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His Imamah 50 Questions A.S. Hashim, MD Questions about Al-Mahdi.

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1 His Imamah 50 Questions A.S. Hashim, MD Questions about Al-Mahdi

2 Click for the answer 2 Discuss a Quranic Ayah said to be in regard to Al-Mahdi. a.Al-Toosi claims the following verse predicts the establishment of the State of Justice, indicating Al- Mahdi's advent: b.وَنُرِيدُ أَن نَّمُنَّ عَلَى الَّذِينَ اسْتُضْعِفُوا فِي الأَرْضِ وَنَجْعَلَهُمْ أَئِمَّةً وَنَجْعَلَهُمُ الْوَارِثِينَ c.a+b+ "And We [Allah] desired to show favor unto those who were oppressed in the earth, and to make them Imams and to make them the inheritors.” Al-Quran, Al-Qassass, 28: 5 d.There are 6 other Ayahs besides the above.

3 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah3 Are there any Hadiths about Al-Mahdi? a.There are 38 Hadiths about Al-Mahdi, b.They were quoted by 26 Sahaaba, c.a+b+ These Hadiths were said almost 250 years before Al-Mahdi was born. d.a+b+ Number of Hadiths were 67

4 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah4 Delineate a Hadith about Al-Mahdi. a.The Prophet said: “Al-Mahdi is from my progeny. b.His name is similar to mine and his epithet is similar to mine. c.In his physique and character he looks like me. d.a+b+c+ He will be in a state of Occultation and there will be confusion (Hayra) in which people will wander about. Then he will come forth like a shooting star to fill the earth with justice and equity as it was filled before with injustice and inequity.”

5 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah5 Delineate another Hadith about Al- Mahdi a.The Prophet said:“From my descendants there will be eleven leaders b.[who will be] noble, receivers of Tradition, and possessed of knowledge, c.the last of whom will be Al-Qaa'im bil Haqq d.a+b+c+ who will fill it [i.e. the world] with justice, just as it was filled with tyranny.”

6 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah6 Delineate a saying of Imam Ali about Al-Mahdi. a.“I thought about a child who will be from my flesh, the eleventh from my line of descendants. b.He is Al-Mahdi who will fill the earth with justice and righteousness when the height of injustice and Evil has been reached. c.a+b+ He will live in a state of occultation as a result of which a group of people will go astray and another remain faithful.” d.This saying was written in most of Hadith books.

7 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah7 What did Al-Husain say about Al-Mahdi? a.“The ninth in my lineage will establish Truth and Righteousness. b.Allah will infuse spirit into the earth through him and the religion of Allah will prevail over all others. c.a+b+ His occultation will be very long, and [because of that] plenty of people will go astray but the truthful ones will remain firm in their belief.....” d.This saying was written in most of Hadith books.

8 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah8 Discuss Zainul Abideen's saying about Al-Mahdi a.“Al-Qaa'im from us is he whose birth will remain undisclosed to the people, b.thus some will even deny the fact that he was born.” c.a+b+ Al-Qaa'im is another title of Al-Mahdi, it means the one who undertakes the obligation [Activates Islam] for the rest of time. d.This saying was written in most of Hadith books.

9 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah9 Discuss the saying of Imam Al-Baaqir about Al-Mahdi. a.“After Al-Husain there will be 9 Imams, b.a+ the ninth of them will be Al-Qaa'im, the one who undertakes the obligation [Activates Islam] for the rest of time. ” c.This was said in the year 1,250H d.This saying was written in most of Hadith books.

10 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah10 Discuss the saying of Imam Al-Saadiq about Al-Mahdi. a.“When Al-Mahdi rises he will summon the people to Islam anew b.and guide them to a matter which had become lost to them and from which people had gone astray. c.He is the only one called Al-Mahdi because he guides to the matter from which men had deviated. d.a+b+c+ He is called Al-Qaa'im because of his rising.”

11 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah11 Discuss the saying of Imam Al-Ridha about Al-Mahdi, and what it means to you. a.Al-Ridha is said to be quoting the Prophet (pbuh) addressing Al-Husain: b.“The ninth of your descendants, O Husain, is Al- Qaa'im, Restorer of the Truth, c.a+b+ the establisher of righteousness and justice...... and he will have a long occultation.....” d.This saying was written in most of Hadith books.

