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Writing the abstract (part one): briefly introducing the background, objective and methodology 摘要撰寫 ( 第一部 份 ): 簡介背景, 目標及方法 柯泰德網路線上科技英文論文編修服務.

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Presentation on theme: "Writing the abstract (part one): briefly introducing the background, objective and methodology 摘要撰寫 ( 第一部 份 ): 簡介背景, 目標及方法 柯泰德網路線上科技英文論文編修服務."— Presentation transcript:


2 Writing the abstract (part one): briefly introducing the background, objective and methodology 摘要撰寫 ( 第一部 份 ): 簡介背景, 目標及方法 柯泰德網路線上科技英文論文編修服務

3 Writing the first part of the abstract comprises the following parts: Setting of work proposal 工作提案建構 : 你工 作提案的主題是什麼 ? 你的讀者可以明瞭工作提案 的內容嗎 ? Work problem 工作問題 : 你的工作提案裡有你 試著要解決或是想更進一步瞭解的問題嗎 ?

4 Work objective 工作目標 : 工作提案的目標 ? Methodology to achieve objective: 你的計 劃中達成目標的步驟 ?

5 Setting of work proposal 工作提案建 構 : What is the topic of interest that your work proposal is concerned with? Can you point the reader of your work proposal to the general area which you are concerned with? 你工作提案的主題是什麼 ? 你的讀 者可以明瞭工作提案的內容嗎 ? Consider the following examples:

6 A decision-making environment is increasingly complex. Consumer demand on the water supply in southern Taiwan has significantly increased in recent years owing to population and industrial growth, as well as elevated living standards.

7 Statistical approaches such as scored methods are extensively used to optimize the process parameters of ordered categorical responses. Process quality and delivery time have received increasing emphasis in industry.

8 Process capability index is a highly effective means of evaluating process performance. Enterprises trade with each other by carefully considering business ratings to reduce investment risks.

9 An increasing number of wafer fabs use a control chart to detect assignable causes, making it extremely difficult for engineers to effectively control the wafer process. Predicting the amount of residuals in ground water contaminants has been extensively studied. Owing to their lowest density among all metallic structural materials, magnesium alloys are highly promising for their diverse use in the automotive, railway, aerospace, computer, communications and consumer electronics industries.

10 Work problem 工作問題 : What is the problem that you are trying either to solve or more thoroughly understand in the work proposal? 你的工作提案裡有你試著要解 決或是想更進一步瞭解的問題 嗎 ?

11 Conventional evaluation models are concerned only with economic factors and neglect factors that can not be evaluated by money. Although the reservoir supply in southern Taiwan can satisfy the current water demand, increasing demands will soon surpass the reservoir’s capabilities.

12 These methods inaccurately estimate the dispersion effect, thereby confounding the location effect and dispersion effect. Conventional process capability indices(PCIs) are unable not only to objectively assess quality and delivery time, but also to identify how PCIs and yield rate are related.

13 Conventional process capability indices can not measure a non-normal distribution process accurately. Conventional mathematic models have difficulty in discriminating between multiple ranks.

14 Conventional control charts are designed for manufacturing systems with only one source of variation, making it impossible to control several independent sources of variation. These alloys have a low formability near room temperature and are more expensive than plastics, aluminum, steel and cast iron.

15 Work objective 工作目標 : What is the objective of your work proposal? 工作提案的目標 ? Consider the following examples: This work develops an optimal operating model capable of choosing an effective monitor well to adequately control a groundwater system

16 This study develops a process capability index that adopts the Clement’s and Bootstrap methods to overcome such obstacles This work designs an optimization model capable of effectively managing water resources for current reservoirs in order to decrease the probability of water shortages

17 This work constructs an efficient quality control process capable of detecting assignable causes concealed behind multiple characteristics and multiple readings in a manufacturing system with several sources of variation This work develops a NAPL simulator model that contains several parameters acquired by experimental data This work develops a flexible and accurate neural network structure that applies artificial intelligence in fuzzy theory to business ratings and bankruptcy prediction

18 This study develops an efficient response surface method capable of optimizing ordered categorical data process parameters since setting the process parameters in a continuous level leads to optimization of the location and dispersion effects This study develops an efficient hypothesis testing procedure for PCIS, capable of assessing the performance of operational cycle time (OCT) and delivery time (DT) for VLSI

19 Methodology to achieve objective: What are the steps in your project to achieve the above objective? 你 的計劃中達成目標的步驟 ? Consider the following examples:

20 Natural gas bus brands are selected via the model by performing cost effectiveness analysis. Each criterion is also evaluated under cost and effectiveness categories. Two methodologies of multiple attribute decision making (MADM), technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS) and analytic hierarchy process (AHP), are then used to rank all viable alternatives to bus systems from a complete perspective.

21 This novel method with simplified calculations in mean and standard deviation of ordered categorical responses is used to estimate the location and dispersion effects. Additionally, regression models are used to correlate the location effect in terms of the controlled factor levels with the dispersion effect in terms of the controlled factor levels. An optimal level combination of process parameters is also obtained using the dual response surface methodology.

22 The PCIs of OCT and DT are defined, and the UMVU (uniformly minimum variance) estimators of the studied PCIs are derived under the assumption of a normal distribution. The above estimators are then used to construct the one-to-one relationship between the PCIs and conforming rate of DT (or OCT). Finally, a hypothesis testing procedure of PCIs is developed.

23 Voltage-current characteristics (VIC), voltage-capacity characteristic (VCC) and capacity-modulated spectra for barrier structures are measured at various irradiation doses, thus providing the preliminary experimental data. Based on that data, the control parameters are then derived. Following Hall experiments to consider bulk effects, the parametric changes are analyzed and synthesized.

24 Crucial assumptions are presented. The wave functions of exoelectron at the initial and final states are then chosen. After the matrix element of the transition is derived, the parameters of the obtained energy spectra are calculated.

25 有效撰寫英文工作提案 更多寫作資訊請參看

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