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Latin America: Colonization and Urbanization

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1 Latin America: Colonization and Urbanization

2 Pre-Invasion Describe what life was like for Mesoamerica
Describe life in the Andean Highlands

3 1492 The end of the Reconquista The Moors expelled (and the Jews)
Cristobal Colombo

4 Columbus Voyage, 1492

5 What was effect back in Europe?
New commodities New land New ideas New groups of immigrants

6 Who went to the New World?
In Latin America: The Spanish and Portuguese commoners: Merchant class Non-nobles, seeking nobility Conquistadores

7 And they did what? Tried to establish fiefs Created plantation economy
3 phases: 1.) colonial administration (Indian discrimination/slavery) 2.) Colonial society & economy reached maturity 3.) 1700sreform in American colonies

8 The Spanish Caribbean Indigenous peoples were the Taino
- Lived in small villages under authority of chiefs Showed little resistance to European visitors Columbus built the fort of Santo Domingo, capital of the Spanish Caribbean Taino conscripted to mine gold Encomiendas: land grants to Spanish settlers with total control over local people Brutal abuses plus smallpox brought decline of Taino populations

9 Cortes Aztec and Inca societies wealthier, more complex than Caribbean societies (450 men) Brought down the Aztec empire Advanced weapons: Steel Gunpowder Horses Alliances with indigenous people Tribal resentment against the Mexica Diseases (smallpox)

10 The Road the Ancient Mexicas Travelled

11 Pizarro 1532-1533 Defeated the Inca at the capital, Cuzco
Looted gold, silver, other precious metals, jewels from Incan buildings, dead bodies, etc.

12 How could Pizarro’s tiny force do it? (>600)
Many subjects of Incan rule despised the Inca b/c of role as overlord and tax collector Epidemic disease

13 1570 End of Age of Conquest 192 Spanish cities and towns in the New World Colonial American society European-style society in cities, indigenous culture persisted in rural areas More exploitation of New World than settlement Still, many Iberian migrants settled in the Americas,

14 Impact on Native Indian Populations
Population decline Rise of mestizos Indian Slavery Econmiendas Mita Flee to the cities Plaza de Recocijo de Potosi (1830, oil painting)

15 Colonial Government Based on coerced labor Hacienda
Similar to what? All reported back to the crown Viceroys (Mexico and Peru) Then Audiencias (judicial regions) Then magistrates (town/village)

16 Brazil, model plantation colony
With two people (groups of 3), create an outline of what people need to know about Brazil. Write this like a 1-pager (picture, thesis, CD, etc.) Share with the class.

17 Multi-racial Societies
Indigenous Americans, Europeans, and Africans brought together in the Americas As conquerors, Europeans “superior” People of mixed-parentage in the middle Slaves at bottom Disparity as to who was more elite: whites from the Americas (creoles) or from Europe (peninsulares) Patriarchal culture

18 Reforms in the 18th Century
Spain lost its European dominance Other European countries took control of Caribbean Latin America became better able to provide manufactured goods War of Spanish Succession ended with French Bourbon on throne Spain had to open trade to British No more Spanish monopoly!

19 The Bourbons Increased viceroyalties
Exposed corrupt rulers/removed from office Improved military readiness of colonies Colonized California

20 The Bourbons Created monopolies/improved economy
Weakened Latin American position (created dependency) Alienated Creole leadership

21 So, kill the tyrant! The Creole leadership lead to revolts against the crown New Granada Peru But, social/racial disparity prevented widespread & unified revolt

22 So, where does that leave us?
Widespread social unrest Widespread racial unrest Widespread economic disparity

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