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Information Session Sam McCloskey, Director CASE.

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1 Information Session Sam McCloskey, Director CASE

2 Contents 1 Introductions 2 CASE Research Clusters 3 Companies 4 Typical Projects 6 Future Plans

3 An introduction to me…… Education / Qualifications BSc Environmental Science (UUC) MSc Agricultural Systems (Reading) Chartered Environmentalist Lead EMS Auditor, Principal Environmental Auditor Work History Consultant for 17 years –Regional Director at WYG –Environment, Health & Safety, Quality, Sustainability CASE since November 2011

4 A ‘potted’ history…..cont…. Skills / Example Projects -Integrated Management Systems -Sustainability Assessments -Training – IEMA, IOSH accredited Voluntary Positions Vice Chair – Workspace Board of Directors IEMA Regional Steering Group Construction companies & quarries, Invest NI frameworks, B9, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust,

5 An Introduction to CASE £10M Centre for industry driven research Potential £5M funding over 5 years from Invest NI Additional leveraged funding Up to 75% funding for collaborative research projects Will fund research projects only Aligns renewable energy expertise at QUB / UU / AFBI with the research needs of participating companies

6 INDUSTRIAL ADVISORY BOARD RESEARCH COMMITTEE APPLIED TECHNOLOGY UNIT Environmental Monitoring Water & WW Treatment Waste & Remediation Energy from Biomass Turbines Demand Side Management QUESTOR MANAGER CASE DIRECTOR Governance / Structure Our Research Priorities CASE STEERING GROUP

7 Demand Side Management Smart-grid challenges: Voltage control; Real and Reactive power control Generation: Device characteristics of emerging distributed generation (DG) technologies Storage technologies: “The maximum demand in the province is around 1,800MW, but on a summer night, it is around only 600MW. If it is a windy summer night and there is 1,500/1,600 MW of wind, it cannot be used because there is nowhere for the power generated from it to go. (DETI Barriers report, quoting NIE)

8 Turbine Development, Manufacture & Decommissioning Wind, wave and tidal turbines Improved design and manufacture: whole life cycle, carbon footprint; use of composites - new materials, fibres, hybrids Resource and site characterisation: modelling & measurement Technology breakthroughs: blade technology/manufacture; materials; gear boxes; generator technology Source: Marine Current Turbines

9 Energy from Biomass Solid biomass to energy via thermal routes: holistic approach from production to end- use ensuring consistent, high quality fuel; technology optimised for biomass resource. Anaerobic Digestion: evaluation of wastes, manures and energy crops including grass silage – a potential 200-300MWe; technology optimisation and efficiency improvement. Biogas upgrading & energy conversion: developments in upgrading and processing of biogas and the onward use of the biomethane in fuel cells or conversion to liquid biofuels.

10 Companies Already Engaged

11 Typical R&D Project – Triple T! 1/10 th scale testing Array – tidal turbines Montgomery Lake & Strangford Lough RPS, Pure Marine Gen, Sengenia, Creative Composites & Oceanflow Energy QUB – Professor Trevor Whittaker, Dr. Bjoern Elsaesser £170,000 Grant for R&D – Invest NI WORLD FIRST happening in Northern Ireland!

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