12 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah12 When was Al-Mahdi born? a.Al-Mahdi was born in Samurra in the year 255H. b.It was in the year 100H in Baghdad c.It was in the year 300H in Mecca d.It was in the year 400H in Medina

13 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah13 What did Al-Askari do when Al-Mahdi was born? a.Imam Al-Askari, said the Athan in Al-Mahdi’s right ear and the Iqaama in the left. b.a+ For the Aqeeqah Al-Askari asked his confidante, Uthman Al-Amri, to purchase 300 rams, sacrifice them, then distribute them to members of Benu Talib. c.For the Aqeeqah they purchased 3 rams d.For the Aqeeqah they purchased 100 rams

14 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah14 What is the lineage of Al-Mahdi? a.Al-Mahdi's lineage came from the line of Ahlul Bayt through his father Al-Askari b.and from a righteous mother Narjis, a Christian woman whose line of heritage went back to Simon, the disciple of Isa (Prophet Jesus). c.a+b+ Narjis converted to Islam and became a woman of piety, virtue, and chastity. d.Thus the heritage came from two noble sides.

15 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah15 Why the confidentiality about Al- Mahdi’s birth? a.The pregnancy of Narjis (Al-Mahdi's mother) was kept top secret. b.The exceptional precautions were to evade the Khalifa from discovering the event, thus perchance destroy the newcomer. c.a+b+ Benu Abbas were hysterical because of the Prophet’s Hadith. They were petrified of him, even before he was even born. d.Benu Abbas wanted to celebrate his advent.

16 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah16 Give a detailed account surrounding the birth of Al-Mahdi. a.When Narjis was due to give birth to Al-Mahdi, Imam Al-Askari asked his great-aunt Hakimah to supervise the event. b.Hakimah was fasting at the time since it was the 15th of Sha'ban. c.After breaking her fast, Hakimah stayed in the house, kept praying d.a+b+c+ while waiting until early in the morning when the blessed event took place and Al-Mahdi was born.

17 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah17 Describe the environment in which Al- Mahdi grew. a.Secrecy and caution were absolutely necessary, for his safety. b.a+ That is because the Prophet and the Imams had said numerous Hadiths and sayings about his advent. c.Al-Mahdi was to be free from any allegiance to a Khalifa or any ruler, d.a+b+c+ He was to grow up for the unique events awaiting him, the significance of which is best known to his line of ancestors [the Prophet and the Imams] than to anyone else.

18 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah18 Describe the environment Al-Mahdi grew up in, during childhood. a.Al-Mahdi grew up in an environment very different from any facing his ancestors, the previous Imams. b.Al-Mahdi's environment was restrictive to an exceptional degree in that he was detached from contact with people, c.a+b+ his whereabouts were unknown to most people except for the very special, the confidantes, and the trusted ones. d.Al-Mahdi was cared for by several nannies.

19 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah19 How was the relationship of Al-Mahdi with his father? a.Al-Mahdi’s father was quite attached to him b.a+ Al-Mahdi's relationship with his father was that of deep love in addition to extreme protection. c.a+b+ Al-Mahdi was painstakingly sheltered at home by his family. d.Al-Mahdi’s father was not at home often enough due to detentions. Therefore, there was lack of supervision.

20 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah20 Specify the manner in which Al-Mahdi was told about his mission. a.You are going to be the Imam, the awaited Imam. b.a+ Your mission is global. c.a+b+ People all over know that through your Imamah, you will bring about the reign of righteousness and justice to society, and at the same time destroy the evil of society. d.He was informed by correspondence in writing.

21 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah21 Why were Benu Abbas petrified of Al- Mahdi? a.Muhammad (pbuh) and all 11 Imams had foretold of Al-Mahdi’s advent. b.Benu Abbas knew about these Hadiths, thus it posed grave danger to their rule. c.a+b+c+ Benu Abbas were therefore petrified, they concluded that Al-Mahdi would be the one to destroy their Khilaafah.” d.Long before his birth, Benu Abbas were hysterical with fear.

22 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah22 What did Benu Abbas do ahead of time? a.To prevent Al-Mahdi’s conception, Benu Abbas put Al-Askari under house arrest many times, and detained him in cells of their own Palace. b.a+ However Al-Askari outsmarted them, and Al- Mahdi was conceived before anyone suspected it. c.Al-Mahdi’s birth was kept secret except for the confidantes, all to prevent Benu Abbas, as petrified as they were, from knowing. d.a+b+c+ In addition extreme precautions were also taken to evade the eyes of the people.

23 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah23 What is the reason to be in a Minor Occultation to be followed by a Major One? a.It was ordained by the Almighty for Al-Mahdi to be in occultation for a long time, centuries long. b.The Minor Occultation will give people time to adjust to the idea of the absence, c.a+ Thus they will be better prepared to accept the Major One. d.a+b+c+ Amazing how Allah's plans work, and His wonderful mercy is for them.

