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Michele Weth Sharon Thompson Alma Diaz-Wu SUGAR LAND MIDDLE SCHOOL.

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2 Michele Weth Sharon Thompson Alma Diaz-Wu SUGAR LAND MIDDLE SCHOOL

3  1. View the new face of Skyward.  2. Discover methods of communicating with students, parents and coworkers.  3. Develop a plan and prepare to meet the challenge of the school year, through messaging and contacting parents and teachers.  4. Explore and decide which “widgets” are best for you.  5. Organize the “widgets” on the home screen.  6. Explore the possibilities of help available in SKYWARD.





8 User Name: WCJC Password: WCJC Domain: WCJC

9 Skyward looks different than before! However, the same access options are there and more!

10 Choose the option – My Classes – MC Skyward Message Center

11 From the “My Classes” screen – select the “class options” for the class you wish to send a message to. There are options for multiple classes on the next screen Skyward Message Center

12 From this screen choose “Message Center” Skyward Message Center

13 Chose the option that best fits your needs – Multiple Classes or the Current Class There is an option at the bottom of the screen to choose the classes or students that you desire Skyward Message Center

14 1.Enter a title in the “message summary” area 2.Enter detail in the message area 3.Attach any additional file(s) as necessary 4.Place on calendar if desired Skyward Message Center

15 The Posting Options Section Allows: information to be placed on the student view of the calendar

16 Check the following “Emailing Options” Send as a Email – you can change the date & time Email students Email guardians Display Additional details as desired You can send to all or just to a few students Send it now or send it later! Skyward Message Center

17 Remember to attach any file(s) to your message and then This will send the message to your students and their families. If email addresses are incorrect you will get error messages in your inbox. On the student profile page you can correct the address. Skyward Message Center

18 Skyward – Teacher or Parent Direct Contact Access the “Family Access Display “ This will allow you to see if parents and students are accessing class information including grade history



21 Family Access Teacher Contact Parent Contact

22 Family Access Teacher Contact Parent Contact Chose the Teacher Access Tab Communicate with everyone!

23 Chose the My Students Tab Communicate with everyone!

24 Your Student Names are listed here Choose a student to see student profile Find the student profile you wish to contact work with. Communicate with everyone!

25 This area contains the personal profile of your student. If you wish to email all the teachers you can access them with the email button You can directly email the parent from this screen You can see the family access information also. Communicate with everyone!



28 Select the “here” to add widgets to your Home Screen Widget! What is a widget?

29 Select the widgets to add to your Home Screen – then “Save” Widget! What is a widget?

30 Widgets Widget! What is a widget?

31 Online Assignments Access to Online Assignments is in the Teacher Access Tab “My Grade Book Area -

32 Online Assignments Select Gradebook

33 Online Assignments From the drop down menu – choose Online Assignment Template

34 Online Assignments From the screen choose “Add” to start an assignment Or edit if you are going to change an assignment

35 Online Assignments Carefully read each option and fill in the information of the Name & Description

36 Online Assignments

37 Chose the question type – multiple choice, true false or matching Type the questions and your responses and chose the correct answer

38 Online Assignments


40 Refer to the handout for further information

41 How do the students take the assessment! 1.They log into Skyward 2.On their Calendar or the menu there is an Online Assignment Tab! 3.They take the assignment! It grades it automatically and places the grade into your gradebook! The assignment is placed into your gradebook!

42 HELP!!!! Where do I find help? Skyward Help systems

43 There are Grade book Guide Links on the HOME Screen! HELP! – Just a click away!

44 aspx?MenuPath=WA*EP*TA*MC*MS HELP! – Just a click away!

45 More Help! Call the Help Desk 41300 Access documents and training on Fortshare Fortshare/SIS

46 Thanks for your attention. Have a great year!

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