, topic etc.

3 Introduction Relevance of the chosen paper for your project Motivation: why have you chosen this particular paper as an assignment? The big picture: talk briefly about work related to the paper (other authors and papers, how popular is this research topic etc.)

4 Approach This is the main part of your presentation Keep an adequate balance of mathematical details (equations etc.) and conceptual explanations You may want to illustrate the main points of the algorithm with images from the paper (which need to be properly referenced)

5 Database and experimental results What database have the authors used? How is this database structured? How did the authors evaluate their approach? Is there something that they ‘missed’ during the evaluation?

6 Conclusion Summarize the main contribution of the presented paper Discuss the strengths and limits of the paper (not only from the authors’ viewpoint)

7 Marking scheme Each oral presentation will count 10 points towards your final course mark. These points will be distributed as follows: a) Introduction and conclusion: 2 pts b) Content: 5 pts a. The ideas that you preset should be well structured b. Critical thinking: what are the strengths and limits of the presented approach c) Delivery: 1 pt pacing, legibility, organization, and quality of visual aids d) Quality of answers from questions received from the audience: 1 pt e) Your active participation during oral presentations of your colleagues 1pt Quality of questions that you ask at the end of other presentations (note: there is no need for asking questions at all other presentations)

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