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2 Ac Lab Is Changing!  Formerly used for homework, catching up on missed assignments or meeting with teachers.

3 New Role of Ac Lab  Ac Lab has been extended in time to provide opportunities for intervention or enrichment, to ensure that all students continue to improve and master new skills and content!

4 Ac Lab – First Quarter  During the First Quarter, 6 th Grade Ac Lab will provide all students with foundations they need for success in middle school.  Topics will include: study skills, social skills, team-building, leadership, how to get and stay organized, extracurricular opportunities for middle school students, and more!

5 New Ac Lab – 2 nd Quarter Onward…  Students who are identified as being in need of intervention services in reading, writing and math will meet with teachers who will provide these services.  Students are identified for intervention by analyzing data from a variety of assessments.  Assessment is done on an ongoing basis throughout the year.  Students may move into or out of intervention groups fluidly, as their academic needs change.

6 Ac Lab for Exploration  Students not in intervention groups will be scheduled into classes that provide exploration in a variety of topics!  These could include connections to science, the arts, technology, community service and health/fitness.

7 Learning Lab  Offered to all students.  One hour before school begins.  Learning Lab provides extra help for school assignments, quiet place to study, opportunity to get caught up on work missed due to absence, etc.  Attendance is voluntary.

8 Homework Club  Purpose: Students who did not complete work in class or for homework are required to attend Homework Club to finish assignments.  Student receives a pass to go to Homework Club at lunch.  Students may still purchase a lunch before going to Homework Club, or bring a lunch from home.  Students have lunch at Homework Club while finishing their work.  Attendance is required.

9 Successful Students!  Ac Lab, Learning Lab and Homework Club are all provided in an effort to help students experience the highest success possible and to fulfill their learning potential!

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