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Contenido:NEW YORKER, May 17, 2010 10 GOINGS ON ABOUT TOWN 35 THE TALK OF THE TOWN, George Packer on Obama and Human Rights; James Surowiecki on innovative.

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1 Contenido:NEW YORKER, May 17, 2010 10 GOINGS ON ABOUT TOWN 35 THE TALK OF THE TOWN, George Packer on Obama and Human Rights; James Surowiecki on innovative finance David Owen42 ANNALS OF DESIGN The Inventor’s Dilemma The limits of eco-technologies Ian Frazier52 SHOUTS AND MURMURS Remembering Justice Stevens Julia Ioffe54 LETTER FROM MOSCOW Roullete Russian The teen behind Chatroulette Alex Ross60 ONWARD AND UPWARD WITH THE ARTS The Spooky Fill The power of music in “Lost” Malcolm Gladwell68 ANNALS OF INNOVATION The Treatment The difficulties of making a cancer drug Ian Parker78 PROFILES The poverty Lab. A new method for development economics. Nathan Englander90 FICTION “Free Fruit for Young Widows” THE CRITICS Claudia Roth Pierpont96 A CRITIC AT LARGE Duke Ellington’s dignity BOOKS James Wood104 Perspectives on Tocqueville Dan Chiasson110 Who is Rae Armantrout? 113 Brieftly Noted Paul Goldeberger114 the sky line Goldman Sachs’s new headquarters Peter Schjeldahl116 THE ART WORLD Leon Golub’s late drawings Sasha Frere- Jones118 POP MUSIC Tracery Thorn’s midlife album David Denby120 THE CURRENT CINEMA “The Oath”, Babies” POEMS Susan Wheeler46 “The Scar” Kathleen Graber86 “The Drinkenness of Noah” Sophie Cabot Black98 “Private Equuity”

2 Contenido:NEW YORKER, May 24, 2010 10 GOINGS ON ABOUT TOWN 35 THE TALK OF THE TOWN, George Packer on Obama and the Court; James Surowiecki on “political risk” Rebecca Mead26 THE WAYWARD PRESS Rage Machine Andrew Breitbart’s online offensive Simon Rich33 SHOUTS AND MURMURS Your New College Graduatte: A Parent’s Guide Alec Wilkinson34 ONWARD AND UPWARD WITH THE ARTS Immigration Blues The Songs od Los Tigres del Norte Stevve Coll42 LETTER FROM AFGHANISTAN War by Other Means Can the Taliban be won over? Evan Osnos54 PROFILES It´s Not Beautifull China’s most outspoken artist Roddy Doyle64 FICTION “Ash” THE CRITICS Nancy Franklin68 ON TELEVISION Chelsea Handler’s comedy 71 BOOKS Brieftly Noted Adam Gopnik72 A CRITIC AT LARGE What was Jesus like? Joan Acocella78 DANCING A Judson Dance Theatre Revival Sasha Frere- Jones80 POP MUSIC The Nature of noise Anthony Lane82 THE CURRENT CINEMA “Robin Hood” POEMS Gary Whitehead39 “A Glossary od Chickens” C.K. Williams48 “Exhaust”

3 Contenido:NEW YORKER, May 31, 2010 10 GOINGS ON ABOUT TOWN 35 THE TALK OF THE TOWN, Elizabeth Kilbert on oil-spill politics; Gino’s farewell; a paparazzo’s scalps Jerome Groopman26 MEDICAL DISPATCH The Plastic Panic Which everyday chemicals are dangerous? Paul Rudnick32 SHOUTS AND MURMURS Hi from Heidi Patricia Marx34 ON AND OFF THE AVENUE Graduation Graft Giftd for the cap-and-grown crowd William Finnegan38 LETTER FROM MEXICO Silver or Lead A drug carte’s reign of terror Peter J. Boyer52 THE SPORTING SCENE Changing Lanes Danica Patrick’s bold gamble Jonathan Franzen62 FICTION “Agreeable” THE CRITICS BOOKS Ruth Franklin70 The life and work of Somerset Maugham Isaac Chotiner76 Robert McCrum’s “Globish” 79 Briefly Noted John Lahr80 THE THEATRE “The Metal Chiledre”, “This Wide Night” David Denby82 THE CURRENT CINEMA “Prince of Persia”, “John Rabe” POEMS David Huddle48 “Roamoke Pastorale” Bob Hicok73 “A night Out”

