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Revolts in Latin America

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1 Revolts in Latin America
Chapter 8, Section 3 Packet page 12

2 Terms, people, and places
People of Native American and European ancestry were called The first leader of Mexico’s fight for independence was Mestizos. Father Miguel Hidalgo.

3 _______________Became known throughout South America as “The Liberator”.
Simón Bolívar Many ________ resented their second-class status in Latin America. creoles

4 The great general, _________________, helped Argentina, Chile, and Peru win independence.
José de San Martín

5 Main Ideas Latin American Creoles were inspired by the ideals of __________________. the enlightenment Napoleon’s invasion of Spain caused Latin America to_____________________. demand independence

6 Toussaint L’Ouverture led _________ to independence.
Haiti The widespread drive for independence in South America was caused by _____________________________________. discontent among the creoles spreading.

7 Which statement describes the results of Latin American independence?
Latin American nations were independent, but they were not democratic.

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