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A History of Revolution in Latin America

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1 A History of Revolution in Latin America
Why did the Latin American colonies want independence from Europe? How were the revolts similar and different in their causes and results?

2 What were the Latin American revolutions?
The Latin American independence movement was a series of revolts against European colonialism in Central & South America Directed at Spain & Portugal 1790’s – 1840’s Many of these revolts where the result of Enlightenment ideas Inspired by the American Revolution (1775 – 1783)

3 Why did many Latin Americans want independence from Europe?
Resentment of the colonial class system Especially among the Creoles Influenced by Enlightenment ideas & writings Issues of race (slave classes) Resentment towards European colonial governments Unequal distribution of wealth Restrictions on speech Political exile / imprisonment

4 Resentment of the Creoles

5 Colonial Governments & Restrictions

6 Issues of Race

7 What helped to trigger armed revolution in Latin America?
Events in Europe helped to spark revolts in Latin America French Revolution Napoleonic Wars Monroe Doctrine (1823): No more European colonization in the New World An attempt to colonize = a threat to the US US will stay out of European affairs

8 Who where some of the major leaders of the Latin American revolutions?
Three (3) major revolutionaries: Toussaint L’Ouverture Former African slave Helped fight French in Haiti Simon Bolivar Wealthy Venezuelan creole Called “Libertador” “The George Washington of Latin America” Padre Jose Morelos Poor Mexican priest Helped inspire Mexican fighters

9 Slave Revolt turned Revolution

10 Jungle / Guerrilla Warfare

11 Toussaint L’Ouverture (1743-1803)

12 Slave Revolt turned Revolution

13 The Unknown Maroon of Saint Domingue

14 Selling of Louisiana (1803)

15 Simon Bolivar: The George Washington of Latin America
“I will not rest until I have broken the chains that bind us to the will of Spain!” -Simon Bolivar

16 The Simon Bolivar Memorial

17 Was it murder?

18 The execution of Padre Morelos

19 Map of Spanish Colonies cir. 1800

20 Latin American post Revolutions cir. 1820’s

21 How successful where the Latin American revolutions?
Many Latin American leaders had hoped for unity among the different colonies Similar to the United States However, the idea soon failed Increase in poverty Divide between rich and poor gets bigger

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