4 Contenido: NEW YORKER, June 7, 2010 10 GOINGS ON ABOUT TOWN 35 THE TALK OF THE TOWN Rebecca Mead on college degrees; Facebook candidate; Brodway cops. John Lanchester26 LETTER FROM LONDON Party Games How the General election was won Larry Doyle32 SHOUTS AND MURMURS “Hot Wings” Connie Bruck34 THE POLITICA SCENE Right Fight California’s Republican Senate primary Raffi Khatchadourian40 A REPORTER AT LARGE No Secrets WikiLeaks goes for total transparency. Hampton Sides52 THE SPORTING SCENE National Defense The United States’ World Cup hope Jeffrey Eugenides60 FICTION “Extreme Solitude” THE CRITICS Pankaj Mishra68 A CRITIC AT LARGE Western intellectuals and Muslim Scholars BOOKS Peter Schjeldahl74 Annie Cohen- Solal’s life of Leo Castelli 79 Briefly Noted Alex Ross80 MUSICAL EVENTS The Emerson Quartet plays Dvorak Joan Acocella82 DANCING Cirque du Soleos’s “Banana Shpeel” Anthony Lane82 THE CURRENT CINEMA “The Father of my Chiledren”, “Solitary Man” POEMS Carl Dennis36 “A Maxim” Jennifer L. Knox46 “Pimp my Ride”

5 Contenido:July/August 2010 24 HOT SCIENCE Carl Zimmer28 THE BRAIN Anna Reisman32 VITAL SIGNS Phil Plait34 INVISIBLE PLANETOIDS Andrew Curry38 MATHEMATICS OF TERROR Fred Guterl44 DISCOVER INTERVIEW: ELENA APRILE Jane Bosveld46 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN David H. Freedman54 THE STRRTLIGHT EFECT Robert Keating58 DISCOVER INTERVIEW: RICAHRD A. CLARKE Kristin Ohlson60 EARTH ON FIRE Amy Barth66 IN FOOTSTEPS OF GIANTS Pamela Weintraub72 DISCOVER INTERVIEW: LEROY HOOD Jane Bosveld74 ISAAC NEWTON AND THE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE Micahel Lemonick84 CALL WAITING Contenido:MAY 2010 42The Sustainability Imperative 53Spotlight on Leadership: The Next Genaration 54How to Keep Your Top Talent 62The Leaders We Need Now 68Mentoring Millennials 74When you’ve to Cut Costs- NOW 84How to Stop Customers from Fixating on Price 92Beating the Odds When You Launch a New Venture 101The Battle for Female Talent in Emerging Markets 108 Google’s CEO on the Enduring Lessons of a Quiky IPO Contenido:June 2010 40How to Start an Enterpreneurial Revolution 53Spotligfht on Strategies for a Changing World 54The Decision-Driven Organization 64The Productivity Paradox: How Sony Pictures Gets More Out of People by Demanding Less 70Change for Change´s Sake 78Are you a High Potential? 86The Coherence Premium 94Growing Green: Three Smart Paths to Developing Sustainable Products

6 Contenido:Vol.42, No. 1 February 2010 1-8Doil Organic Characteristics in Sporadic Permafrost-affected Environment 9-18An Analysis of Past and Future Changes in the Ice Cover of Two High-Artica lakes Based on Symthetic Aperture Radar 19-33Alpine Peatlands of the Andes, Cajamarca, Perú 34-44The Respinse of Taku and Lemon Creek Glaciers to Climate 57-66Sediment Melt-Migration Dynamics in Perennial Atartic Lake Ice 67-75Micromorphology of an Early Holocene Loess-Paleosol Sequence, Central Alaska, U.S.A. 76-88Distribution and Climatic Relationships of the American Pika in the Sierra Nevada and Western Great Basin, U.S.A.; Periglacial Landforms as Refugia in Waeming Climates 89-97Twentieth Century Temperature Trends in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains 98-105The Influence of an Extensive Dust Event on Snow Chemistry in the Southern Rocky Mountains 106-112 Living on the Esge: Can Eusaian Red Squirrels Persist in Extreme High.elevation Habitats? 113-116Voles Are Attracted to Fertilizer in Field Experiments 117-128Alpine Soil Temperature Variability at Multiple Scales 129In Memoriam Mark Borisovitch 13-137Book Reviews Contenido:Vol.42, No. 2 May 2010 139-151Alpine Nodal Ecology and Ecosystem Evolution in the North Central Rockies 152-163Influence of Soil Chemical Variables and Altitude on the Distribution of High- alpine Plants: the Case of the Andes of Central Chile. 164-178Climate in the Southern Sawatch Range and Elk Mountains, Colorado, U.S.A., during the Last Glacial Maximum: Inferences Using a Simple Degree Model. 179-187Landscape Heterigeneitly of Differently Aged Soil Organic Matter Constituents at the Forest-Alpine Tundra Ecotone, Ciwot Ridge, Colorado, U.S.A. 188-197Blowing Snow Fluxes in the Cariboo Mountains of British Columbia, Canada 198-209Twentieth- century Changes in the Thickness and Etent of Arapaho Galcier, Front Range Colorado 210-218Characterization of the Community of Snow Algae and Their Photochemocal Performance in situ in the Giant Mountains Czech Republic 219-226Petal Color, Flower Temperature, and Behavior in an Alpine Annual Herb 227-235Demographic Consequences of the Two Reproductive Modes in Poa alpina L. along a Primary Succession Gradient in the Central Alps 236-237In Memoriam Leslie A. Viereck 238-244Book Reviews


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