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Animal Farm Chapter Notes

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1 Animal Farm Chapter Notes

2 Chapter One Mr. Jones is the cruel, drunk owner of Manor Farm
Old Major, large pig, inspires the Animals to revolt through the song Beasts of England. He says Man is greedy, selfish, and lazy Man is an enemy to Animals Animals need to overthrow Man to be free

3 Chapter Two Old Major dies in his sleep
The pigs hold meetings at night to discuss Old Major’s ideas – they call this Animalism Mr. Jones has been depressed since he lost money in a lawsuit – drinks a lot Goes out drinking on Midsummer’s Eve Barn hands milk the cows, but let the animals starve When Jones returns the animals break into the house to beat him Jones and his men go to attack the animals with whips, but the animals fight back The animals chase the humans off the farm and destroy/burn everything that represents human oppression (harnesses, reins, chains) They create The Seven Commandments

4 The Seven Commandments “Four Legs Good – Two Legs Bad”
Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend No animal shall wear clothes No animal shall sleep in a bed No animal shall drink alcohol No animal shall kill another animal All animals are equal

5 Chapter Three The pigs taught themselves how to read and write- they are the only animals that can read and write besides Muriel and Benjamin They don’t do physical labor -> their job is to supervise the farm work Animals work more efficiently than Jones Sunday is a day of rest -> hold meetings, listen to debates, and sing Beasts of England. Snowball and Napoleon argue the most Plan to send out pigeons to spread word of the rebellion to other farms Only pigs can eat the milk and apples because they need it to stay strong Threaten that Jones will come back if they get too weak

6 Chapter Four Mr. Jones gets other humans to help him take back Animal Farm Jones and men attack in the Battle of Cowshed Jones shot at Snowball and killed a sheep Animals chase humans off the farm Other farmers fear their animals might revolt, but secretly hope they can overpower Animal Farm and take it for themselves.

7 Chapter Four Foxwood (Pilkington) Pinchfield (Fredrick)
Large, unkempt, old Mr. Pilkington is easy going Likes to hunt Hates Fredrick Smaller, but kept clean Fredrick is cheap Drives hard bargains Always involved in lawsuits harsh

8 Chapter Five Mollie is caught letting humans pet her – disappears from farm and is seen pulling a carriage in town Snowball makes plans to build a windmill Used to run machinery to improve production and easy workload Run electricity and heat Napoleon does not like the Windmill idea Has his guard dogs chase Snowball off the farm during a debate about the windmill Said he did it so the other animals wouldn’t make a bad choice by voting for Snowball Gives Napoleon complete power over the farm

9 Chapter Five Napoleon makes some changes:
No Sunday meetings -> they were unnecessary Committee of pigs would make decisions about farm – Napoleon presided over this committee Napoleon says the windmill will be built Claims Snowball stole his idea and that was why he was against it in the beginning

10 Chapter Six Animals work hard, but the effort is paid off in food production Have to work on Sunday afternoon to work on both the field and the windmill Napoleon decides to trade with humans for items they need Mr. Whymper is the human who does negotiations between Napoleon and other farms Squealer tells animals there was never a rule in Animalism against trading – LIE! Major said that was one of the faults of Man! Pigs move into the farm house and sleep in beds Squealer tells them they are not sleeping on sheets which is what the 4th rule said was not allowed The windmill is destroyed and Snowball is to blame

11 Chapter Seven Animals lives are worse than before
Overworked and underfed Little food Napoleon tricks Mr. Whymper into believing they have a lot of food by filling the food barrels up halfway with sand. They need more money so Napoleon wants to sell the hen’s eggs -> the eggs are almost ready to hatch to the hens try to revolt, but Napoleon starves them for 5 days. 9 hens die during this time. Napoleon hides in farm house with his guard dogs Napoleon says Snowball is sneaking onto the farm to cause mischief – he is behind all the bad things happening on the farm Squealer announces that Snowball has spies and agents hidden on Animal Farm Napoleon kills the animals that confess to helping/aiding Snowball Animals can no longer sing Beasts of England because the rebellion is over Napoleon really doesn’t want the animals to be inspired by the song to revolt against him

12 Chapter Eight The animals are upset about the public killings
Muriel reads the rules aloud and now it says “Animals shall not kill another animal without cause” Napoleon disappears from the public eye Napoleon is now has multiple titles: “Our Leader, Comrade Napoleon” , “Father of All Animals”, “Terror of Mankind” A poem is written about Napoleon and is put on the barn wall along with the Seven Commandments and a portrait of him Napoleon is trying to sell timber to either Fredrick or Pilkington Planned to sell it to Pilkington and spread rumors about Fredrick aiding Snowball Fredrick offered more money than Pilkington and Napoleon now claims that Snowball is hiding on Pilkington’s farm Fredrick tricked Napoleon by giving him fake money so he got the timber for free

