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Course Name2010-2011 Course Director: Course Coordinator: Course Preview.

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1 Course Name2010-2011 Course Director: Course Coordinator: Course Preview

2 General: List of Course Committee Members and Departments

3 General: List Goals of the Course

4 General: How are the longitudinal themes addressed?  Evidenced-based Medicine-  Healthcare Delivery Systems-  Professionalism and Cultural Compentency-  Healthcare Economics and Policy-  Public Health and Prevention

5 General: List special features of the course.

6 Teaching: Student Contact Hours Week Large GroupMedium GroupSmall GroupPOMTotal Hours 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total hours Large group: class meets together; e.g. lecture, wrap-ups, reviews Medium group: >10 students meet in group sessions; e.g. labs, TBL Small Groups: <10 students meet in group sessions; e.g. PBL

7 Evaluation (Components) ComponentSub-Components% of Component Score Cognitive*Mid-term written Final written PBL Eval *Facilitator evaluation100% Other *Student must show satisfactory performance to pass the course. Note: students must pass the PBL facilitator evaluation to pass the course. Total should =100%

8 Grading: Please provide a brief description of how grades are determined*.  If an overall course score is used to determine grades, please indicate the percentage contribution of each component listed in previous slide.  Honors*:  High Pass:  Pass: *Number of students receiving Honors cannot exceed 15% of the number of students who were enrolled on the first day of the course.

9 Test Blueprint ExamLectureLabPBLSelf-studyTotal Items Mid-term Final Other For each high-stakes examination, please identify the source of the material covered and enter the planned number of items on the exam from each source. Exam# of Practice items provided to students Mid-term Final Other Practice Exams: To ensure appropriate test reliability, each major exam should have 60-100 test items. Because the exams are sequestered, students should be provided practice items of equal quality and in sufficient quantity to cover most of the content for which the students are held responsible. As a guideline, the number of practice questions provided should be 75% of the number of exam questions.

10 Student Feedback: Briefly summarize student ratings and comments from previous iterations(s) of the course. Also indicate plans to address any problems identified.

11 Course Review Feedback: Briefly discuss how the course addressed recommendations from the previous curriculum review or problems occurring subsequent to the last review.

12 Course Directors’ Assessment: Briefly describe the course’s greatest strengths and areas that need improvement.

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