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WELFARE OF THE STAFF Office Welfare Employees Legislation & development Rewarding employees ProductivityMiscellaneous.

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3 Office Welfare Employees Legislation & development Rewarding employees ProductivityMiscellaneous

4 Rewarding employees The system of pay and benefits used to reward employees Incentive and Honorarium Money only not the method Appreciation/APAR – Recommendations for Foreign training Meghdoot award/Best postman award etc.

5 Productivity Measuring performance: APAR How to value the workers contribution Difficulty in measuring some types of output – especially in the service industry Appraisal – Meant to be non-judgmental – Involves the worker and a nominated appraiser – Agreeing strengths, weaknesses and ways forward to help both employee and Department

6 Employees Legislation & Development Make the staff aware about their job profile, job knowledge & skills, job tools, how to use these tools? Tell them about Do’s & Don'ts of their jobs Make them multi skilled Crucial aspects of employment legislation: – Race – Gender – Disability To create a developmental program that tracks each one of the staff through the full range of services of the department

7 Miscellaneous Granting leave/forwarding leave applications Granting/ forwarding various application of advances with recommendations Forwarding various claims with recommendations Getting all nominations filled viz. CGEGIS, GPF/CPF, DCRG, Form 3 etc. Service book Forwarding applications of various concessions Tiffin rooms/Recreation Club Arranging holiday /excursion trips

8 WELFARE MEASURES available to Central Government Employees

9 LEAVE Casual Leave Earned Leave Half Pay Leave Commuted Leave Maternity Leave Paternity Leave Child Care Leave

10 Special Casual Leave It is a kind of casual leave sanctioned on special occasions like Participating in national level sports events Undergoing vasectomy/tubectomy operation. Participating in Union/association activities to the office bears of recognised service unions/associations. Natural calamity Election to exercise their franchise having their names in another constituency. LTC can be availed of during Special Casual Leave.

11 Maternity Leave Admissible to married/unmarried female employees during : – Pregnancy: 180 days Admissible only to employees with less than two surviving children Miscarriage/abortion(induced or otherwise)  45 days in the entire service  Admissible irrespective of number of surviving children The leave is not debited to the leave account It is granted on full pay Counts as service for increments and pension Not admissible for threatened abortion

12 Paternity Leave Male Government servant with less than two surviving children are eligible to avail this leave 15 days during wife’s confinement Not to be debited to the leave account May be combined with any other kind of leave except casual leave To be applied up to fifteen days before or up to six months from the date of delivery.

13 Child Care Leave Women employees having minor children are eligible Maximum 730 days during their entire service For taking care of up to two children, to look after any of their needs like examination, sickness, etc. It may be availed of in more than one spell. It can be availed of even if there is EL at credit of the woman employee.

14 Concessions to employees for undergoing sterilization operation A special allowance in the form of “Family Planning Allowance” Rebate of ½ % in the interest on House Building Advance. The allowance will be paid in accordance with the Grade Pay of the post of the official. – For Example: Rs.210/- for the Grade pay of Rs.1300 to 2400 Rs.250/- for the Grade pay of Rs.2800/-

15 Immediate relief to the family of an employee who dies while in service If an employee dies while in service, his family will be eligible for immediate monetary relief equal to two month’s Basic pay of the deceased Government servant subject to a maximum of Rs.8,000/- No formal application from the bereaved family is necessary. The advance should be adjusted within six months against the arrears of pay and allowances, death gratuity or any other payment due in respect of the deceased official.

16 Group Insurance Scheme 30% -- Insurance Fund 70% Savings Fund Employees are enrolled as members of the Scheme only from 1 st January of every year. Rate of subscription & Amount of Insurance cover are determined depending upon the ‘Group’ to which the employee belongs. For example: For Group C employees --- Rate of subscription is Rs.30/- Insurance cover is Rs.30,000/-

17 Children’s Education Allowance Reimbursement of tuition & other eligible fees, can be availed by Government Servants up to a maximum of 2 children Will be applicable for expenditure on the education of school going children only. i.e., for children from nursery to twelfth Annual ceiling for reimbursement is Rs.15,000/- per child Reimbursement can be claimed once in every quarter. The amount that can be claimed in a quarter could be more than Rs.3,750 and in another quarter less than Rs.3,750, subject to annual ceiling of Rs.15,000.

18 Interest free advances Advance of Pay on Transfer Advance of T.A. on tour/transfer/retirement Advance of T.A. To the family of a deceased Government servant. Advance of LTC Leave Salary advance Advance in connection with medical treatment Festival advance

19 Festival Advance Rs.3,000 The rate will be increased by 25% whenever the Dearness Allowance payable on revised pay structure goes up by 50% Non –Gazetted employees whose grade pay does not exceed Rs.4,800 are eligible. Officials on EL/Maternity leave are also eligible. Recovery should be made in not more than 10 monthly installments.

