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Click to edit Master subtitle style PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE BRIEFING 2012 SONA LEGACY PROJECTS Presentation by Mr. Vusithemba Ndima.

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1 Click to edit Master subtitle style PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE BRIEFING 2012 SONA LEGACY PROJECTS Presentation by Mr. Vusithemba Ndima


3 Click to edit Master subtitle style 1. MUSEUMS AND CENTRES TO BE UNVEILED 1.1The 1980 Matola Raid museum in Maputo 1.2The Ncome Museum in KwaZulu-Natal, phase 2 1.3Final phase of the Freedom Park museum 1.4The Steve Biko heritage centre in Ginsberg in King Williamstown 3

4 Click to edit Master subtitle style 1.1THE 1980 MATOLA RAID MUSEUM IN MAPUTO 1.1.1Construction of the monument and interpretative centre 90% complete – practical completion date 30 April 2012 1.1.2Compulsory site briefing with potential exhibition development service providers 11 April 2012, appointment early May 2012, exhibition development and installation by July 2012 1.1.3Core staff including manager, tour guides, receptionest, groundsmen and security are being appointed through the High Commission and will be in place by July 1.1.4Institution’s moveable assets such as furniture, equipment are also being acquired to be finalised by July 2012 1.1.5Governance framework is being put in place with the key stakeholders with finalisation target date of July 2012 4

5 Click to edit Master subtitle style 1.2 THE NCOME MUSEUM IN KWAZULU-NATAL PHASE 2 1.2.1The first phase, comprising the monument and interpretive centre and meant to tell the story of the Battle from the African perspective, was launched on 16 December 1998 1.2.2Second phase infrastructure include the multi-purpose hall for conferences and other activities, library, work room for pottery and beadwork, curio shop, reconciliation bridge, 4 staff offices, manager’s office, restaurant, kitchen, 14 bed accommodation facility for tourists, guard room and staff accommodation 1.2.3This is massive heritage tourism infrastructure in the rural area and dovetails with the vision of government to implement rural development 1.2.4Completion is scheduled for August 2012 and the official opening for October/November 2012 5

6 Click to edit Master subtitle style 1.3FINAL PHASE OF THE FREEDOM PARK MUSEUM 1.3.1Freedom Park Monument and Museum was established to tell the story of our trials and tribulations from time immemorial to the attainment of our Freedom. 1.3.2Components such as Isivivane, Moshate and //hapo. that constitute Freedom Park are steeped in indigenous knowledge systems. 1.3.3Visitors have been taken to Isivivane, the Wall of Names and other parts of the Park without being given a complete story of the Park. 1.3.4The total completion of //hapo has been the missing link in concluding the story of Freedom Park. 1.3.5// Hapo is a museum that will house interactive exhibitions that will tell the story from creation until the attainment of our freedom. 1.3.6The Museum component will be officially opened in September 2012. 6

7 Click to edit Master subtitle style 1.4THE STEVE BIKO HERITAGE CENTRE IN GINSBERG 1.4.1The Centre is designed as both a destination for tourists and a vehicle for greater cultural, social and political awareness and economic development for the local community. 1.4.2It is meant to be a living monument that utilizes memory to channel local energies towards contemporary development challenges 1.4.3It includes a museum, Archive and Library Resource Centre, Commemorative Garden, Honouring Human Rights Activists, Training rooms, Conference Centre. Cultural performance and Production spaces, A community media Centre; and Retail space; 1.4.4Construction is 95% complete and the exhibition, assets and equipment are being developed and installed 1.4.5Official opening is scheduled for October/November 2012. 7

8 Click to edit Master subtitle style 2. HOMES AND GRAVES OF NATIONAL STALWARTS 2.1Budget provision has been made for the upgrading/refurbishment of the Mapikela house and acquisition of an alternative house. 2.2Renovations on the Mahabane House started in July 2011 and an alternative house for the family who lived in the original house was built. 2.3The architectural firm appointed by the Lejweleputswa District Municipality finalised a business plan to turn the house occupied by Winnie Mandela in Brandfort into a museum and a new house for the current occupants of the house has been constructed to allow the declaration and restoration process to start. 2.4Negotiations with the owners of the Bram Fisher property has commenced. 8

