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History Alive Persian Wars.

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1 History Alive Persian Wars

2 28.2 Why did the Ionians revolt against Persian Rule?
Persians took land and harbors Demanded Tribute Forced them into the Persian Army What happened to the Ionians? Left alone by Athenians Persian army defeated Ionians Destroyed city of Miletus

3 28.3 What happened at the Battle of Marathon?
Persians attacked Athenians As Persians were retreating, Athenians attacked Athenian won Why was the Battle of Marathon important to Greek city-states? Maintained their independence Were not conquered by Persian Empire

4 28.4 How were the Spartans able to hold off such a large Persian Army? Persian army had to go through a small mountain pass How were the Persians eventually able to defeat the Spartans? Traitor showed a pass around behind the Spartans Why did the Spartans refuse to escape although they knew they would be killed? To delay the Persians, Spartan way of life

5 28.5 Why did the Athenians sail to nearby islands in panic? Persians had won at Thermopylae and were headed to Athens How were the Greeks able to defeat the Persian fleet, even though they were outnumbered? Tricked Persians into following them into a narrow channel. Were able to surround the Persians. Metal rams on ships.

6 28.6 and 28.7 What happened at the Battle of Plataea?
Final battle of the Persian Wars Greek army defeated Persians Why were the Persian Wars important? End of Persian threat Athens was rebuilt more powerful than ever

7 Pictures Ionian Revolt Battle of Marathon Battle of Thermopylae
Battle of Salamis Battle of Plataea

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