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Strategic HRM andPerson- Environment Fit Grand Theory for Human Resource Management.

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2 Strategic HRM andPerson- Environment Fit Grand Theory for Human Resource Management

3 Goals zDevelop strong understanding of different types of fit. zDevelop a system to assess different types of P-E fit. zBegin to think about applications.

4 Review SHRM zAbout competitive advantage and HR. zHuman resource assets are most difficult to replicate and have clear value. zDuring the IT bubble, Cisco bought some firms just to get specialized knowledge

5 SHRM is about linking HR to competitive advantage. zLinkage number 1. Vertical linkage. Linking the human resources of the firm to corporate strategy. zWhat types of skills, knowledge, abilities, values do your employees as a whole need to assist the firm in its strategic efforts. zKnowledge management and Organizational competencies.

6 Examples z3M Leading through innovation. 3Ms success is based on being product leader. zWells-Fargo: “We know that our brand doesn't serve customers, our people do - in our business, customer service means everything." Goal is one stop shopping for ALL financial services.

7 Honda “the power of Dreams” zExpertise in power drives. State of the art systems.

8 Pella z“Pella is primarily a human institution which depends for success upon the excellence of performance of its members.” zExtensive use of decentralized teams to make decisions.

9 In teams: zWhat types of Human resource qualities are needed to succeed at 3M zWhat types of Human resource qualities are needed at Wells Fargo. zHonda zPella

10 Think about your firm zWhat are its competencies that others do not have? zHow can HR nurture those competencies?

11 Second linkage zHorizontal linkage. How does one develop INTEGRATED HR practices to promote those S, K, A, and Vs that are critical to the success of the firm. zThey need to work together. What should be emphasized in recruitment, selection, orientation, training, performance appraisal, and compensation.

12 Person-Environment fit becomes the Key for both types of linkages

13 What is job-fit. zFree associate with words

14 Fit Images

15 Correspondingly two types of fit zSupplementary fit. Sharing similar characteristics zComplementary fit. Having contrasting characteristics.

16 Benefits of Complimentary PE fit zImproved performance zDiversity of Human Resources zCreativity and innovation zImproved Decision Making

17 Benefits of Supplementary PE fit zLow Stress zLess negative conflict zGroup cohesiveness zlow turnover zhigh job satisfaction zimproved communications zStrong citizenship behaviors.

18 Dark side of PE fit zDiversity is two edged sword for managers. zCohesiveness creates complacency. zOthers?

19 Werbel and Gilliland mentioned different types of fit. zBriefly describe Person-job fit? What types of knowledge are emphasized with PJ fit. zBriefly describe Person-group fit? What types of knowledge are emphasized with PG fit. zPerson-organization fit? What types of knowledge are emphasize with PO fit.

20 How do you create and assess fit? Horizontal linkages

21 General principles zAssess the work context (job, organization, group occupation). Demands of the context. zLogically assess personal attributes (SKAV’s) that are compatible with the work context.

22 Person-Job fit zJob assessment through job analysis. zAssess the demands and expectations. Assess tools needed to do job. zInfer attributes needed to meet demands and expectations with required tools.

23 How can you gather this information?

24 examples zJob description. P. 216 zjob specification z Assessment of quality. Specificity. Is it clear that this job is different from other jobs. If not then broadband. zMatch of duties and skills. To perform duties, are the SKAS clear. Unrelated or left off.

25 How many brought a job analysis? zAnalyze quality. What would you change?

26 Trends in Job Analysis zEmphasize roles rather than duties. Jobs are less relevant. zElimination of job analysis as a tool. Flexibility is needed. Team environment. Job is dead.

27 How you conduct zNot so relevant in this course. Often outside experts hired to write job descriptions. How do you use them is clearly more relevant.

28 Apply a similar model for Person-Organization Fit How would you do an organizational analysis. What type of organizational information would be important for PO fit. How does this relate to the person. What type of SKAVS would be

29 Apply a similar model for Person-Group fit Werbel and Johnson.

30 Uses of fit zRecruitment zSelection zOrientation zTraining zPerformance Appraisal zCompensation zCareer development

31 Alignment of fit with HR practices

32 Bottom line zBetter employee and team Performance zHigher levels of morale zLower levels of negative stress zSupportive management zLess bias in line management decisions

33 Which type of fit is most important in your organization? Why?

34 Current mode zExclusive use of job analysis. zInitial efforts for organization fit. zMatch what you feel is most important?

35 Role of HR Dept. zLinking of types of fit to strategic plan. EAI. zWhat about a baseball culture? zDeveloping processes to assess fit. zDeveloping forms/procedures to create fit.

36 cont zWorking with supervisors and resistance to use of fit.

37 Supervisors zEffective supervisor and care about performance and morale. zRealize fit has fair degree of objectivity. zEvaluate others based on attributes that achieve fit.

38 cont zProvide opportunities to create a better fit. zAcknowledge when fit is not appropriate (employees create their own fit). zFit is more than supplementary fit. Diversity is positive.

39 Quantum and Miller Cases. Types of fit which are important in the organization. Does it link vertically, If so how? In not, what would be better. Does it link horizontally. If so how. If not what are the problems?

40 Summary zUncommon views zOrganizational competencies as key link. zAware of all different types of fit. zImportance of different types of fit. zDifficulties in achieve fit. zLimitations of fit.

41 Next week Recruitment zOnline recruitment article. More informational. zPresentations. Who is up for benchmarking?

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