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MIT106 Module #4 Assignment

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1 MIT106 Module #4 Assignment
Report by: _______________________ Date: _________________________ Posted: 2/11 Due: 2/18 Read Chapter 8: Mechanical Hazards and Machine Safeguarding Read Chapter 9: Falling, Impact, Acceleration, Lifting and Vision Hazards Answer questions in this power point Rename this power point: mit106-week4-yourLastName to Timings: Meet Due Date: 100% 1 week delay: 90%; 2 or more weeks: 80%, after Final Class: 0%

2 Q1 / Chapter 8 Mechanical Injury Hazards
List and briefly explain 6 common types of mechanical injury hazards

3 Q2 / Chapter 8 Safeguards Requirements
What are the requirements all safeguards should meet?

4 Q3 / Chapter 8 Point-of-operation guards
Describe three types of point-of-operation guards.

5 Q4 / Chapter 8 Point-of-operation devices
Describe four types of point-of-operation devices

6 Q5 / Chapter 8 Lockout / tagout system
What is lockout / tagout system?

7 Q6 / Chapter 8 Essential factors for lockout/tagout systems
List the four factors OSHA feels are essential in order for lockout/tagout systems to be effective.

8 Q7 / Chapter 9 Primary causes of falls
List the primary causes of falls

9 Q8 / Chapter 9 Common kinds of falls
Explain briefly four common kinds of falls

10 Q9 / Chapter 9 Strategies for preventing slips
List and briefly explain five strategies for preventing slips

11 Q10 / Chapter 9 Lanyard What is a lanyard?

12 Q11 / Chapter 9 Assessing the workplace for Eye Hazards
List 6 questions to make workplace assessment for Eye Hazards.

13 Q12 / Chapter 9 Ladder Inspection
What should an employee look for when inspecting a ladder?

14 Q13 / Chapter 9 Back injuries
What are the typical causes of back injuries in the United States?

15 Q14 / Chapter 9 Back safety / lifting program
Describe the six-step back safety/ lifting program.

16 Q15 / Chapter 9 Proper Lifting
Explain the strategies for proper lifting that should be taught as part of the safety program

17 Q16 / Chapter 9 PPE Explain how to get employees more comfortable with using PPE

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