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The Human Condition Samsara / Dependent Origination.

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1 The Human Condition Samsara / Dependent Origination

2 Samsara Buddhists have taken on the Hindu law of samsara, and changed it slightly It still means the cycle of life, death, and rebirth However, in the Hindu system rebirth is reincarnation. Your soul (atman) is reborn. In Buddhism, there is no reincarnation as there is no soul to be reborn. Rebirth in Buddhism is more like a transfer of energy, sometimes energy that carries with it a memory (see Tibetan Buddhist idea of Tulkus / Dalai Lama etc)

3 Introduction to kamma The energy that is passed on in Buddhist rebirth is kammic energy. Kamma is the NATURAL law of cause and effect. You accumulate positive or negative effects throughout your life, and this affects your ‘rebirth’ Your kammic energy at the end of your life ‘ignites’ the next one. This is like transfer of momentum in pool balls. One ball moves another, but nothing of the first ball is attached to the second.

4 Dependent Origination According to Buddhism, everything that exists does so because of what has gone before (cause and effect) Everything depends on other thing for their existence Dependent Origination was a way for the Buddha to teach his followers that they are ‘agents of their own fortune’ – just because you are here because of what has gone before does NOT mean you are not in control. You are here because of previous events and choices, but you always have the power to choose the next step. You are always in control of where you are going!

5 Wheel of Life Symbolic representation of dependent origination (what life is really like) Three Poisons in centre 6 realms of rebirth are the ‘slices’ 12 nidanas / stages of life are the sections round the edge The Buddha pointing to the moon represents the possibility of freedom / Nibbana Yama is the Lord of Death – in control of samsara.

6 Quick Tasks 1.Briefly explain samsara 2.Briefly explain the law of kamma. 3.What does the Buddha use to explain how you are in control of your life?

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