13 Chapter Eight Fredrick and his men attacked Animal Farm with guns
Animals retreated to the barn and Fredrick and his men blew up the windmill Animals attacked the men in anger There were causalities and injuries among the animals Boxer lost a shoe, split a hoof, and had pellets in his hind leg The men fled from the farm Napoleon claims that this was a victory even though the windmill was destroyed and that they will just have to rebuild it again. The animals celebrated their victory and the pigs drank whiskey that they found in the house The next day Napoleon claimed to be dying – but was really just hungover from drinking so much! – and claimed that any animal drinking alcohol would be put to death! Squealer was found on the ground next to a broken ladder by the seven commandments with a paintbrush and white paint A few days later the Fifth Commandment now read “No animal shall drink alcohol to excess”

14 Chapter Nine Boxer’s split hoof is still hurting him but he wants to see the windmill started before he retires the next year Retirement on Animal Farm: Horses and Pigs retired at age 12; Cows retire at age 14; Dogs retire at age 9; Sheep retire at age 7; Hen and Geese retire at age 5. Retired animals get pension paid in food and hay There is little food but Squealer tells them it is still more than Jones gave them There are more animals on the farm now – 4 female pigs had 31 babies in total. Most of the pigs were most likely fathered by Napoleon Napoleon announced he would teach the young pigs himself New Rule: all animals were to step aside when a pig was walking by them. Pigs could also wear green ribbons on their tails on Sundays Pigs took all the barley to make beer for themselves

15 Chapter Nine Spontaneous Demonstration: once a week the animals would march around the farm with a banner, sings songs and recite poems about Napoleon, and hear speeches about all the work they are doing In April, Animal Farm became a “republic” where they could vote for a President – Napoleon was the only candidate and won unanimously It was announced that Snowball had fought on Jones’ side during the Battle of Cowshed and that Napoleon, not Jones, had injured him Moses still talks about Sugarcandy Mountain where there were fields of clovers and sugar cubes growing on trees Many animals believed him now because they needed to believe there was a better place than where they lived now The pigs declared that Moses was lying, but gave him an allowance of a cup of beer per day

16 Chapter Nine Boxer is suffering from being overworked and underfed but continues to work hard before his retirement Boxer went to move stone by himself and fell. Napoleon said he made arrangements for Boxer to be sent to an animal hospital in Willingdon When the “vet” comes to take Boxer the side of the van said “Alfred Simmonds, Horse Slaughterer and Glue Boiler” Squealer announces Boxer’s death three days later and claims to have been at his bedside at the vet when he passed away He said any animal that believed the horse slaughter rumor was stupid and the vet had bought the truck from a horse slaughterer but did not have time to white out the name Napoleon says there will be a banquet in Boxer’s honor for the pigs to attend. A van from the grocer dropped off a barrel of whiskey that the pigs bought with the money the made from selling Boxer to the slaughterer.

17 Chapter Ten Several years pass and the farm is doing well, but the animals don’t see this wealth Clover, Benjamin, Moses, and few pigs are the only ones who remember the Rebellion Jones is dead (died from alcoholism) No one remembers Snowball or Boxer Napoleon and Squealer are both fat and happy Animals from other farms were brought to Animal Farm The windmill is completed and they are trying to build a second one Two fields were purchased from Pilkington The dogs and pigs reproduced the most They were the only ones who benefited from the increased profit of the farm The pigs start walking on two legs – Napoleon now walks on two legs with a whip in one hand The sheep now say “Four legs good, Two legs better!” The Seven Commandments are gone and only “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS” Pigs start carrying whips and wearing clothes from Mr. Jones’ closet

18 Chapter Ten Neighboring farmers are invited to inspect the farm
The animals watch from the window of the farm house as the humans and pigs hold a meeting. Mr. Pilkington gives a speech: The farmers now respected Animal Farm because the lower animals worked harder and received less food than on their own farms They plan to change that once they return to their farms The farmers and the pigs were equal because they had the same problem (too many workers wanting too much food/pay) Congratulated Napoleon on the long working hours, lower rations, and not pampering the lower animals Said lower animals were equal to the lower class of the human world Napoleon’s speech: Denies trying to stir up rebellions in other farms Animals will not call each other Comrade any more (relates too much to the rebellion) No more passing by Old Major’s skull on Sunday mornings (Napoleon claims to not know why this was started) The hoof and horns on the Animal Farm flag were to be removed Announces that the name Animal Farm was changed to The Manor Farm (the original name) Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington begin to argue because they both tried to play the ace of spades in poker (meaning someone is cheating!) The animals are unable to tell who is human and who is a pig because they all look and act the same now.

19 The New Commandments Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy Four legs good – two legs better Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend No animal shall wear clothes No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets No animal shall drink alcohol to excess No animal shall kill another animal without cause All animals are equal but some are more equal than others

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