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Namaste “A trip onward” Ali Pistora

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1 Namaste “A trip onward” Ali Pistora

2 Dr. David W. Robinson ( ) University of Kansas Medical Center Positions Head of Plastic Surgery 1948 Professor of Surgery and Oncology Lecturer, History of Medicine 1967 Director of Gene and Barbara Burnett Burn Center 1973 Vice Chancellor of Clinical Affairs and Chief of Staff Honorary Medical Alumnus 1984 University Distinguished Professor Emeritus 1985 Campus Building Title

3 Christian Medical College & Hospital
July 27th – September 2nd, 2014 Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India Hospital College

4 Personal Goals Experience the Indian culture Diversity
Adapt to a new lifestyle Learn life and professional values

5 Clinical Goals Experience various clinical settings
See different diagnoses Learn new physical therapy techniques

6 India Background Information
780 languages spoken Freed from British rule in 1947 India (2013) 1.25 billion people Vellore (2011) 185,895 people Major religious communities Hindus 80% Muslims 13% Christians 2% Sikhs Buddhists Jains

7 India-specific health issues
High maternal and infant mortality rates High rates of tuberculosis and malaria Language barriers Limited water supply

8 India-specific health issues learned in India
Lack of good and affordable health care Transportation limitations to medical facility Rising prevalence of diabetes and cancer More medical attention sought by family when patient is male vs female Hemophilia is physical therapy concern Environment not handicap accessible

9 Suggestions to Health Issues
Conclusion High population increase communicable diseases Injuries due to motor vehicle accidents and falls Lack of preventive medicine Suggestions Increase public sanitation Increase public health Sidewalks, ramps, etc. More community health and development programs Provide free/affordable care Reaching people whom have no means of transportation

10 Profound Clinical Experiences
Several patients seen at one time Spinal Cord Injury victims relearn to walk If in U.S.A., patient likely wheelchair bound High rates of motor vehicle accidents and falls Traumatic Brain Injuries Spinal Cord Injuries

11 Profound Cultural Experiences
Men sport mustaches Head nod horizontally Live to work Eat with hands No toilet paper Drink bottled water Whitening lotions Cheer on cricket!

12 My Professional Change
Desire to treat and explore internationally Seek interactions with diverse people/cultures Welcome foreigners Decrease confusion Lessen uncertainty of cultural norms

13 India’s Diversity



16 Colors

17 Thank You Robinson-Mani Scholarship Dr. Mani & Rebekah Mani
KUMC Office of International Programs Dr. Yvonne Colgrove Stephanie Funk CMC Physiotherapy Department CMC Advisors CMC Colleagues

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