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EUROPEAN MONARCHS Chapter 18. Royal Theories SPAIN CCHARLES I (Charles V) HHapsburg TTerritory included Spain, Low Countries of Belgium, Netherlands,

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Presentation on theme: "EUROPEAN MONARCHS Chapter 18. Royal Theories SPAIN CCHARLES I (Charles V) HHapsburg TTerritory included Spain, Low Countries of Belgium, Netherlands,"— Presentation transcript:


2 Royal Theories

3 SPAIN CCHARLES I (Charles V) HHapsburg TTerritory included Spain, Low Countries of Belgium, Netherlands, land in Americas 11519: Holy Roman Emperor “Charles V” Works closely with RCC, Protestants a direct threat Declares Martin Luther an Outlaw Years of War against Protestants

4 Spain

5 Spain Splits Empire 11556: Divides empire between brother and son BBrother took over old Hapsburg holdings in Austria SSon (Phillip II) rules Netherlands, Spain, Sicily, and American colonies CCharles lives rest of life in monastery

6 SPAIN 11550 – 1650: Golden Age of Art EEl Greco DDiego Velázquez MMiguel de Cervantes

7 PPHILLIP II DDevout Catholic, leader of Counter Reformation MMarried to Mary I of England CClashed with Protestants in Low Countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg)

8 Spain


10 Spain loses power due to PPhillip’s government too centralized TTrusted no one NNo industries – only money from New World BBankrupt 4 times

11 How did Spain vast empire affect the varied people they controlled? How did Phillip II trying to maintain power affect the People? Think…


13 Henry of Navarre lives!

14 FRANCE YYoung Louis XIII weak leader CCardinal Richelieu Chief minister and most trusted adviser Determined to strengthen monarchy

15 Edict & Revocation of Nantes Read the Edict of Nantes and the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes Answer guided Questions

16 To strengthen Monarchy Richelieu… La Rochelle’s defeat was a signal to all Protestants to GET OUT of France!


18 I can’t talk very loud so I need you to be quiet so I can talk and you can hear me. Today’s agenda: 1. Watch “Elizabeth” clip 2. View page 539, answer question 3. Read pages 540-544 1. Answer Reading checks, Cardinal Richelieu, Economics, 1-3 I lost my voice 

19 How did Louis XIV deprive Nobles power?  Deprived Nobles of influence  Versailles (forced Nobles to come to him)  Influenced dress, dining and gambling to bankrupt nobles  Revokes Edict of Nantes, outlaws Protestantism  200,000 Huguenots flee


21 How did French Monarchs try to maintain power, and how did this affect the People? Huguenots? Nobles? Think…

22 ENGLAND EElizabeth I & Parliament PParliament passed laws favoring Protestantism PParliament pressured her to marry AAllowed MP’s speak their minds without fear of punishment CCalled 10 times in 45 years SStill an absolute ruler Robert Dudley Queen’s Favorite Duke of Anjou Possible Marriage

23 ENGLAND EElizabeth died with no heir MMary Queen of Scots (Elizabeth’s cousin) was put to death for trying to overthrow Elizabeth HHer son was King of Scotland JJames I FFirst Stuart to rule BBelieved firmly in DIVINE RIGHT and ABSOLUTE MONARCHY TTrouble with Parliament Country in debt, viewed as “outsider” from Scotland

24 James I


26 Charles I TTaxed without permission DDismisses Parliament when they become outraged 11629: Charles will rule without Parliament ((example of Absolute Monarchy)


28 PPuritans moved to abolish the appointment of bishops in Anglican Church CCharles I led troops into House of Commons to arrest Puritan leaders for Treason AAlready escaped CCharles’ intentions shown: to take back power PParliament rises up against king CCharles I supported by people 11642: Civil War began!

29 English Civil War


31 English Civil War Label and analyze the Map of the English Civil War Answer guided questions

32 ENGLAND RRump Parliament tries Charles I for treason CCharles refuses to recognize Parliament’s authority FFound guilty, Executed in front of own palace

33 Lord Protector Cromwell

34 ENGLAND RRESTORATION CCromwell dies, son, Richard, weak leader PParliament reconvenes and vote to bring back monarchy 11660: Parliament invites Charles’ son to be king

35 Restoration & Charles II CCharles II Supported religious toleration Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 “may you have body” Guarantees right to appear in court to see if accused should be held or released 1665: Bubonic Plague returns, killing 100,000+ Charles being presented the first pineapple grown in England Columbian Exchange!

36 ENGLAND JJAMES II CCharles II brother MMarried to a catholic whose Catholic sons outrank James’ protestant daughters GGLORIOUS REVOLUTION 1688: Nobles invited James’ daughter Mary and her husband William to become King & Queen

37 Glorious Revolution

38 The Glorious Revolution Read about William & Mary and the Glorious Revolution Answer Guided Questions


40 How did English monarchs’ willingness or unwillingness to work with Parliament affect the People? English Civil War? English Bill of Rights? Think…


42 Ivan IV EEarly Reforms: ggeneral council included merchants and lower level nobles  promoted military officers on merit  reduced Boyars power EExpanded borders and increased trade

43 Ivan IV  TERRIBLE! IIvan the Terrible 11560s: Ivan changes Became suspicious of his closest advisors Created a private police force to punish opposition 1565: seized land from 12,000 boyars Killed thousands in Novgorod, suspected they wanted to separate from Russia 1581: killed his own son

44 Russia

45 RUSSIA PPeter I 11682: became czar as child, sister ruled until he was 17 LLabored side-by-side with thousands of carpenters building a navy Takes Azov from Turks with navy

46 Peter the Great


48 11761: Peter III becomes Czar HHis wife, Catherine grew angry at his weak rule PPeter III murdered CCatherine II becomes “Czarina” CCatherine the Great’s Reforms: RRemoved restrictions on trade UUpdated Russia’s legal and education system PPromoted Science and Arts

49 Catherine the Great WWar and revolt led Catherine to strengthen the authority of the monarchy RReorganized local governments Put administration in hands of landowners and nobles Reduced taxes as thank you, and gave them absolute control

50 How different it must have been to be a Russian under Ivan, Peter, or Catherine. How would each experience be different? Think…

51 30 YEARS WAR HHoly Roman Empire MMade up most of Central Europe RRuled By Hapsburgs DDozens of Small states trying to stay independent 11618: official of HRE orders 2 protestant churches shut down LLocal Protestants throw HRE representatives out window (into garbage… they were fine) NNobles in Austria, Bavaria revolt against HRE


53 Eventually included all of Europe One of the longest, most destructive wars in European History Mostly Protestants v. Catholics Destroyed Germany, brought famine and disease to Europe

54 BIG WINNERS OF TREATY HHohenzollerns FFrederick II “The Great” TTook Silesia from Austria OOffered Maria Theresa an alliance– she refuses AUSTRIAPRUSSIA

55 Maria Theresa Read about Maria Theresa’s life Answer guided questions


57 Seven Years War (1756-1763) George Washington rose to fame in the F&I War

58 European Battle Panel  Form a group  Create two teams representing the appropriate sides of your war  Assign country roles for each side  Using your notes and book create an individual opinion on why you went to war, and your opinion of the other countries  Come to the front of the room and explain to the court your side of the story  Why you are fighting  Why you should be considered the winner  What you should get from the war  Defend any claims made against you  Accept verdict from the court

59 Collins Type III  What was the cause of the Thirty Years War, the War of Austrian Succession, and the Seven Years War?  What effects did these wars have?  FCA 1: Written neatly, in pen  FCA 2: Correct Spelling and Capitalization  FCA 3: Answer question completely in 2 ¶

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