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NBC Learn Higher Ed Overview. 2 What is NBC Learn? NBC Learn, the educational arm of NBC News, is a rich and unique resource that provides thousands of.

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1 NBC Learn Higher Ed Overview

2 2 What is NBC Learn? NBC Learn, the educational arm of NBC News, is a rich and unique resource that provides thousands of historic news reports, current events stories, original content, primary source documents, and other digital media specifically designed to teach and engage students. NBC Learn content can be easily downloaded for offline access and embedded into lectures, assignments and presentations. More than 17,000 short, searchable & downloadable videos from the past 80 years Content is generated from the NBCU Family of Properties including: Nightly News, Dateline, Today Show, and networks MSNBC, CNBC and Telemundo Current events updated daily, Monday-Friday Original series including Chemistry Now, Changing Planet, Finishing the Dream and the Science of SportsChemistry NowChanging PlanetFinishing the DreamScience of Sports Access NBC Learn from school, library, or home; 24/7 technical support Collaborative: CueCards, Playlists, Searches and Collections are easily shared between users NBC Learn is Accessibility Certified (Section 508 requirements and WCAG 2.0)

3 3 Accessibility Features NBC Learn is fully committed to making our site and content fully accessible for users with disabilities. We teamed up with the accessibility experts at Interactive Accessibility to guide us in meeting the Section 508 requirements as well as WCAG 2.0. NBC Learn is now certified and has completed its VPAT® (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template). As NBC Learn is committed to improving accessibility, we welcome your feedback in order to better serve users with disabilities. Keyboard Access: Navigate with the touch of key Visual Improvements: See content clearer than before Assistive Technologies: Fully compatible with JAWS© Screen Reader for Windows Support for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Get the story behind the video through Closed Captioning and CueCard video transcripts Visit for additional

4 4 What Professors are saying… "It is one thing to read and another to see history occurring” - Trevy McDonald, Journalism Professor at the University of North Carolina “I use NBC Learn videos in my financial management courses — both for undergrads and for MBA students” - Dr. Pamela Queen, Professor of Business and Financial Management at Morgan State University “NBC Learn gives business students current ‘case studies’ on how corporations and organizations behave” - Dr. Margaret Lucero, Professor at the College of Business at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi “The actual news reel footage just brings things alive for students, sticks in the student’s minds more clearly than just me talking about it” - Lawrence Brannan, History Professor at the College of Southern Maryland “Students see communication in action” - Clark Friesen, Communications Professor at Lone Star College “Using Current Events - providing a real-world conflict translates into meaningful learning” - Luz Garcia, TESOL Professor at the University of Texas El Paso

5 5 Subscriber Spotlight: Marcia Costello, Villanova University Marcia Costello Nutrition & Community Health Professor “When the chemical spill happened in West Virginia, I downloaded it to teach water pollution and the impact it had on the community. Each night the story evolved which made it so interesting because at first public officials said they had it under control. Then they said pregnant women shouldn’t drink the water. It gave them a good sense of how a story and community health issues develop and change over time…I know it interested the students because I heard them talking about it later in the day after the lecture was over.”chemical spill happened in West Virginia

6 6 Subscriber Spotlight: Meredith Burnett, George Washington University “…the students view the source as valid, and that makes it real-world for them. And it’s not acting. Sometimes textbook videos have actors. If you contrast the actors with NBC Learn videos, students see the real people as a safe source, because they recognize NBC [News] talent. It also helps them get familiar with the names of research centers. It is the best way to get information to students because they see that what they’re learning has implications in the real world.” Some of her favorite videos: Salary Talk Isn’t Taboo in "Transparent Workplace" Traveling Across the Country for a Paycheck Diversity Training at the National Civil Rights Museum Businesses Abroad Recruit American College Grads Harnessing the Skills of People with Autism Bangalore, Outsourcing Capital of India Families Struggling for Work/Life Balance Survey Finds More Working Women Choosing Flexibility Over Money Meredith Burnett Professor of Human Resources Management

7 7 Subscriber Spotlight: Mark Woolsey, Yavapai College Mark Woolsey Speech and Communications Professor “I like to illustrate concepts such as credibility and point out those characteristics in the videos to make distinctions. I will use several clips in a class period, demonstrate our discussion topic, and move on to a new concept.” “ It’s rapid- here’s an idea, here’s a clip. It is easy to find specific areas because it is broken down in a very organized way. The non-verbal communication category has around fifty clips, but I do not have time to go through all of them. I can easily navigate the sub categories such as appearance or body language and limit my clip results to make it a lot easier. The ability to archive them is also very convenient.”non-verbal communication categoryappearancebody language

8 8 Subscriber Spotlight: Trevy McDonald, University of North Carolina Trevy McDonald Professor of Journalism at UNC Save and share Professor McDonald’s Videos: Mississippi: A Self-Portrait Integration of Little Rock High School: 50 Years later Little Rock Nine Discuss Integrating Central High School 45 Years Later State v. Federal Government: Little Rock, Arkansas Eisenhower Explains Why National Guard is in Little Rock, Arkansas What it Took to Integrate Central High School Professor McDonald uses NBC learn to: Play Civil Rights-era news stories from the NBC Learn archives Introduce a subject and help students put it in historical context “It is one thing to read and another to see history occurring.”

9 9 Subscriber Spotlight: Dr. Ann Gabert, University of Texas, El Paso Dr. Ann Gabert History Professor “NBC Learn made history pertinent…because none of them personally knew these history subjects, they can see how the perception of what occurred in history has changed; and I can teach them historiography. “ Christopher Columbus Debate Playlist Christopher Columbus Discovers a New World Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain? Debate Over Christopher Columbus’ Legacy William F. Buckley on Christopher Columbus Native Americans Arrested During Columbus Day Protest Columbian Exchange

10 Subscriber Spotlight: Dr. Margaret Lucero Texas A&M University Corpus Christi Dr. Lucero’s favorite videos used in her “Behavior in Organization” course US Airways-American Airlines Merger May Raise Ticket PricesUS Airways-American Airlines Merger May Raise Ticket Prices (02/14/2013) This video, says Lucero, provides “a contemporary example of how a business makes changes to improve strategic position – and it’s also an important topic to students, who may be concerned with the price of airline tickets." Coke Launches Anti-Obesity AdCoke Launches Anti-Obesity Ad (01/14/2013) “Obesity and Diabetes are often issues in our local news,” says Lucero. “This presents an interesting way to consider the levels of corporate social responsibility, while connecting it with an important local issue.” Americans React to Supreme Court Decision on Health Care LawAmericans React to Supreme Court Decision on Health Care Law (06/28/2012) “This is a contemporary issue that can be related to changing laws in the area of human resources management,” says Lucero. “I want students to be aware of important laws, as well as to understand how laws are passed and then interpreted by the courts.” Crash Investigation Points to Pilot InexperienceCrash Investigation Points to Pilot Inexperience (05/12/2009) “This video is particularly dramatic and makes it easy to point out decision errors. I used this video to discuss ineffective decision responses.” “Being able to discuss a concept briefly, show a video, and have a thoughtful discussion afterward is why I use NBC Learn”.

11 11 Thank you! Contact Us Follow on Twitter @NBCLearn

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