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BELLWORK Describe the two versions of Rome’s creation – legend vs. reality Explain 3 ways that geography impacted Roman civilization. What is a republic?

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1 BELLWORK Describe the two versions of Rome’s creation – legend vs. reality Explain 3 ways that geography impacted Roman civilization. What is a republic? How did Ancient Greece impact Roman civilization? THINKER: After they established a republic, the Romans promised never to have a king again, but tyrants will eventually come to power. How? Why were individuals able to come to power even though this went against their promise of a republic?

2 Is the U.S. a republic or democracy?
Democracy is a form of government in which the people decide policy matters directly--through town hall meetings or by voting on ballot proposals. A republic is a system in which the people choose representatives who, in turn, make policy decisions on their behalf

3 Is the U.S. a republic or democracy?

4 Unit 1 Exam & Reminders Your unit 1 test is during block #2 next week!
Period 2: Wednesday 9/24 Period 7: Thursday 9/25 There are three portions of the test: 50-point multiple choice, 10-point vocab maching and a 20-point short answer. Content will cover all early civilizations from Egypt - Rome Completed study guide is also due on the day of your unit test All late work from unit 1 is also due on test day! For the short answer portion, you will be given three prompts – pick the one you want to answer. Explain the event in detail with correct format, mechanics, and historical understanding.

5 Roman Republic: Conflict and Crisis
Roman Republic: 509BC – 30BC

6 The Early Republic Tyrants and corrupt kings in power
In 509B.C., Tarquin the Proud was overthrown Romans declared they would never again be ruled by a king! Established a new government called a republic: power to the citizens!

7 Roman Expansion Punic Wars: 264BC-146BC, series of three wars between Rome and the North-African city state of Carthage. Both wanted control of western Mediterranean……. Why? Rome was victorious and captured all cities from the Mediterranean to Spain to Asia Minor.


9 Carthaginian General Hannibal crossing the Alps during the Second Punic War.

10 Romans attack on Carthage

11 Romans attack on Carthage

12 The Republic in Crisis Usually military expansion makes a country stronger and more powerful, but it was different with Rome. After the Punic Wars, Rome will go through a series of revolts that puts the Republic in crisis…….. Why? How would military expansion lead to unhappiness and revolt amongst the citizens?

13 The Republic in Crisis Rome’s military conquered multiple countries with no regard to their way of life/culture  REVOLT! Roman officials overtaxed residents  REVOLT! Wealthy Romans used slaves to work their land – this put small farmers out of business REVOLT! Putting down these revolts cost Rome a lot of troops, money, and resources.

14 Reform In the 50’s BC, Julius Caesar, took over the government and named himself dictator. Expanded empire to Gaul (France) Gave jobs to unemployed, public land to the poor, and citizenship to conquered peoples. Some Romans loved Caesar for his reforms, others saw him as a tyrant who meant to end the republic and make himself king. On March 15, 44 BC, Caesar was assassinated by a group of government officials.



17 Caesar’s Assassination
March 15, 44BC Caesar was to appear at a meeting of the Senate. As he arrived, the group of conspirators gathered around him pretending to show support. Cimber approached him to sign a document and pulled him down by his shoulders then Casca stabbed him in the neck Within moments, the entire group (including Brutus) was gathered around him on the steps of Senate stabbing him. Around 60 men participated in the assassination and Caesar was stabbed 23 times His last words were “You too, Brutus?” as he realized his best friend was involved in the plot Brutus and his followers marched through Rome shouting “People of Rome, we are once again free!” Caesar’s dead body lay on the Senate floor for three hours In the following chaos, Augustus Caesar led a series of 5 civil wars which ended with the reformation of the Roman Empire.



20 Ancient Roman Society: Jigsaw Read
You are now going to complete a jigsaw read about Roman society How it works: You will be divided into groups of 4 Each group member will be assigned a different reading about an aspect of Roman society. (Early republic, society, women, & gladiators) You will start by reading your specific handout and completing your portion of the worksheet. Once your group is done, you will meet and teach the rest of them about your topic. As you teach, they will fill in the remainder of the worksheet. These are your notes for the section!

21 Review! What were the differences between Patricians and Plebeians?
How did the Romans keep their government balanced? What is a republic? How was the Roman army structured? How could Roman rights of citizenship be acquired? What rights did Roman citizens have?

22 Picture Squares….. possibly
You are going to read a handout that addresses the four main points of Roman civilization. For each aspect, you are going to write three sentences that encompass the main idea of that section.  SUMMARIZE!!! After you write your description, you must draw a picture the corresponds with that same topic. 20 points! (5 points per square) Make sure you actually read the section since this will be your only notes for the Early Roman Republic. Let’s do the first one together! Topics: Patricians & Plebeians, Government, Army, Citizenship

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