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LCCC Online Writing Tutor Sample Submission Form.

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1 LCCC Online Writing Tutor Sample Submission Form

2 Why do I need to fill out this form? The Online Submission Form helps the tutor understand how to assist the student. The course name, assignment details, student’s concerns, and due date are important details for the tutor. We want to help you succeed!

3 Online Submission Form (Sample) Fill in all blanks before clicking the SUBMIT button. First name: Last name: Student L#: LCCC Email address: Course title: Course code: Assignment name: Instructor’s name: Briefly describe assignment: List one specific area tutor should address in paper: SUBMIT

4 Completed Submission Form Sample First name:Joe Last name:Student Student L#:L00000000 LCCC Email Course title:English 105 Course code:EN-105 Assignment name:Narrative essay Instructor’s name:Mr. Teacher Briefly describe assignment:The essay needs to be 500 words long, tell a story about a personal experience, and use some dialogue. List one specific area the tutor should address in this paper:Did I set up dialogue correctly? SUBMIT

5 By the way… Tutors can only reply to essays with an email address. Essays with any other email address are automatically deleted. Tutors do not proofread, edit, or correct assignments for students. We point out weaknesses, and provide assistance during the revision process.

6 Thanks for using the Online Writing Lab!

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