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Eduardo Tarifeño Silva Marine Biologist, Ph.D. Department of Zoology.

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1 Eduardo Tarifeño Silva Marine Biologist, Ph.D. Department of Zoology




5  FOCUSED ON ARTISANAL FISHERIES  THREE MAIN ELEMENTS: - The community: fishermen, organization, welfare - The resources: fishery biology and ecology - The technologies: fishery tools  INTERACTIONS - Community-Resources: management, sustainable exploitation, - Resources-Techonologies: capture methods, prospection, biomass assesement, aquaculture - Community-Techonologies: trainning,


7 Mapa del Sector Pesquero Artesanal Regional – Distintas Realidades Boteros Motor Remo Algueros Recolectores Etnias Género Buzos Organizaciones con Áreas de Manejo Lanchas Mayores Medias Menores Borde Costero 5 millas Tripulantes Armadores Cultivadores Demersales Pelágicos Bentónicos Algas Recursos 12,972 personas a Octubre 2006 SPA Industrial - Semi Industrial SPA Tradicional

8  FISH: jack mackerel, sardine, anchovy, hake  ALGAE: kelp,  MOLLUSC: bivalves, gastropods, squid,  CRUSTACEAN: crab, crowfish,

9  Increasing port facilities for international trade  Port facilities for oil and gas unload  Industrial discharge by submarine pipes  Raw sewage discharge by submarine pipe  Discharges fom thermoelectric generation plants  Displacement of artisanal fishermen coves  Appropriate aquaculture areas (AAA)  Marine traffic routes  Industrial fishing facilities  Artisanal Fishermen Managment Areas  Recreation and tourism development  Housing development

10  Problems: Strong reduction of marine resources exploited by artisanal fisheries (jack mackerel, sardine, anchovy, loco, sea urchins, algae, surf-clam, snails). Increase of artisanal fishermen registered in labor organizations. Political division inside the labor organizations. Low managment capacity inside the labor organizations. Low recognition of the women role in the artisanal fisheries, mainly on benthonic recources.

11  ¿Solutions?: ◦ Improve of management capacity inside the labor organization. ◦ Promotion of aquaculture activities by artisanal fishermen, maily mussel farming and benthonic algae. ◦ Reduction of the number of associates in the labor organization. ◦ Better control on fisheries landings. ◦ Promotion of the women participation in the labor organizations.

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