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Updates April 2015 Project Director, Amber Piatt Empowering Women of Color Conference Update.

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1 Updates April 2015 cavp@ga.berkeley.edu1

2 Project Director, Amber Piatt Empowering Women of Color Conference Update

3 Committee Appointments Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation (CAPRA) Chaired by Professor Nancy Wallace Initiates and advises on annual and long-range academic and physical planning. – Campus budget recommendations. – Program reviews. – Capital projects. Serious time commitment, powerful Academic Senate committee, good primer for future Exec Board role in the GA. Meets every Wednesday from 9am-11am in Stephens Hall. This is a great way to get more involved in the GA! Especially for anyone who might be interested in an executive board position in the future.

4 Committee Appointments Advising Council Meets quarterly to facilitate and to foster the exchange of information that supports a culture of campus-wide excellence in advising; to discuss and to promote the resolution of issues and challenges that impede the achievement of the shared goal of excellence in advising, including the recommendation and development of shared policies, procedures and practices to achieve agreed upon objectives; to identify areas that are in need of improvement requiring campus- level strategic planning and to provide recommendations for the respective organizational unit(s) that are charged with their implementation and/or to the Advising Executive Committee as appropriate. [Talk to Delegate Matt Goren to learn more!]

5 We will be hiring new directors for the following projects: – Graduate Minority Outreach, Recruitment & Retention Project – Graduate Women’s Project – Graduate Student Wellness Project – The Berkeley Graduate Project – Graduate Minority Student Project – Graduate Student Parent Advocate – Women of Color Initiative Please email if you are interested in serving on a hiring committee for any of the positions Hiring Committees: Project Directors

6 If you are serving as a graduate student representative on a campus committee, please use the survey link provided in the delegates’ feedback form to briefly summarize what your committee has discussed. Survey for Campus Committee Rep

7 We have hired a survey data analyst to explore the data from the graduate student survey. Results will be presented in the May delegates’ meeting. Please email if you have any specific questions about the data that you would like us to Graduate Student Survey Data

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