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UNIT 5 IT´S ABOUT FUTURE __ __ __ __ __ __. 1.At 9:30 they are leaving the hotel and walking to Teens Jeans 2.At 11 they´ re watching the filming of.

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1 UNIT 5 IT´S ABOUT FUTURE __ __ __ __ __ __


3 1.At 9:30 they are leaving the hotel and walking to Teens Jeans 2.At 11 they´ re watching the filming of a jeans commercial 3.At 1.15 they are having lunch in Pizza Paradise 4.At 2.30 they´ re taking the underground to South K. 5.At 3 They´ re visiting two museums 6.Ay 5.30 they´ re returning to the hotel 7.At 6.45 they´ re leaving for the theatre

4 2. Match both boxes to make meaningful combinations Leave Watch Take Visit Return The filming of A theatre Fly Spend Go Sightseeing A place(hotel) To a place A commercial One morning in a place A commercial A museum Play The underground to… To Los Angeles

5 A statue A square A cathedral An alley A petrol station A bus station The Town Hall A road/ motorway A theatre A skyscraper A castle A pedestrian/zebra crossing A dump A dumpster A factory A n art gallery A garage A hotel A bridge A museum A mosque An airport A police station A windmill A hoarding A hospital Traffic lights A power plant A street lamp

6 A cathedral A petrol station A bus station The Town Hall A theatre A pedestrian/zebra crossing A dump A dumpster A factory An art gallery A garage A hotel A bridge A museum A mosque An airport A police station A windmill A hospital Traffic lights A power plant To pray, listen to the Mass To get petrol for the car To take the bus. Fill in forms, register documents, sue people, etc. To see a play For crossing the road For throwing house´s rubbish/ recycling For carrying the rubbish to the dump Work/ for making cars, planes, etc. To see paintings, sculptures, etc. To repair the car To stay for a week/fortnight Crossing the river To see works of art Muslims go to pray here To take a plane To report about crimes For getting energy To be assisted For controlling traffic For getting energy

7 At a bakery At a bank At a butcher´s At a gift shop At a chemist´s At a department store At a fishmonger´s At a florist´s At a greengrocer´s At a hairdresser´s At a jewellery At a post office At a hardware At a dry cleaner´s At a bar or restaurant At a shoe shop 1.some bread, rolls and biscuits 2.change money, cash a cheque meat, sausages, ham birthday cards, gifts medicine, beauty products, shampoo … clothes, food, furniture, electrical appliances, etc fish and shellfish 8. buy flowers and plants vegetables and fruit and have your hair cut rings, necklaces, earrings stamps, envelopes and send letters cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc a hammer, nails, a pair of scissors, etc. 15.clean your special clothes. 16.Where you can have a meal and drink sandals or flip-flops

8 4 ) SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES Number the sentences to put the conversation in order _____ size, 10, I think _____ Over there at the cash desk _____ Yes, the changing rooms are overthere _____ (later) Yes, it fits me, How much is it? _____ Can I help you? _____ Can I try it on ?, please _____ What size are you? _____ Where can I pay? _____ Yes, Have you got this jumper in any other sizes ? _____ Size 10. Let me see. Yes, here´s one _____ OK. I´ll take it. _____ $ 15.99

9 Are you coming Commercial Am waiting for Onn the phone DON ´T you tell me how to get to the shop? Show Will give Walk through Go across Straight Past Department store Turn left into Miss nearly Why don ´t we Sure I´ll ask her the way Excuse me Go up Go across Far Let´s

10 The Church- Walk through Hyde Park up to Marble Arch; Go down Oxford Street and take the fourth on the right, the church is on the left The museum – Walk through the park and you get Bayswater Street turn left, then take the first on the right into Leinster Street and the first on the right, the museum is on the left.

