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SEDS-USA Michael Zwach Chairman History SEDS-USASEDS-USA o Founded at MIT – 1980 o Early Years (1980 – 1991) ◊Founding by Peter Diamandis,

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1 SEDS-USA Michael Zwach Chairman

2 History SEDS-USASEDS-USA o Founded at MIT – 1980 o Early Years (1980 – 1991) ◊Founding by Peter Diamandis, expansion o SEDS-USA – 2 nd Gen (1994 – 1998) ◊The Lewiki Era; the chapters rebuild o The new SEDS-USA (2004-Present) ◊The chapters reconnect

3 Current Organization National OrganizationNational Organization o 7 Executive Board Members o 1 Executive Director o Council of Chapters ChaptersChapters o 36 Active Chapters Spread out across United States ◊Make up the bulk of various projects, activities, members ◊Over 1500 members (as of the fall)

4 Chapters

5 Current Organization Organizational SuccessesOrganizational Successes o 501(c)3 for several years Steady growthSteady growth Good chapter activityGood chapter activity o Feeds national urge to grow Organizational Projects:Organizational Projects: o Connecting back with Alumni o Connecting members better o Becoming a more effective Organization (GAAP, etc)

6 National Projects Rocket CompetitionRocket Competition o Simple rocket competition -.5 kg payload to 3050 m o Open to International Competition High Frontier Book DistributionHigh Frontier Book Distribution National Endowment FundNational Endowment Fund Student Business Plan CompetitionStudent Business Plan Competition Government Outreach and Legislature visitsGovernment Outreach and Legislature visits Student Membership SystemStudent Membership System More in the works!More in the works!

7 Chapter Projects Some cool activities our chapters do:Some cool activities our chapters do: Building SatellitesBuilding Satellites o Currently ~9 chapters involved with active satellite construction (Nanosats mostly) Space DaysSpace Days o One Day events promoting space to public (large events) Microgravity TeamsMicrogravity Teams o Through NASA Lunabotics Competitions (Regolith digging rovers)Lunabotics Competitions (Regolith digging rovers) High Altitude Hybrid rocketsHigh Altitude Hybrid rockets Telescope ConstructionTelescope Construction

8 SpaceVision National Conference of SEDS-USANational Conference of SEDS-USA o 2004 Onward o Nations Largest Student Run conference for Space! o 300-400 Attendees for the proceedings o Later this year: Tempe, AZ, November 8-12

9 Reporting and Transparency Annual Report PublishingAnnual Report Publishing o 2012 is being polished o 2011 online Strategic PlanStrategic Plan o Passed first strategic plan since 2003 last November ◊25 Major goals for 2013-2022 ◊Reorganizing Advisor and Trustee Boards ◊Added Executive Director Role Online VisibilityOnline Visibility o Social Media o

10 SEDS-USA and International Work SEDS-USA & SEDS CanadaSEDS-USA & SEDS Canada o Trying to re-engage SEDS Canada Overall, SEDS International Efforts could be betterOverall, SEDS International Efforts could be better o UK & US is a good place to start (Europe Too!) o Currently under investigation: ◊Competitions – Rocketry? Citizen Science? ◊Projects -

11 SEDS-International/Earth Organization envisioned years agoOrganization envisioned years ago o Promote SEDS across countries o Maintain connection and dialogue ActivitiesActivities o Had Teleconferences periodically o Questionable success ◊Failed and went defunct after lack of leadership or other?

12 SEDS-International/Earth SEDS-USA’s Thoughts:SEDS-USA’s Thoughts: o The only way to fail is to not try o We are open to interaction! ◊The Internet makes the world a smaller place ◊Facebook or Google Group? o Open to quarterly teleconferences (Skype or other) o Possibilities of Summer time leadership conference ◊Re-starting IAC SEDS Earth Conference possible?

13 SEDS-USA Questions and Discussion Michael ZwachMichael Zwach o Chairman SEDS-USA o o

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