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How can we engage them?

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1 Reluct@ntReader$Reluct@ntReader$ How can we engage them?

2 “Why?” First identify “why” and then search for “how”

3 Why do you think readers are reluctant?

4 Four different psychological principals Failure to utilize metacognitive and self-monitoring skills Too literal in reading and interpretation Motivation and interest School environment

5 “HOW” “HOW” can this be resolved?

6 Know the students as readers Previous assessments Interest inventory Conferences

7 Survey 40 students Average to above average reading ability ALL ranked school reading negatively *All had a positive reading experience which dealt with self interest area Opinion Experience - +

8 Resources must be available…and allowed Magazines Comics Adult books Whatever they will read

9 Survey 1700 Sixth graders Greatest factor in motivation to read….good reading materials

10 NOW WHAT!!!

11 Practice makes perfect (Well maybe not perfect,but improvement will be noted.) Reading Workshop Silent sustained reading

12 Survey 100 students at the start of the year - only one positive response about desire. 100 students at the end of the year- only one negative comment (Comment read “boaring waist of time”)

13 students teachers “View difficulties as opportunities for growth and transformation in students and teachers.” -Mariolina Salvatori

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