24 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah24 What did Imam Al-Askari do before his death? a.Al-Askari got sick and his sickness lasted for 8 days. b.On several occasions before his sickness Al-Askari had confidentially shown his son Al-Mahdi to his adherents c.a+ and had designated him as the subsequent and final Imam. d.a+b+c+ At one occasion (when asked about the subsequent Imam) Al-Askari showed Al-Mahdi to a group of 40 devotees despite the confidentiality of the matter.

25 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah25 Give an account of Salat Janaaza and the uncle of Al-Mahdi. a.It is narrated that the uncle of Al-Mahdi was about to lead a private Salat Janaaza for Al-Askari b.a+ the participants being relatives and prominent devotees called Al-Khaassah, Just before he tried to lead the Salat Janaaza a boy came out and said: c.تَنَحَّ يا عم، فأنا أحق منك في الصلآة على أبي d.a+b+c+ “Uncle, move aside, I have more right than you to pray over my father's body.”

26 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah26 What then! a.Quite startled, the uncle moved aside and Al-Mahdi led the Salat, now that he was the Imam. b.a+ This was also a great surprise to those who had never seen Al-Mahdi before but had heard of his presence. c.The people who saw Al-Mahdi at the moment described him as: Radiant, with fairly wide forehead, and spaced front teeth. d.a+b+c+ When Al-Mahdi finished off the Janaaza Salat he left immediately and vanished. This way Al-Mahdi was witnessed by the crowd which consisted of the close ones (Al-Khaassah) but not by the Khalifa officials.

27 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah27 Give a perspective of the search for Al- Mahdi. a.The officials (having heard about him now), were unable to verify the news beforehand. b.They were very anxious to arrest him immediately. c.a+b+ They searched and looked for him in every corner, questioned many of the households, but all was in vain. d.a+b+c+ It is said the search was so frustrating that they even detained the women households for a long period, just to rule out pregnancy, but all was in vain too.

28 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah28 Describe Al-Mahdi's appearance, a.As described by the ones who had seen him: Imam Al-Mahdi as a young man was of medium stature With handsome face and a radiant look. The hair of his beard and head was black. b.a+ When he was young there was a space between his front teeth. c.a+ No one knows how he looks.

29 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah29 Describe Al-Mahdi's Hideouts a.At first Imam Al-Mahdi concealed himself somewhere in Samurra. b.a+ It is possible that Al-Mahdi hid in the Sirdaab, an exclusive cellar built deeply underground and used by Al-Askari for Salat and seclusion. c.a+b+ In later years Imam Al-Mahdi's headquarters were possibly in Baghdad, and as in Samurra it was known only to his Safeers. d.a+b+c+ Imam Al-Mahdi was also seen at the Ka'ba during Haj time.

30 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah30 Describe Al-Mahdi's Attestants. a.While available to his Safeers, Al-Mahdi made provisions for meeting with certain adherents at certain occasions. b.This was certified by reports of the adherents in various areas, at different times. c.a+b+ The names of 46 such people who had met him and 13 Wakeels who had reported about their meeting with him are in existence. d.He met regularly with most of his followers as well as Benu Abbas officials.

31 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah31 Give a brief description of the network for correspondence. a.While the Shi’a were unable to meet Al-Mahdi personally he corresponded with them by way of the Safeer (Ambassador). b.a+ The Safeer had many Wakeels, (representatives) for each Province. c.a+b+ And each Wakeel had subordinate workers, but all of them communicated in strict confidentiality. d.The network for communication could not stand the onslaught of Benu Abbas

32 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah32 Give a brief description of Al-Mahdi's correspondence. a.Imam Al-Mahdi's correspondence was: personal sometimes, answering Fiqh inquiries at other times, and giving edicts as the occasion arose. b.a+ Al-Mahdi answered in writing, concise, clear, and to the point. c.a+b+ This mode and style of writing continued for 69 years. d.This mode and style continued for 372 years.

33 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah33 Briefly discuss the handwriting of Al- Mahdi. a.Al-Mahdi's signed correspondence, called Tawkii' was given to the Safeers b.And on their part they gave the Tawkii’ to the people c.The handwriting carried exactly the same style and signature throughout the years. d.a+b+c+ These letters were examined by experts and checked several times to see if they were written by the same person, and such was always the case.

34 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah34 Briefly discuss the literary style of Al- Mahdi’s writing. a.The high literary Arabic style was also of the same caliber despite the passage of years and the appointment of various Safeers. b.The manner of expression was also the same throughout the years, without any change. c.a+b+ The distinctive charm of the Du'aas of Al- Mahdi was also of the same exceptional caliber as those of the Imams before him. This style was too distinguished for any ordinary man to reproduce. d.a+b+ The style was distinctive but not exceptional.