9 Click to edit Master subtitle style 2. HOMES AND GRAVES OF NATIONAL STALWARDS (Cont) 2.5Appointment of the Independent Development Trust (IDT), an agency of the Department of Public Works, as a service provider has been approved and an SLA has been negotiated and is being signed between DAC, DSACR and the IDT to implement the above heritage infrastructure development processes. 2.6The houses to be restored by SAHRA are those of Bessie Head, Olive Shreiner and Ingrid Jonker. 2.7On 23 March 2012 SAHRA published a notice of intent to declare as national heritage sites the graves of JL Dube, SM Makgatho, JT Gumede, P Seme, AB Xuma, AJM Luthuli, OR Tambo, RM Sobukwe and SB Biko 2.8Formal declaration of the graves will be gazetted 60 days after publication of the notice of intent coupled with a media briefing 9

10 Click to edit Master subtitle style 2. HOMES AND GRAVES OF NATIONAL STALWARDS (Cont) 2.11Wesleyan church in the process of being declared as 60 days have passed. 2.12Both Luthuli and Dube graves are fine. Sobukwe grave has been restored and workshop with community held. Biko grave fine. 2.13Site where Luthuli died in bad shape and granite needs restoration and Gumede‘s grave in Pietermaritzburg require restoration 2.14Restoration work on the graves and declaration in August. Mahabane and Moroka graves restoration by April. 2.15The next SAHRA council meeting to approve grading dossier of all other sites mentioned in SONA as well graves of Beyers Naude, Abram Tiro, Helen Suzman and Peter Mokaba 10

11 Click to edit Master subtitle style 3.MEMORIAL SITES TO BE PRIORITISED FOR DECLARATION 3.1The Independent Development Trust has been appointed as the service provider for Development of the Heritage Centre and other capital works for the site, Master plan launch 2nd Quarter of 2012, Commencement of construction October 2012 and declaration of sites such as the Holy Cross Church 3.2The sites of the Frontier Wars will be developed as part of the liberation heritage route 3.3The declaration of sites of revolt before the peasant revolts of the 1960s. These include the site of the 1913 revolt by African women in the Free State and the 1957 anti-pass revolt by women in Zeerust. 3.5The Rocklands Civic Centre in Mitchells Plein where the United Democratic Front was formed 3.6SAHRA will also declare the Gugulethu Seven monument a national heritage site to form part of the broader museum in collaboration with the FAWU Gugulethu Development Committee. 3.7The house of Lillian Ngoyi in Soweto will also be declared as a heritage site. 11

12 Click to edit Master subtitle style 4.STATUE OF JOHN DUBE 4.1JL Dube’s statue was unveiled at the launch of the Dube Tradeport at King Shaka International Airport on 16 March 2012 by the KZN Provincial Government and the Presidency 4.2In addition a ceremony was hosted on 25 February 2012 to mark the completion of the Dube gravesite rehabilitation and restoration 4.3The Department in partnership with the three spheres of government, the Independent Development Trust, the Community and the Family unveiled a master-plan that outlines a holistic approach towards the development of the area 4.4The master plan includes the purchase and the restoration of the house into a museum, the construction of the Interpretive Centre, an exhibition, arts, culture and heritage production and marketing facilities and the construction of a Tower of Hope in honour of JL Dube 12

13 Click to edit Master subtitle style 5.UNION BUILDINGS CENTENARY PREPARATIONS 5.1Formal application has been made for renaming in 2012 as part of the centenary build up of the Presidential Guest House to Sefako M Makgatho House, Kings House in Durban to John Langalibalele Dube House and the Diplomatic Guest House to Johnstone (Johnny) Mfanafuthi Makhathini Guest House. 5.2 The adverts announcing the name changes were placed in the newspapers by the DPW over the weekend of 2 April 2012 5.3 Once all the necessary processes and documentation have been completed the names will be forwarded for Minister Mashatile’s consideration 5.4Conceptualisation of other elements of the Union Buildings Centenary Programme is at an advanced stage 13

14 Click to edit Master subtitle style THANK YOU 14

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