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European Alliance on Skills for Employability Presented by Carsten Johnson Area Academy Manager, Cisco Systems GmbH Una O’Sullivan Manager for Community.

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1 European Alliance on Skills for Employability Presented by Carsten Johnson Area Academy Manager, Cisco Systems GmbH Una O’Sullivan Manager for Community Affairs, Microsoft Western Europe Gábor Vicze Manager for the Secretariat Skills for Employability Lab

2 Toolbox Tuesdays and Thursdays On the 4 th of December 2008 CSR Europe launched 20 CSR Tools which were the compilation of 18 months of work by CSR Europe, its Members and Partners and the European Alliance for CSR. CSR Europe has now launched Toolbox Tuesdays and Thursdays as a new service to its Members and National Partner Organizations. The purpose of these conference calls is to give CSR Europe Members and NPO’s a light informal training on the individual CSR Tools launched as part of CSR Europe's Toolbox in December 2008.

3 European Alliance on Skills for Employability … the Tool To enhance access to employment and to raise productivity, the EU needs greater and more effective investment in human capital and lifelong learning. Partnerships between businesses and stakeholders to raise employability skills is key to success. Over 40% of Europeans have no basic ICT skills, and 17 million Europeans are unemployed The European IT industry employs 7.8 million people and is projected to add another million jobs by 2011 Collaborative Model to Build Skills for Employability across Europe Network model with four key activities: Increase the skill level of Europeans in the areas of information technology, technical ability and other modern employability-related skills Help develop curricula so that the process of skill creation becomes long-term and sustainable Support people in finding appropriate jobs, and in preparing for job placements Offer mentoring programmes, to help the transference of skills Read about this tool at:

4 European Alliance on Skills for Employability New Skills for New Jobs in Europe Under the umbrella of:

5 Agenda 1. The need for e-skills and employability in Europe 2. Launch of Employability Alliance and goals 3. The employability pathway 4. Features and recognitions 5. Examples: country chapters

6 The importance of e-skills for employability and e-inclusion in Europe I. Employability: giving people access to the skills they need to access, retain a job or transition to a new job. According to IDC ICT skills are crucial to be employable, almost without regard to job function; ICT skills: key to the uture success of an organisation ICT skills: an important entry ticket to the job market – crucial for people that want to move into better jobs ICT skills: key to the future success of an organisation Survey result: gap on e-skills Solution: collaboration between employers, government, the education system and the ICT industry

7 The importance of e-skills for employability and e- inclusion in Europe II. The latest communication from the Commission on ICT skills for the 21st century highlights that the digital divide, social exclusion and employability are closely interwoven: 37% of of the EU population has no computer skills whatsoever More than 60% of people not educated beyond lower secondary level have no basic e-skills An increase in the estimated number of employed IT practitioners during 1998-2004 of about 48% Approximately 180 million people are using ICT at work

8 Launch of The European Alliance on Skills for Employability In January 2006 the European Alliance on Skills for Employability was launched at the presence of the EU Commission President Barroso. The partners committed to working in partnership across the Employability value chain to deliver skills and training opportunities for: young unemployed and underemployed people with disability older workers and the elderly women (re)entering the labour market Objective: reach 20 million people in the EU Secretariat:

9 Building Pathways to Employability “Companies work at all levels of the employability pathway – from basic ICT skilling to training more advanced ICT users and ICT practitioners; to the provision of curriculum, software...” Over 10 M people reached across Europe to date

10 Features „Skills for all” – not just „access to all” Social impact by targeting underserved communities with concrete support actions End-to-end approach across the whole employability value chain: from training and certification to coaching and job placement Successful example of how collaboration between stakeholders allows for scale and depth in delivering project's results

11 Latest recognitions Key success factor: MULTI-STAKEHOLDER APPROACH where companies, NGOs and governments are working together to provide efficient eSkills training CSR Europe: Award winner Oct 2007

12 EA country chapters EA is active in the following countries: Germany France Belgium Luxemburg UK Hungary Poland (pilots already started) Netherlands (pilots already started)

13 Germany “IT Fitness Initiative is at the center of Germany's efforts as part of the European Alliance on Skills for Employability... an innovative example of multi stakeholder partnerships in the field of CSR” EU Commissioner, Vladimir Spidla Central to the initiative is an online test, that gives people the ability to assess their IT knowledge, and guidance to free onward training. Impact up-to-date:reached over 1 million and 170 000 people have already taken the test! Goal: reach 4 million people!!!

14 France Aim: address the high rate of unemployment faced by women over the age of 45 Full support to reaching the goal of employment consists of: Basic to advanced training in technology and e-learning, thanks to the support of Microsoft and State Street, building up to the completion of ECDL training certifications, right up to the connection with potential employers, through Randstad Impact (planned): Help 1500 women over 45 to find a job

15 Hungary Training Programme for Increased Adaptability in the Information Society (TITAN) provides an integrated approach to the different e-skills levels coexisting in society. Impact (planned): 10 000 IT Professionals, 25 000 SME Managers and Deliver basic skills to 200 000 adults “We would like to attain the goal that tens or hundreds of thousands of Hungarian SMEs would benefit from both high-level ICT skills and digital literacy as a natural part of their everyday lives.” Mr Ferenc Gyurcsány Prime Minister - Hungary


17 Thank you! Discussion

18 European Toolbox Roadshow From February 2009-January 2010, CSR Europe will be coordinating in cooperation with National Partners, national sessions in various geographic areas in Europe as part of a wider European Toolbox Road show. The objective is to further disseminate the laboratory tools, as well as to equip companies and stakeholders participating in national sessions with relevant, useful and practical CSR tools. Further Information: The Tool will be presented at the following National Sessions Sweden Turkey Scotland ….Skills for Employability Tool

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