11 Excuse me!. Can you tell me where the … is? The tourist information office: Go up Castle Road, then go across Court Road into Park Road, the tourist information office is on the left past the Post office The disco Go down Castle Road, go past Market Street,the disco is on the right behind the department store. The car park Go up Castle Road and turn the first on the right into Court Road, the car park in on the right opposite the newsagent´s The Chemist´s Go down Castle Road and take the first on the left, the chemist is in the right past the supermarket

12 Translate into English Waiter: ¿Ha pensado lo que vas a pedir? Customer: sí, ¿Me puede traer una pizza?. Me muero de hambre. W: ¿Cuál quieren? C: ¿Qué tiene la tropical? W: queso, piña y jamón C: no me gusta la piña. ¿ Tiene alguna que tenga champiñones?. Me encantan W: si. Claro. La campera. C: Me la cojo W: ¿Qué quiere de beber? C: Coca cola, una lata. W: marchando C: ¿Me podría hacer un filete también?. W: ¿y como lo quiere?. ¿hecho, poco hecho, …? C: que esté rosita en el centro W: perfecto C:¡Cuánto es? W: 20€ C: No tengo suficiente, ¿Puedo pedir algo? W: … Waiter: Are you ready to order? Customer: Yes, Can I have a pizza?. I´m starving. W: Which one would you like? C: What toppings has the tropical got? W: cheese, ham and pineapple C: I don ´t like pineapple. Have you got one with mushrooms?. I love them W: Certainly. Country Pizza. C: I will take it W: What would you like to drink? C: coke, a can of cola W: Sure, coming right up C: Could I have steak, please?. W: How would you like it?. ¿rare, medium-rare, medium or well-done? C: medium W: perfect C: How much is it? W: 20€ C: I haven ´t got enough money. Can I borrow some? W: …

13 Unit 5 (3) - Vocabulary T ______ = what you put on top of the pizza C_____________?= Me puede dar … W___________________ _?= ¿Qué quiere de beber? S ____ / v _____ /o___ = liquids for salad dressing S_____ = me muero de hambre G ______ = ajo S ______ = fileteB ___ / L ___ / P __ V ___ = 4 types of meat Are you ready to O _____ = pedir? I _____ T ______ = Me lo llevo R ____ / M_____ /M ___ W____ = 4 ways of cooking steak P_____ = gambas S ____ = langostinos W_____ = camarero C ______ = cliente P______ = legumbres N _____ = frutos secos S_______ = mariscoS ______ = outer part of a piece of fruit Toppings Starving Order Waiter /customer Can I have a …? Garlic I will take it Pulses/nuts What would you like to drink ? Steak Rare/medium- rare/medium/well- done shellfish Salt/vinegar/ oil/… Beef/lamb/ pork/veal Prawns/shrimps skin

14 Listen and follow the instructions of the teacher _______________________ sea / see the stone set / said in your mice / eyes sea / see the thorn / torn twist in your side / sight _____ ________ ______ ______ sleight of hand/ man and twist of fate / faith on a bet / bed of nails / males she makes me weigh / waits _______ ____ ______ __________ ____ through / true the stork / storm, we rich / reach the shore / sure you gave it more / moor but I went / want more ______ _____ ______ ____ _____ ____________________________ _________________________________ and you ______ _________ ________ my hands are right / tied my body bruised / Bruce She got me with nothing ______ _____ ______ ________ _____ ___ _______ With or without you See/set/eyes

15 Apple Orange Peach Grapes Cherries – stems Avocado Apple core Juice Pear Raisins Olives Fig Seed Lime Lemon Jelly or jam or marmalade Mango Kiwi Banana – banana skin/peel Plum- prune Grapefruit Coconut Pineapple Berries: strawberries, rapsberries, blueberry, blackberry

16 Lettuce Potato Carrot Salad Pumpkin cucumber Cabbage Sweet potato celery peppers turnip Squash or courguette Corn Onion Radishes Asparagus Mushrooms Leeks Broccoli Beans Artichoke Tomato Garlic – clove Cauliflower Peas aubergine