35 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah35 Discuss the search Al-Mu'tamid ordered about Al-Mahdi a.The highly insecure and very suspicious Khalifa Al- Mu'tamid ordered an intensive search. b.a+ The search was done extensively but to no avail. c.The agents and those deployed for the task did a thorough search many times over but failed to find him. d.a+b+c+ By Allah's wish and desire Imam Al-Mahdi successfully evaded them. Thus, the Minor Occultation had already started.

36 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah36 Discuss the representatives of Al-Mahdi during the Minor Occultation. a.During the Minor Occultation 4 Safeers (Ambassadors) were appointed by Al-Mahdi, one Safeer at a time, to represent him. b.They were the in-between, brought myriads of questions from his adherents who were hundreds if not thousands of miles away. c.a+b+ All questions were answered briefly, clearly, some with constructive suggestions, d.a+b+c+ Others with sentences foretelling events that came true later on.

37 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah37 Give a historical perspective of the Safeer Uthman Al-Amri. a.A pious man, Uthman Al-Amri was a confidante of Imams Al-Haadi, Al-Askari, and Al-Mahdi. b.He had the privilege of performing the Aqeeqah when Al-Mahdi was born, c.a+b+ He was in company of the 40 people who were given a chance to see Al-Mahdi when Al- Mahdi was a young boy. d.a+b+c+ With the advent of the Minor Occultation Uthman Al-Amri became the first Safeer appointed by Al-Mahdi.

38 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah38 What were the main duties of Uthman Al-Amri a.As Imam Al-Mahdi's representative he was the go- between with the followers. b.a+ Letters, communications, explanations, clarifications, among other things were done over a period of several years until he died. c.Al-Mahdi predicted Uthman Al-Amri's death, and at the same time appointed Uthman Al-Amri’s son to take his place. d.a+b+c+ Uthman Al-Amri died in Baghdad and was buried there.

39 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah39 Briefly discuss the works of the 2nd Safeer, Muhammad Ibn Uthman. a.Year 265H: As a Safeer, he was extremely effective in the management of the organization (Wikaalah). For 40 years he worked tirelessly and in confidentiality not only to deliver the Imam's written messages to the followers b.but also in administering the organization under the auspices and authority of Imam Al-Mahdi. c.a+b+ He gradually expanded the number of Wakeels (Deputies) in many provinces, for example he increased the number of Wakeels in Baghdad from 3 to 10. d.a+b+c+ The number of Wakeels was increased from 3 to 25.

40 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah40 Discuss the affairs of the Wakeels (Deputies): a.The Wakeels (Deputies) were divided into: regional, provincial, then town representation. b.These Wakeels were responsible to the Safeer who himself was ultimately responsible to Imam Al- Mahdi. c.a+b+ Many times the Wakeels met with the Imam but at the same time had to work in complete confidentiality. d.a+b+c+ The Wakeels were only in Egypt.

41 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah41 Elucidate the intelligence and counter- intelligence development: a.The government used its intelligence extensively against the Shi'a organization. b.a+ For a counter-intelligence the Shi'a organization had many of its members in the highest posts in the government itself. c.Women were also active as undercover agents of assemblies and councils, on behalf of the Shi’a. d.a+b+c+ An old woman was particularly energetic in delivering written notes (Tawkii') from the Imam to the Safeer, thus completely evading the undercover agents.

42 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah42 Wikaalah during Haj season a.Al-Mahdi was used to perform the Haj every year. Haj time was used extensively for coordinating the organization's activities. b.a+ Al-Wakeels who had met with Al-Mahdi became affected with a form of disorientation, and only after he left did they come to the conclusion that it was him (a.s.). c.Some have reported that they ate with him, d.a+b+c+ others saw him while he was in Sujood in Mecca uttering Du'aa then leaving with a narrator to the house of Khadijah, the wife of the Prophet.

43 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah43 What else was Al-Mahdi reported to have done during Al-Haj? a.A narrator said he saw the Imam doing Tawaf around the Ka'ba, b.a+ And described him as good looking, with very pleasing scent, respectful demeanor, awe inspiring personality, yet was close to the people in his articulation. c.a+b+ During Haj time Al-Mahdi used to meet with the special of his partisans and devotees, discuss with them and solve their problems for them. d.His Safeer was always with him in Medina during Haj.

