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The Bear Flag Revolt California History.

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1 The Bear Flag Revolt California History

2 Historical Facts The Bear Flag Revolt took place on June 14, 1846.
A group of settlers, mountain men and explorers stormed General Mariano Vallejo’s home in Sonoma. Source: flag/revolt.html

3 Why did the settlers revolt?
They felt that the Mexican government was going to deport them back to the States. They did not like being treated like poor minorities.

4 IWilliam Ide’s Proclamation
William B. Ide He led 90 Americans to rebel against the Mexican government. "To overthrow a Government which has seized upon the property of the Missions for its individual aggrandizement; which has ruined and shamefully oppressed the laboring people of California by enormous exactions on goods imported into the country, is the determined purpose of the brave men who are associated under my command.” IWilliam Ide’s Proclamation William B. Ide

5 General Mariano Vallejo
He was frustrated with Mexico’s management of the territory. Mexico did not send the sufficient funds to manage the Alta California. He also did not receive sufficient military from Mexico. He agreed to support the Americans. General Mariano Vallejo

6 Results General Vallejo was placed in prison.
War was imminent with Mexico Californios were defeated at Olómpali Ranch. Captain Charles Fremont fought with Mexico even though declaration of war was not approved by US government until much later. Source:

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