17 Food 1 Bread/ slice / crumb Soup Cereal Eggs: (a carton of eggs) 1. parts: white, yoke and shell 2. cooked eggs: hard- boiled, scrambled, omelette Flour Milk Cake Rice Butter Cheese Muffin Noodles Nuts: peanut, almond, walnut (peanut butter) Rolls Pasta Biscuits (cookies) Meat: Pork,sausage, ham, bacon(grease), drumstick, beef(steak)

18 Food 2 Fast food: hamburger (patty, bun), chips, hot dog (wiener) Soft drink Sandwich Crisp Pizza (crust) Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, pickle Honey Sugar Popcorn Candy- sweets: lollipop, chocolate, chocolate wrapper Cake (icing) Pie Chewing gum Icecream Sundae Icelolly Cookie Donut cupcake

19 EXERCISES Pumpkin/ Peach, plum, Brocolli / banana Mushrooms/ mango cucumber, courguette/cherries Aubergine, artichoke / avocado Lettuce – chicken Orange – cauliflower Aubergine – tomato Onion – mushrooms Banana – melon Salmom - lamb

20 Exercises 2 Mushrooms, aubergines Lettuce Cherries, pears/ plums Oysters, mussels Veal/venison False-It´s a kind of fish True False – a young cow False – a type of fish True False – aubergines are dark violet

21 Meat 1 Types Pork Beef Lamb Veal Venison Turkey Chicken Cuts Slice Rasher Mince Fillet Steak Sirloin Rib Chop Joint Kidneys heart

22 Monkfish Mackerel Trout Swordfish Sole Haddock Sardine Skate Whiting Sea bass Salmon Cod Sea bream tuna

23 Sea food Lobster Shrimp Mussels Razor shell Clam Squid Cuttlefish Octopus Cockles Oyster Crayfish Crab scallop Prawn (gamba )

24 S________ F_______ K_____ / ____ S_____ p___ P_____ p____ N________ G________ A________ T________ Section 1 Spoon Fork Knife/ives Salt pot Pepper pot Napkin Glasses Ashtray Tablecloth Section 2 W_____/c______ W_______ C_____/d_____ B_______ B______ Is this s___ f____? Can I h__ the me__, please? H____y___ a __. Waiter/customer Waistcoat Clean/dirty Booked busy Is this seat free? Can I have the menu, please? Here you are. Section 3 S_______ M______ c______ D_______ S______ R____/m_____- r___/ m____/w__- d____ Is o___ the m ___ We ____________ _________ Section 4 Starter Main course Dessert steak Rare/medium- rare/medium/well- done Is off the menu We haven ´t got any I__________ ________ You w _____ I w ______ T____ m___ T ______ W _________ __________ I´d like a salad You wouldn ´t I would Tinned meat that´s it Whose finger was in Martin´s soup?

25 The video´s vocabulary S _____ / K ____ / F ____ = 3 objects you put on the table T ______ = mantel¿Me puede traer el menú?. __________ ___________ ? No nos queda = _____ _________________ S _____ and P _____ Pot The waiter had a dirty W _______ = chaleco Aquí tiene = ________ _______ No va a querer la ensalada = ________ N ______ = servilleta The restaurant wasn ´t B ____ = no people 1º, 2º and 3º plato is= S ___ / M ___ C ___ and D ____ ¿De quién era el dedo que estaba en la sopa de Martin? A__ = you put finished cigarettes here Is this __________ ? = ¿está libre? No tenemos = We ___ _______________ Esto es el colmo = _________ _____ Spoon,Fork Knife/ives Salt and pepper pot Napkin Ashtray Tablecloth Waistcoat busy Is this seat free? Can I have the menu, please? Here you are. Starter Main course Dessert Is off the menu We haven ´t got any. You wouldn ´t Whose finger was in Martin´s soup? That´s it!

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