44 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah44 Give some highlights about Muhammad Ibn Uthman a.Like his father, the second Safeer was a pious person trusted both by Al-Mahdi and the Imamah- Asserters. b.a+ During his last years Muhammad Ibn Uthman dug a grave in which he used to sit, pray and say Du'aas, in preparation to meet his Lord. c.He prepared his own grave stone and inscribed on it verses from the Quran and the names of the Imams. He was buried in his house. d.a+b+c+ He was buried in Baghdad, his tomb still exists, called Al-Khillani.

45 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah45 What kind of revolts did take place during the time of the 2nd Safeer? a.The Zinj (Blacks) rebels occupied the southern part of Iraq, and after 20 years they were subdued. b.Fatimi dynasty in 295H took regions in North Africa and later on Egypt. c.The Qaramita who were destructive, played havoc in many areas locally and far away. d.a+b+c+ Being suspicious of the Shi’a, that is why the Shi'a were persecuted by Khalifa Al-Mu'tadhid (279H-289H) and Al-Muk'tafi (289H-295H).

46 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah46 Furnish a summary of the works of the 3rd Safeer (Husain Ibn Rooh). a.Year 305H: Husain Ibn Rooh was a highly respected person, distinguished by his sharp acumen and quick mind, particularly in relations with his opponents He was highly influential in the government, though at the same time was in charge of the Shi'a. b.a+ He refined the Shi'a organization (Wikaalah) further, which became highly developed. c.a+b+c+ Husain Ibn Rooh had a magnetic personality, was quick minded, and he attracted a larger number of people to the organization. d.At one time the government imprisoned him thinking he was an anti-government leader, but was later released to assume an important post in it once more.

47 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah47 Furnish a summary of the works of the 4th Safeer (Al-Sammari). a.Year 326H: Ibn Muhammad Al-Sammari carried out his duties well, just as well as his predecessors b.and his headquarters were also in Baghdad c.and it is assumed that Imam Al-Mahdi resided in Baghdad too for easier communication. d.a+b+c+ Al-Sammari undertook his duties for 3 years only, when by 329H he got a message from Al-Mahdi which was the last Tawkii'.

48 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah48 What Tawkii’ did Al-Sammari receive? a. يا علي ابن محمد، أعْظمَ الله أجر إخوانك فيك، إنك ميتٌ ما بينك وبين (الموت) ستة أيام، فاجمع أمرك ولا توصي إلى أحدٍ يقوم مقامك بعد وفاتك، فقد وقعت الغيبة التَّامه فلا ظُهور إلاّ بعد أن يأذن الله تعالى، وذلك على طول المده وقُوَّة القلوب وامتلآء الأرض جوراً...... b.a+ "May Allah give good reward to your brethren concerning you (i.e. on your death), for indeed you shall die after the sixth day. So prepare your affairs, and do not appoint anyone to take your place after your death. For the Major Occultation has now started, and there can be no appearance until (after a long time when Allah gives His permission) hearts become hardened and the world becomes filled with injustice........"

49 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah49 What did Al-Sammari do when he received the Tawkii’? a.Al-Sammari gathered his Wakeels and trusted ones, showed them the pronouncement (Tawkii'), and waited for the 6th day. b.Sure enough, by the 6th day he died. He was buried in Baghdad too. c.a+b+ Thus the Minor Occultation had come to an end and the Major Occultation had started d.The Major Occultation was for a short time only.

50 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah50 Give an account of the termination of the Minor Occultation. a.With the advent of the Major Occultation Shi'a were devoid both of direct or indirect contact with the Imam. b.They were in Direct contact for over 250 years, then in an Indirect contact for 69 years c.Even though for many generations people had heard about the Major Occultation, now they had to experience it. d.a+b+c+ The final aim of all the Imams was the establishment of a truly Islamic State based entirely upon the Shari'ah as interpreted and implemented by the Prophet and Ahlul Bayt.

51 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Mahdi's Imamah51 Briefly discuss Ij'tihaad before and after the Major Occultation of Al-Mahdi. a.The Shi'a organization (Wikaalah) was dissolved when the Minor Occultation was over. b.From then on the Faqeehs (Jurisprudents) were to represent Al-Mahdi in absentia, the responsibility fell on their shoulders. c.a+b+ Al-Mufeed may have been the first Jurist to practice Ij'tihaad, then Al-Toosi gave a definite shape to it. d.a+b+c+ Before then, the Faqeehs simply quoted the information of the Imams, but now that they had to render Ij'tihaad and do it the best they can.

52 Click for the answer 52 End of quiz You may choose another topic You may choose another topic Thank you and May Allah bless you. Thank you and May Allah bless you. For More Information Click Me: Click Me:

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