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Introduction: BK50A2700 Selection Criteria of Structural Materials

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1 Introduction: BK50A2700 Selection Criteria of Structural Materials
D.Sc Harri Eskelinen

2 Briefly about the lecturer…
Harri Eskelinen, GSM , Senior Research Scientist at LUT since 1999, before that lecturer and assistant since 1985. Since 2011 nominated as an adjunct professor. Since 2014 Head of the Master Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering D.Sc (Mech.eng.) 1999 Main research topics: DFMA MW-mechanics Green technology in material selection Distance learning Supervising following courses: Technical Drawing and 3D-modelling Material Science Engineering Design and Mechanisms Machine Element Design Research Methods and Methodologies

3 Learning outcomes After having passed this course the student is able to: apply and develop systematic and analytical means and tools of systematic material selection approaches into solving cross-technological material´s selection tasks define and analyze the properties, the strengths, the weaknesses and the application areas of the main groups of constructional materials for different types of applications justify and build generalized models to take into a count both the functionality and the manufacturability aspects in addition to the total costs and environmental aspects of the product in solving the material selection task evaluate and utilize recent results and documents of material science derive analytical models based on the principles of LCC’s, LCA’s and MIPS-factors in material selection.

4 Gas turbine construction

5 Content During the course the student will become familiar with the properties and application areas of different constructional materials. The recent scientific results dealing with material science and technology will be discussed. Aspects of selecting and comparing different materials (metals and their alloys, polymers, ceramics, composites, wood materials, adaptive materials, nanomaterials) are discussed from the viewpoints of functionality, manufacturing aspects, costs and environmental aspects of the product. Future trends in materials science are discussed briefly. Innovative solutions of the material selection tasks will be discussed. Environmental aspects of material selection from the viewpoint of LCC and LCA and the basics of MIPS calculations. Principles to formulate and solve the materials solution tasks based on analytical and systematic approaches and means to develop models to support the selection process staring from the product’s requirement list will be discussed in details. Multi-language teaching environment will be utilized during the project work.

6 Wind power applications

7 Content of the lessons Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson Repetition 1: Material selection based on strength properties Material selection based on manufacturability Reliability based material selection Repetition 2: Material selection based on corrosion resistance Material selection based on wear resistance Lesson 3 Systematic material selection process Lesson Selection of metallic materials Lesson Selection of polymers Lesson 6 Selection of ceramics Lesson 7 Selection of composites Lesson 8 Selection of adaptive materials Lesson 9 Selection of nanomaterials Material costs Lesson 10 Green technology and sustainability aspects in material selection Week Seminar presentations


9 Estimated workload and modes of study
Lectures 24 h Exercises 24h Team work and a limited project work (seminar) 88 h Independent work 20 h Total workload 156 h  6 ECTS cr

10 Evaluation 6 ECTS credits Final grade 0-5 Evaluation:
project work (seminar) 70 % exercise 30 %

11 Study materials Mangohon, P., The Principles of Materials Selection for Engineering Design. Strong, A. B., Plastics, Materials and Processing. Kalpakjan, S. & Schmid, S., Manufacturing Engineering and Technology. For Finnish students: Eskelinen & Karsikas, Vihreän teknologian näkökulmat konstruktiomateriaalien valinnassa, ISBN Lectures and exercises delivered via Noppa

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