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Learning Teaching Enhancing Supporting Sharing. Network Goals.

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1 Learning Teaching Enhancing Supporting Sharing

2 Network Goals

3 Standards Highly Effective Teaching and Learning Assessment Literacy Leadership




7 Statewide Collaboration Networks Build Capacity Districts Enhance Practices Districts Share Reflect on What Works

8 How are these Practices different from the CCA 4.1 standards? Find an elbow partner and get a single piece of paper to share between you One person will be the reader while the other person will be the recorder –The reader will only read your pair’s assigned Practice and share ideas, but not write anything –The recorder will only share ideas and summarize your pair’s conversation After discussing your initially assigned Practice, switch roles and repeat the process with your second Practice Be prepared to share summaries

9 LANDSCAPE OF KCAS MATH STANDARDS Vocabulary Overviews High School Notation Optional Unit Organizers

10 Teacher Leaders Implement Principal Leaders Support Instructional Support Leaders Connect Share experiences externally via networks and internally via district teams

11 Contact Information Denise Amos ~ E/ LA Specialist – Seth Hunter ~ Math Specialist – Tina Tipton ~ District Support – Shannon Treece ~ Principal Support –

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