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Exploration and Expansion 1400 – 1700 1. Voyages of Discovery 2. Conquest and Colonies 3. New Patterns of Trade 4. The Atlantic Slave Trade What drove.

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1 Exploration and Expansion 1400 – Voyages of Discovery 2. Conquest and Colonies 3. New Patterns of Trade 4. The Atlantic Slave Trade What drove explorers from the rest of Europe?

2 1. Voyages of Discovery Briefly describe the distortions of the map. Pre Columbian Map of the Known world

3 Drive for European Exploration How did these factors contribute towards exploration? Drive for European Exploration How did these factors contribute towards exploration? 1.Crusades  2.Renaissance  3.Reformation  4.Nation –States  5.Technological Advances  6.Fame and Fortune 

4 New Maritime Technologies ► Hartman Astrolabe (1532) – ► Better Maps [Portulan] – ► Sextant – ► Mariner’s Compass – The Rediscovery of the New World (Vikings in AD 1000) in the 15 th century would not have happened without key advancements in technology. Match the term with the picture! Please provide a description of each one

5 New Weapons Technology ► Caravel – ► How did the caravel lead to advancements in exploration? ► Invention of gun powder

6 2. Conquest and Colonies What two countries are located on the Iberian Peninsula? Two countries that kicked off the age of exploration

7 Portugal was the first country to launch large- scale voyages of exploration Who is this and what did he do? The Portuguese

8 Discoveries of Islands in the Atlantic The Canary Islands –These islands are located immediately off the coast of Africa. –Portugal signed an agreement with Spain, known as the Treaty of Alcacovas, in The Azores Islands –These islands are located approximately 1200 miles from the Iberian Peninsula. –These nation-states are one-third of the way to the New World. –What was the significance of the Treaty of Alcacovas? –Why were the islands called the Canary Islands?



11 Portuguese Maritime Empire in Africa Bartholomew Diaz Vasco da Gama Pedro Cabral Place the correct person next to the picture and identify their explorations

12 1. Vasco da Gama 1. Bartholomew Diaz Place the picture and the person where they explored.

13 The Spanish Briefly describe the characters in the picture. Who are they? What is going on?

14 Christofo Colon [ ]

15 The Admiral of The Atlantic For each journey, identify where Columbus explored (use the map and text on the next page to help) First Voyage – Second Voyage Third Voyage Fourth Voyage

16 ’Four Voyages on Map

17 Americus Vespucci Why is America named in this man’s honor?


19 Vasco Nunez de Balboa What did Balboa discover?


21 Ferdinand Magellan For what was Ferdinand Magellan famous?


23 Other Voyages of Exploration


25 The English John and Sebastian Cabot ( ) Sir Francis Drake –


27 The Dutch By the early years of the 1600’s, the Netherlands, once a Spanish possession, had become a powerful trading nation Henry Hudson –

28 Atlantic Explorations

29 Conquest and Colonies What two European countries dominated South America? What two or three European countries dominated North America? Thus began the first wave of immigration to America What is the second? The third?? The fourth??? When? Official European Colony! Explorers Conquistadores Missionaries Permanent Settlers Place the information in the correct order!

30 Spain Builds an Empire What was the Encomienda system – How did it affect the Natives?

31 Fernando Cortez – Spanish Conquests: The Aztecs - Mexico – Montezuma II – vs.vs

32 The Death of Montezuma II Cortez advantages – On November 8, 1519, battle erupted and Montezuma was killed;


34 Mexico Surrenders to Cortez

35 Francisco Pizarro Spanish Conquest: The Incas - Peru Atahualpa vs

36 Administration of the Spanish Empire in the New World ► Result – disease and mistreatment led to 90% fatality rate – 50 million to 4 million

37 Father Bartolome de Las Casas New Laws  1542 Who was he and what did he want to do?

38 The Pope’s Line of Demarcation What was the line of demarcation?

39 Treaty of Tordesillas, What were the terms of the Treaty of Tordesillas?

40 French Colonization Where some areas that the French explored?


42 Dutch Exploration Where did the Dutch explore?

43 English Colonization How did the Elizabethan Seas Dogs help establish Great Britain as the dominant power in the world?

44 The Founding of Virginia Jamestown



47 Captain John Smith Who is he?

48 The Virginia Colony What was the chief crop of the Virginia colony? Who are the two in the image?

49 The Failure of Jamestown The settlement was doomed to fail from the beginning

50 The French and Indian War in North America Who won the French and Indian War? Why was it significant? George Washington



53 European Empires in the Americas

54 3. New Patterns of Trade What were some of the major crops that the United States traded with the rest of the world?

55 New Colonial Rivals Briefly explain the Triangular Trade?

56 The “Columbian Exchange”  Squash  Avocado  Peppers  Sweet Potatoes  Turkey  Pumpkin  Tobacco  Quinine Keanwa!  Cocoa  Pineapple  Cassava  POTATO  Peanut  TOMATO  Vanilla  MAIZE  Syphilis  Olive  COFFEE BEAN  Banana  Rice  Onion  Turnip  Honeybee  Barley  Grape  Peach  SUGAR CANE  Oats  Citrus Fruits  Pear  Wheat  HORSE  Cattle  Sheep  Pigs  Smallpox  Flu  Typhus  Measles  Malaria  Diptheria  Whooping Cough  Trinkets  Liquor  GUNS

57 The Introduction to New Diseases European diseases spread to the Americas – small pox, measles, influenza, and malaria Mexico – decreased by 30% in the first ten years of contact with Europeans Inca empire decreased from about 13 million to 2 million people from 1492 to 1600 North America – 2 million to 500,000 from 1492 to

58 Mercantilism What was Mercantilism?

59 Balance of Trade What is a tariff?

60 The Rise of Capitalism What is capitalism?

61 4. Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Where did most slaves go to?

62 Origins of the Slave Trade 1.Existed in Africa before the coming of the Europeans. 2.Portuguese replaced European slaves with Africans slaves. Sugar cane & sugar plantations in the Americas were in need of labor First boatload of African slaves brought by the Spanish in ,000 enslaved Africans exported to other countries. 3.Between 16 c & 19 c, about 10 million Africans shipped to the Americas

63 The Middle Passage

64 “Coffin” Position Below Deck

65 African Captives Thrown Overboard

66 Slaves Working in a Brazilian Sugar Mill

67 Effects of the Slave Trade African Diaspora –

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