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Improving School Library Inspections Rhona Arthur, Assistant Director, Scottish Library & Information Council.

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1 Improving School Library Inspections Rhona Arthur, Assistant Director, Scottish Library & Information Council

2 Background Professional staff Geographic coverage Variety of provision Concerns about quality

3 Changing the landscape COSLA School Library Standards Taking a closer look at the school library resource centre Lobbying for review of statutory provision under Education Bill Quantitative indicators…. Inspection procedures

4 1999 procedures Were descriptive in nature, needed a more evaluative approach Failed to expose weaknesses, e.g. no fiction Failed to highlight good practice and demonstrate contribution to learning and teaching

5 New Guidelines Met with Inspectors to discuss issues Introduced use of Taking a closer look.. Reviewed impact Use was inconsistent Dependent on each Inspector Introduction of the use of Profile

6 Profile Treats library/resource centres in same way as departments Does not add to burden of Inspectors Provides a structure for the interview Helps librarian review contribution, builds partnerships and improves status Impact already clearly evident

7 1. Staffing 1.1 Please indicate the days and times when staff are in school. Check that job descriptions for LRC staff have been included in the whole school return. 1.2Please arrange to complete the Staff Development pro-forma for library/ resources centre staff and forward it to the head teacher with this profile.

8 2.Organisation 2.1Please complete the attached Courses Offered pro-forma in respect of any classes or groups taught by LRC staff, including any groups timetabled for extraction from subject classes. Please ensure that every class which will be taught during the second phase of the inspection is included. 2.2 Please outline links between LRC and departments in the school.

9 2.Organisation 2.3Please describe briefly the key features of the contribution of the LRC to the work of the school. (Include, as appropriate, the following: ways in which the LRC contributes to raising attainment; any re- allocation of resources to help raise attainment; specific issues relating to the level of resources; use of ICT. Include any contribution to after-­school activities.)

10 3.Management and Quality Assurance 3.1 Please outline the school's arrangements for managing the LRC. (Include information about finance: e.g. how decisions are made about resourcing, trends in resourcing, etc..) 3.2Please outline arrangements for quality assurance of LRC provision. Please ensure that a copy of the LRC development plan is included in papers available to HMI.

11 4 Strengths of LRC 4 Strengths of LRC provision within the school 4.1Please indicate here any key strengths of LRC provision. 4.2 Please identify any other points which you wish to draw to our attention.

12 Support Developing a school library profile School Library Association training day More questions/model answers added by HMIE Monitor feedback Regular meetings

13 Evidence of Impact at local level “Completing departmental profiles led Principal teachers to consider the Library/Resources Centre support in teaching and learning for the first time.” “Above all it made me audit the Library/Resources Centre facilities and services, and examine areas for improvement or expansion.” “It was an excellent time to bid for extra funds or resources to support the Library/Resources Centre and school development plans.”

14 Evidence of Impact in HMIE Reports Reports from Librarians and contact for support Reporting still an issue It has raised the profile of services and the status of librarians by validating their role in supporting L&T HMIE colleagues phone with comments about best practice One school library resource service was reported as very good and another as one of the strengths of the school

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