20 Interest-bearing advances Advance for purchase of conveyance, i.e., motor car, motor cycle/moped, scooter Advance for purchase of Personal Computer Advance for construction/Purchase of house/flat/enlargement of living accommodation.

21 Personal Computer Advance An advance not exceeding Rs.30,000 or the anticipated price of the computer, whichever is less. A Government servant whose pay in the Pay Band is Rs.8,560 or more is eligible. Advance not admissible for payment of customs duty on the Personal Computer. Repayment: In not more than 150 monthly installments

22 Motor Cycle/Scooter Advance Officials drawing Pay in the Pay Band Rs.8,560 or more are eligible. Below Rs.8,560 p.m. -advance of Rs.20,000 or the anticipated price, whichever is less. Amount:  On the first occasion, Rs.30,000 or 4 months Pay or the anticipated price whichever is the least.  On subsequent occasions- Rs.24,000 or 3 months’ pay whichever is the least.  Repayment – to be made in not more than 70 equal monthly installments

23 House building advance Permanent officials with 10 years of service Amount- – 34 times of the pay 0r 7.5 Lac which ever is less for 1. Constructing new house on existing plot 2. Purchasing a plot & constructing house 3. purchasing a ready built house or flat --34 times of the pay 0r 1.8 Lac which ever is less for enlarging the existing living accommodation – 180 installments for principal & 60 for interest

24 Incentives for Hindi Cash awards for passing the examination, through training classes, under Hindi Teaching Scheme Marks obtainedPrabodh examPraveen/ Pragya Exam 70% or more marksRs.800Rs.1,200 60% or more but less than 70% Rs.400Rs.800 55% or more but less than 60% Rs.200Rs.400

25 Hindi Personal Pay Prescribed ExaminationGazettedNon-Gazetted PragyaMere Pass Praveen60% or more55% or more Prabodh ----55% or more Hindi Typewriting ----Mere Pass Hindi Stenography 90% or moreMere Pass

26 Leave Travel Concession Any employee with one year of continuous service on the date of journey performed by him/her and/or his/her family is eligible. Government servants whose spouses are working in Indian Railways/Nation airlines are not eligible for LTC.

27 LTC to Hometown Home town of the official once declared in the service book is treated as final. In exceptional circumstances, the Head of the Department may authorize a change, only once during entire service. Admissible once in a block of two calendar years. The blocks are 2010-11, 2012-13 and so on. An employee(including unmarried) having his family at his Hometown can avail of this concession for himself alone every year instead of having it for both self and family once in two years.

28 LTC to any place in India This concession is admissible in lieu of one of the two journeys to Home town in a block of four years. Available for travel to any place in India including employee’s Hometown. Officials availing LTC to Hometown for self every year, are not entitled to LTC to anywhere in India.

29 Advance for LTC Up to 90% of the fare can be taken as advance. Advance admissible for both onward and return journeys if the leave taken by the official does not exceed 90 days. Otherwise, advance may be drawn for the outward journey only. When advance is taken, the claim should be submitted within one month from the date of return journey.

30 Transport charges to Handicapped Children This is sanctioned to the orthopedically handicapped children of a Government servant, whose pay does not exceed Rs.11,300 pm. This is admissible only for two handicapped children of a government servant. The amount permissible is Rs.100 p.m. in “A” class cities and Rs.80 p.m. at other places.

31 HOSTEL SUBSIDY FOR HANDICAPPED, BLIND & MENTALLY RETARDED CHILDREN Employees drawing pay up to Rs.11,300 pm can be granted a monthly assistance for handicapped or mentally retarded children put in hostel or mess at the following rates: – Rs.100 pm in “A” class cities – Rs.80 pm in “B” class cities This is not permissible if transport charges are paid to the children.

32 RECOGNISED SERVICE UNIONS/ ASSOCIATIONS One of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution of India. Any central government servant, who is governed by CCS (Conduct) Rules,1965, can join any service unions/associations recognized under Central Civil Services (Recognition of Service Association) Rules, 1993.



35 CORRESPONDING RANKS Civil MTS Postman/MG PA / SA IPO ASPO Army Sepoy Postal Operator Naik Postal Operator Warrant Officer Naib Subedar Subedar / Sub Major

36 TO JOIN APS AGE LIMIT- 45 for Offrs and 40 for others MEDICAL SHAPE- SHAPE I TRG AT APS CENTRE - Normal

37 Free ration Annual leave of 60 days and CL for 30 days Leave travel concessions every year Leave encashment up to 300 days Immunity from arrest Reserved education facilities for children Scholarships for children Benefits as Ex Servicemen after retirement WHAT ARMY OFFERS? Army Group Insurance Rs 40/20 lac Rent Free accommodation Additional Chance for IPs Examination


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