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What does a conductor actually do?

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2 What does a conductor actually do?

3 Disney Fantasia What inspires a symphony?

4 The Symphony Music to inspire the listener to sense stories, moods and images

5 1.Opening sonata (allegro – lively) 2. Slow movement (adagio) 3. Minuet (scherzo) Playful, dancing 4. Allegro Symphonic Structure

6 Song Structure – using letters A B A B C B *

7 A B A CDEFG? A B A *

8 In The Art of Fiction John Gardner says: A novel is like a symphony in that its closing movement echoes and resounds with all that has gone before.... Toward the close of a novel.... unexpected connections begin to surface; hidden causes become plain; life becomes, however briefly and unstably, organized; the universe reveals itself, if only for the moment, as inexorably moral; the outcome of the various characters' actions is at last manifest; and we see the responsibility of free will. Recommended Listening: 1.Mahler’s 5 th Symphony (Lord of the Rings) 2.Dvorak’s 8 th (what we’ve listened to) 3.Beethoven’s 5 th (Da da da daaaaa!)

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