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“The Austrian-Hungarian Empire and The Balkans”

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1 “The Austrian-Hungarian Empire and The Balkans”
1815 to 1913

2 I.) Background Austrian Empire created in 1804 by Habsburg family
1. Largest area was Hungary 2. Many ethnic groups: Croats, Serbs, Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Ukrainians, Germans, Magyars, Romanians, Italians

3 II.) Rise of Nationalism
1848 Revolt in Vienna against Metternich ideas 1. Metternich resigns 1848 Hungarian revolt against Austrian rule; fails 1. led by Lajos Kossuth

4 D. Defeat by Prussia in Seven Weeks War results in: 1
D. Defeat by Prussia in Seven Weeks War results in: : Austria creating the Dual Monarchy called Austria-Hungary 2. one common ruler……. Francis Joseph I 3. each had their own parliament * Austrian met in Vienna * Hungary met In Budapest 4. Economic arrangement * Hungary- agricultural * Austria- industrial 5. Forced Austria from being a “European Power”

5 III.) The Ottoman Empire
Empire included area of: Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Yugoslavia In 1800’s empire grows weak 1. Military defeats = loss of territory 2. Economic problems Outcomes: 1. rise of discontent of Balkan people (Serbs, Bulgarians, Romanians, Albanians, Greeks) lead to nationalism and revolt

6 IV.) The Balkans: Powder Keg of Europe
Greece nationalists revolt in 1821; leads to independence in 1827 Inspires nationalist revolts in Balkans against Ottomans in 1875 1. Russia aides Balkan people (Reasons: religion & sea port)

7 C. Russian-Ottoman War in 1877 aides Balkan people Outcome: Treaty of San Stefano (Romania, Serbia, Montenegro independence and self rule to Bulgaria) D. Congress of Berlin in European nations & Russia discuss territorial issues in Balkans - Bulgaria stays within Ottoman Empire - Austria to govern Bosnia & Herzegovina - Great Britain to occupy island of Cyprus

8 E. Balkan War I (1912) - Balkan League (Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Montenegro) VS. Turks - Balkan League wins but argues over division of land F. Balkan War II (1913) - Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania & Ottoman Empire VS. Bulgaria - Bulgaria looses and lost land Outcomes: - Ottoman Empire loses most of its land - Bulgaria & Austria allies/Serbia dislike of Austria

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