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Hugo McClean, Chair BASHH National Audit Group. Background to HQIP NCAPOP audits Current BASHH/MedFASH & BHIVA proposals Development to support new joint.

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1 Hugo McClean, Chair BASHH National Audit Group

2 Background to HQIP NCAPOP audits Current BASHH/MedFASH & BHIVA proposals Development to support new joint proposal Know how to obtain further information/help * Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership: ** National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme

3 HQIP will procure a NCAPOP STI/HIV Audit Separate BASHH/MedFASH & BHIVA proposals accepted by HQIP/DH, but... BASHH/MedFASH & BHIVA to submit a new joint proposal Development project needed to support new joint proposal... engagement with key stakeholders (No guarantee that contract will be awarded to proposers!)

4 Why do people want to continue to live in the UK? o Low tax rates o Weather o Community strengths o Quality of healthcare o Affordability of healthcare o Cost of living

5 Runnymede 2011

6 Care Quality Commission: – STI management is included in regulated activities – Annual Provider Compliance Assessment requires evidence of use of audits in quality improvement Department of Health/ NHS standard contracts: – “The Provider shall participate in the national clinical audits within the relevant National Clinical Audit Patients Outcome Programme (NCAPOP)” Department of Health/Quality Accounts: – Requirement to take part in, publish and act on, national audits NHS Litigation Authority, Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts – “All organisations must have an approved documented process … making sure … all clinical audits are undertaken, completed and reported on in a systematic manner” GMC & Revalidation: – “Evidence of effective participation in clinical audit or an equivalent … that measures the care with which an individual doctor has been directly involved”

7 Established in 2008 Aim: increase impact of clinical audit has on healthcare quality (medical, mental & social care) Consortium of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the Royal College of Nursing and National Voices (formerly the Long-term Conditions Alliance) Funded by DH Manages NCAPOP... 29 audit projects Nov 2011: 11 new audit topics accepted by HQIP, including STI/HIV programme

8 HQIP criteria for best practice in audit Quality Accounts With NCAAG* to test proposals for new national audit topics *NCAAG: National Clinical Audit Advisory Group (DH)

9 Preparation Priorities Settings Standards Engagement & agreement: key stakeholders Organizations fund audits Patient involvement Performance measurement Methods Sampling Data collection/ pre-existing databases Reporting Impact Change implementation Agreed action plans Responsibilities Resources Communication Monitoring Sustaining improvement Support Re-audits Communication

10 Criteria (Basic criteria for inclusion in Quality Accounts) BASHH audits HQIP NCAPOP audits Led by clinically appropriate body Stakeholder views  Performance measured against defined clinical standards Individual patient data collected Results disseminated Results publicly by open report  Report at trust level or lower Patients involved in governance  Provide support to trusts/clinicians to implement findings 

11 May 2011: Separate proposals submitted by BASHH/MedFASH & BHIVA for new NCAPOP audit topics Aug 2011: Acceptance of both proposals by DH – … new single audit programme spanning scopes of both Aug 2011- May 2012: Collaboration – High level Development Project agreed and submitted to HQIP to support new joint proposal May 2012: Development Project accepted by HQIP Current to end Jan 2013: Development Project in action Feb 2013: Completed new proposal. Procurement begins

12 Aim: to prepare a new topic proposal for a national audit programme covering: – Detection and Management of STIs, including HIV infection, in adults Objectives: – Engage with stakeholders: patients and service users, service providers including NHS, independent and third sectors, primary care, public health, other professional bodies, managers and commissioners – Propose a scope for the programme, including priority topics and settings – Specify the aims and objectives for a future audit programme over 3 - 5 year time frame.

13 STI testing across range of services, measuring: – Access – Uptake – Methods of testing – Partner notification – Access to test results – Timeliness of HIV test results – BASHH management guidelines Assessing quality of routine care of people with HIV, including: – Reducing onward transmission – Adherence to BHIVA treatment guidelines Measuring patients’/service users’ experience and outcomes

14 Ratification new joint proposal by DHDevelopment of specificationsContract notice advertised in OJEU PPQs, shortlisting, specifications finalized (Jan 2013) Capable parties submit full tenders … contract … 29 weeks

15 BASSH website: BHIVA website: HQIP website: Email: – – – –

16 Thanks:  MedFASH/Ruth Lowbury  Hilary Curtis  Ann Sullivan  MediScript (Faarid & Mitul)

17 Key topics/indicators to measure Settings: not just GUM for STIs! Operational issues – e.g. data collection and scope for using existing data sources Transparency – Requirement to publish outcomes at site/clinic level – HIV infection: possibility of data linkage across settings via NHS number

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