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Learning About Syria: A guided presentation for classroom use.

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1 Learning About Syria: A guided presentation for classroom use

2 The Basic Facts Syria :

3 Syria: The Basic Facts Syria is a country bordering the Mediterranean Sea that is considered part of the Middle East.

4 Syria: The Basic Facts While it is mostly desert, it has many beautiful cities that are centuries old.

5 Syria: The Basic Facts It is roughly the size of Missouri and has over 20 million people.

6 The Recent History Syria :

7 Syria: The Recent History Since the year 2000, it has been ruled by the dictator Bashar al-Assad.

8 Syria: The Recent History His rule has been autocratic, meaning governed by one person, without any democracy.

9 Syria: The Recent History Since 2011, the Syrian people have rebelled against him, demanding their basic human rights.

10 Syria: The Recent History Their revolt has been part of a movement for freedom in the Middle East known as the Arab Spring.

11 The Rebellion Syria :

12 Syria: The Rebellion The revolt was started by students who wrote anti-government graffiti on the wall of their school.

13 Syria: The Rebellion Assad’s forces have struck back, attempting to crush the rebellion.

14 Syria: The Rebellion Over 20,000 Syrians have been killed in the past two years.

15 Syria: The Rebellion Over 250,000 have been forced to flee for their lives in refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey.

16 The refugee camps

17 The World’s Reaction Syria :

18 Syria: The World’s Reaction The U.S. and other countries have tried to work with the United Nations to find a peaceful solution.

19 Syria: The World’s Reaction China, Russia, and Iran all have blocked these actions, fearing the Syrian revolt will spread to their countries.

20 Syria: The World’s Reaction It is unclear if Assad will remain in power.

21 Syria: The World’s Reaction Enforcing a “No-Fly” Zone could stop Assad’s gunships from terrorizing the people.

22 Syria: The World’s Reaction Starting sanctions —or penalties— on Assad’s bank accounts could cripple his power.

23 Why it matters Syria :

24 Syria: Why it matters The United States has its own history fighting tyranny in the American Revolution.

25 The Boston Massacre, 1770

26 Syria: Why it matters History has also shown that oppresion often spreads to other countries if it is not stopped. Nazi invasion of Poland, 1939

27 Syria: Why it matters We exist as one global community. What affects one person, affects us all.

28 What you can do Syria :

29 Syria: What you can do Put pressure on the world’s leaders to stop Assad’s violence. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations

30 Syria: What you can do Call 1-800-GENOCIDE to express your concern to our leaders.

31 Syria: What you can do Spread the word by friending “I Am Syria” on Facebook.

32 Show the “I Am Syria” video“I Am Syria” video

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