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PowerFAIDS User Group Troy Davis The College Of The Elms

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1 PowerFAIDS User Group Troy Davis The College Of The Elms
Nicholas Zinser Northeastern University

2 Agenda Welcome & Introductions Current & Upcoming Releases
Direct Loans & PowerFAIDS Contacts & Support

3 Welcome & Introductions
Name Institution #1 question you want answered today

4 Current PowerFAIDS Release
The current PowerFAIDS release is 14.3A Fixes significant problems found in the 14.3 release Direct Loan processing issues resolved Default Overpay Tag No $0 disbursements included Fixed an issue with previously disbursed funds disbursing again Fixed Web Response files allowing them to be imported again Any issues with 14.3A so far?

5 PowerFAIDS 15.0 Scheduled to be released this month
Normal upgrades included Parameter Roll Forward / Award Year Support PROFILE Import / IM Need Analysis Changes to PROFILE are big this year PROFILE files are now XML based rather than a flat file Support for International PROFILE has been included

6 PowerFAIDS 15.0 Beta testing
Client-side beta testing will begin shortly If you can assist, it helps the PowerFAIDS staff Contact Beta-testing involves the following Upgrade your test database to 15.0 Upgrade to 15.0 on one client PC Perform a series of processing steps (Parm Roll, PROFILE Import, IM Need Analysis, etc.) Report back to PowerFAIDS with your results 48 hour turnaround

7 PowerFAIDS 15.0 Beta testing is an important part of the release process Allows for “real world” environments to show potential issues in the software Gives the end user an idea of how the new release will perform Northeastern has been involved in beta testing for nearly 2 years Huge help in identifying performance issues and testing functionality Not a large commitment of staff time Limited to the small testing audience on staff

8 Direct Loan Processing
Pop Quiz! How many users are currently using PowerFAIDS to process Direct Loans? How many are using the flat file to EDExpress? How many are using the COD XML file process? How many users will transition for ? When would you begin that transition? How many users are hoping that FFELP will remain in some form after Congress reviews the bill?

9 Direct Loan Processing
Focus on supporting DL in some for in Could give you time to work with a sample population New students for Spring term Part-Time students Use this as a foundation to build best practices for the upcoming year Coordinate G5 drawdowns with your business office Refine your selection sets for disbursements to match DL Northeastern has gone through 5 versions! Determine your cash management and recon- ciliation practice

10 Direct Loan Processing
PowerFAIDS summarized their upcoming DL plans last week in an to the forum They will continue to support both the flat file and XML formats for the upcoming year (15.x cycle) The goal is to eventually offer only the XML option If you currently use the flat file, have you thought about making the transition to XML? FDSLP response files contain a lot of data which updates PowerFAIDS Loan information Promissory Note data Credit decisions

11 Direct Loan Processing
A new file type has been enabled for import Credit Override (CRCO) files can now be imported Begin the COD import process as normal Switch to “All Files” in the browsing window to see the CRCO files Load as a normal response file

12 Direct Loan Processing
PowerFAIDS 15.1 DL Release enhancements Enhanced reconciliation tools Load COD SAS files back to Load Reconciliation File for onward New view in the Student module to compare deposits What you have processed with COD SAS file data (what has returned from COD) Disbursements from PF to the Business Office What the Business Office has on their system DL Net Disbursements will be fixed Option to continue sending the gross amount will be maintained New mnemonics to track data changes through the entire process

13 Direct Loan Processing
PowerFAIDS 15.2 Release enhancements COD will upgrade their XML schema again this Spring New version will be 3.0c All COD files will have to be processed using 3.0c Not just DL – Pell, ACG, SMART, etc. Enables DL origination & disbursement for and using the 3.0c schema Processing will not be available prior to 15.2

14 Direct Loan Processing
PowerFAIDS 15.3 Release enhancements Import COD SAS files for Standard reports to support DL reconciliation DL Net Disbursement Anticipated Aid Extract Can be used by the Business Office to plan for upcoming G5 drawdowns Import Booking Notice (CRBN) files Support for DL Rebuild File ( and later) But wait…there’s more…

15 Direct Loan Processing
PowerFAIDS 15.3 Release enhancements Support for Promissiory Note (CRPN) files! New staging table where you can load MPNs Load MPNs to student records – even when no loan is packaged Matching criteria will be set to process this data COD is changing MPN processing in mid-2010 to support borrower-initiated PLUS & Graduate PLUS loans Limited information is available PowerFAIDS is pushing back MPN solutions until that new process is in place

16 Direct Loans Open discussion

17 Direct Loans Priority List

18 PowerFAIDS & Direct Loan
Use the conference sessions from this year’s PowerFAIDS National User Conference as a guide Go to the PowerFAIDS Community Site for the presentations Training -> National User Conference

19 PowerFAIDS Documentation
The PowerFAIDS User Guide chapter on Direct Loans has not been updated to reflect COD XML processing Scroll to the bottom of the document Past all of the appendices Keep going Look for the “New Features & Changes” documents from the 13.2 release and onward Contains all the setup information for DL Make sure to check subsequent release notes for changes or other updates

20 Upcoming Events FSA Conference PowerFAIDS WebEx Training
Wednesday, December 2, 2009 Thursday, December 3, 2009 Presidential North Room Time is TBA – check the conference schedule PowerFAIDS WebEx Training Register at the PowerFAIDS Community site Session on COD & DL – 1/19/2010 at 2pm EST

21 New England PowerFAIDS User Group
A new listserv exists for the New England PowerFAIDS User Group Go to Subscribe using your address Confirm via response your subscription options This list will be used for announcements related to the User Group

22 Support PowerFAIDS Forum PowerFAIDS User Guide PowerFAIDS User Support
PowerFAIDS User Guide Press “F1” when you’re at the Welcome Screen in the PowerFAIDS Student module PowerFAIDS User Support

23 Questions? Contact information: Troy Davis Nicholas Zinser

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