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1 Review

2 Relative vs Absolute Does the headline "Chicago falls out of 1st in murders" refer to an absolute quantity or a relative quantity? In other words, did Chicago fall out of first in absolute terms or in relative terms? Briefly explain. 5 is bigger than 2. 5 is 2.5 times bigger than 2

3 Ratios How many times greater was the murder rate for the Fairfield, Alabama than the rate for Chicago? / = 4.23 Fairfield’s rate is 4.23 times greater than Chicago’s


5 If we sell 1000 snickerdoodles on Wednesday and 3000 on Friday how many times more snickerdoodles did we sell on Friday compared to Wednesday? If on Wednesday we sold 1000 snickerdoodles in 8 hours, what was the rate at which we sold them?

6 Percentage “of” problem
If we have 1000 snickerdoodles and 78 of the snickerdoodles have raisins. What percent of the snickerdoodles have raisins?

7 Practice “than” problem
Let’s say we make 150% more snickerdoodles on Monday than we make on Tuesday. If we make 3000 snickerdoodles on Monday, how many snickerdoodles do we make on Tuesday?

8 Practice “increase / decrease” Problem
On Wednesday we sell 1000 snickerdoodles. On Thursday we increase the number of snickerdoodles sold by 11%. How many have we sold on Thursday? From Thursday to Friday we again increase the number sold by 11%. How many do we sell on Friday? What is the overall percentage change from Wednesday to Friday? Remember to use the Wednesday value not 99 if asking for 98-00

9 Making graphs Open the file Health Insurance Coverage by Select Characteristics.xls.   a. Make a single graph to answer this question: In 2005 what percentage of all males were not covered by insurance and what percentage of all females were not covered by insurance?  Paste the graph into your Word document. b. Make a different single graph to answer this question: In 2005 what percentage of all people not covered by insurance were female and what percentage were male?  Paste the graph into your Word document.

10 Linear / Exponential or Neither?
Snickerdoodles Sold Net Profit ($$) 100 800 200 1400 300 2000 400 2600

11 Trendline Reminders R squared, # of data points and physical / social / practical

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