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American Life in the 17 th Century AP US History.

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1 American Life in the 17 th Century AP US History

2 Learning Target I will analyze the development of society in each of the colonial region during the 17 th century.

3 I. The Unhealthy Chesapeake A.Virginia and Maryland 1.Work was hard and climate was muggy 2.Disease took a deadly toll 3.Life span in the Chesapeake was 40-50

4 I. The Unhealthy Chesapeake B.Family Life 1.Men outnumbered women 2.Grandparents were unknown

5 II. The Tobacco Economy A.Tobacco 1.Area was ideal for cultivation of tobacco 2.Increased production led to the fall of prices

6 II. The Tobacco Economy B.Head right System 1.If an aristocrat sponsored an indentured servant’s passage to America, the aristocrat earned the right to purchase 50 acres of land. 2.This encouraged growth of the Chesapeake, however caused less land for the poor. 3.Indentured Servants provided labor for tobacco

7 III. Frustrated Free Men A.Bacon’s Rebellion 1.The head right system had created a generation of frustrated young men. 2.Young, landless, jobless, womanless and frustrated. 3.Their main goal was to get land and get married

8 III. Frustrated Free Men A.Bacon’s Rebellion 4.Nathaniel Bacon led about 1000 of these men in a revolt. 5.Many had settled on the frontier where Indian attacks were common, their ambition was to obtain land from the Indians. 6.Eventually rebellion was crushed, but a lingering fear of revolt and lawlessness in the minds of the upper class.

9 IV. Colonial Slavery A. Early Slavery 1. Indentured servitude began to be replaced by black slave. 2. By 1670, 7% of the Southern population were slaves. 3. By the 1680’s, the African slave trade quickened considerably in the South.

10 IV. Colonial Slavery B.Middle Passage 1.By 1750, black slaves made up almost ½ of the Virginia population. 2.Most slaves came from the West Coast of Africa A.Captured by African tribes B.Shipped on the Middle passage (Africa to the West Indies) C.Distributed among US cities D.Slaves and their children would be made chattels to their owners for life. E.It was a crime to teach a slave to read.

11 V. Africans in America A.Life 1.Life was hard, crop cultivation made it even more difficult 2.Unique African American culture emerged. A.Language evolved B.Music

12 V. Africans in America B.Revolt 1.Desiring freedom, blacks rose in revolt on occasion. 1.1712 – a New York City Revolt killed a dozen whites, 21 blacks were executed. 2.1739 – Stono River South Carolina, 50 blacks tried to escape slavery by walking to Florida

13 VI. Southern Society A.Gap 1.Rich/poor gap emerged and was widening in the South. 2.Social hierarchy devolved A.Virginia – Planter aristocracy 1.Owned huge tracts of land and dominated politics B.Small farmers 1. Largest social group C.Landless whites 1. Freed indentured servants D.Slaves

14 VII. New England Family A.Conditions 1.Climate and conditions in New England were much healthier 2.Life expectancy was higher - 70 years 3.Invented grandparents

15 VII. New England Family B.Women 1.Women yielded little power outside the home. 2.Could not inherit land or money 3.Could not participate in church 4.Top priority in the Bible Commonwealth was to protect the institutions of marriage and family

16 VIII. New England Towns A.Puritans 1.Extremely structured 2.Chartered by authorities 3.Town square, village green, shops and churches

17 VIII. New England Towns B.Education 1.Valued by New Englanders 2.Primary and secondary schools were built 3.Harvard college was established in 1636, motivation was to train men for the ministry

18 VIII. Salem Witch Trial A.Jeremiads 1.To promote religious passion, jeremiads boomed from the pulpit A. Stern, old-fashioned scolding 2.Eased qualifications for joining the church A. Half-Way Covenant – receiving half status in church 3.All aspects of life were seen through religious eyes A. Salem Witch Trials

19 IX. New England Way of Life A.Climate 1.Geography and climate led New Englanders to turn towards trade. 1.Shipbuilding 2.Power water mills 3.Subsistence Farming

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