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Information Gaps and Research Possibilities Informal Trade:

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1 Information Gaps and Research Possibilities Informal Trade:

2 a unique urban partnership working together to regenerate Cape Town’s Central City CCID: the operational partner – doing the work on ground level SAFE | CLEAN | CARING CAPE TOWN PARTNERSHIP: the strategic partner MANAGE| DEVELOP| PROMOTE Central City Property Owners CITY: the governance partner GOVERN | SUPPORT| PLAN OWNERS: the private partner INVEST | DEVELOP | FUND

3 Economic Diversity & Resilience

4 According to our research…

5 Challenge #1: Information Gaps Old Studies that are dated and not applicable Targeted Studies that only apply to small areas or industries Lack of Collaboration limits participation from traders

6 Challenge #2: Lack of a Larger Vision We still don’t understand the larger picture of what trade looks like in terms of: Demand Analyses Mapping Storage locations, goods movement, and spatial collaborations Pedestrian movements in relation to the location of traders The physical element: What trading structures best support traders The business element: What new practices could promote safer transactions and trading spaces for traders and customers? Onward economic growth: How can informal trade link into local supply chains to encourage further growth in the informal sector?

7 Challenge #3: Information Sharing

8 MOVING FORWARD: Strategic Research Partnerships

9 Driving Partnerships Forward Strategic Communications Data Collection Data Analysis Mapping Implementation Skills sharing

10 THANK YOU! Andrew Fleming, Senior Researcher The Cape Town Partnership and the CCID

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