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SAJA is a Non-Profit Organization, located in Indonesia. This proposal comprises a brief information of SAJA operation and information. For further info,

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1 SAJA is a Non-Profit Organization, located in Indonesia. This proposal comprises a brief information of SAJA operation and information. For further info, please contact SAJA executives.

2 Brief Abstract “School for Street Children” (SAJA - Sekolah Anak Jalanan) is an alternative source of education. The Indonesian standard education spectrum covers curriculum for elementary education, Junior high and Senior high and then pupils can continue either to academic form or universities. SAJA was set up to provide FREE supplementary education for children of age 5 years to 13 years (elementary to junior high) for those who comes from a poor family back ground. Most of children are homeless and lives under the toll bridge in North Jakarta. In its first year of operation, the number of students enrolled was 70 pupils. The class was conducted by 2 certified teachers from IKIP (Institute of Teacher Training and Education) and supervised by 1 head school. The school monthly operational cost which amounted around Rp 1,5 million was mainly being supported by individual donators.

3 Brief Abstract At SAJA, following in the second year, number of students had increased to 105 pupils with an addition of 1 teacher. Outside the formal education process, SAJA is also providing out-doors educational activities occasionally. Increasing number of students and teachers, consequently elevates the operational cost to Rp 2,5 million per month. Within four years of establishment, the number of students had increased to 132 pupils with same personnel (3 teachers and 1 head school). Enthusiasm of both the child and parents shown on making the most of this free school and their augmented knowledge of the important to have at least basic education for their future. Essential to say, that most of our pupils are eager to go to highest education level than just junior school. It had always been our primary objective that all childen should have the opportunity to education and should not be impeded by lack of income of their parents.

4 The Community SAJA (School for Street Children) is located underneath the North Jakarta toll highway. The area is inhabited by 250 families with uncertain daily routines (marginal ). Most of the family lived inside a used board shelter with the toll road as its concrete ceiling. The surrounding environment is disorganized and unhygienic. There are 450 children altogether of which 50 are school-aged children. Inhabitants are dominated by young couples.

5 The School School Hours : Kindergarten - A: 08.00am – 09.30am Kindergarten - B: 09.30am – 11.00am Primary School: 02.00pm – 04.00pm Monday through Saturday Number of Class 3 Class Teachers : Comprises of 3 voluntary individuals possessing formal educational teaching background from IKIP. Number of Students : 132 people Free Tuition fee is free of charge

6 The Volunteer Program SAJA welcomes volunteers, who specialize in the fields below, to provide additional classes such as: Drawing Painting teacher, a creative officer from an ad-agency and similar job description may provide an extra drawing classes for kindergarten pupils through once a week schedule. English A capable volunteer may provide additional English classes once a week for primary school students. Outing Although the school has scheduled an outing program once a year, any outing sponsor would be considered and appreciated.

7 The Social Activities Fostering relation among the surrounding community had drawn an ample attention. SAJA had conducted various social activities such as Holy Iedul Adha, Free Medical Examination, Skill Enhancement etc. In the Holy Iedul Adha celebration, SAJA had distributed cow/goat meats to more than 250 families. Free Medical Examination which includes overall check up, nose & throat, eyes and others had been performed for those who are unfortunate. This social act is being performed once a month. SAJA even go beyond the limit by visiting those who needs medical treatment urgently and physically unable to go to the clinic.

8 The Visit SAJA has the honor to welcome Puteri Indonesia, Puteri Pariwisata and Finalists of Puteri Indonesia Program to SAJA school location. Puteri Indonesia, Miss Artika Sari Dewi, and the others show compassionate and interest on helping SAJA mission to provide education opportunity for street and un- fortunate children.

9 Pictures Say It Better Than Words



12 The Mission SAJA has now registered their form as a non-profit centre foundation Our mission is to minimize number of criminal acts by children through education and this should not happen because they are coming from poor family back ground. The founder and its members are coming from different back ground who have the same vision Having this in mind, our next questions are : How about those children who wish to go for higher education but they can not afford the tuition fees?

13 The Program Our 2005 onward plan are as follows : 1.The School - To keep providing free-school program for street children, hence to eliminate their out-doors activities which pose them to potential criminal act. 2.Little Library – To install a small library adjacent to the class room. The objective are to encourage the pupils to love reading books, to occupy their after school time with positive activitiy and at the same time to enhance their knowledge. 3.Scholarship Program – Since SAJA’s education program only up to elementary school, it has been our concern to the continuity of their next term, especially to those who are keen to continue their study but have financial hindrance.

14 The Plan We actively seeking for sponsor, donations and partnership in order to accomplish the 2005 onward plans. We welcome individuals, institutions, associations and foundations whom wish to work together with us to make a better future for street children. Sponsorship can be conducted through foster parents concept or fund raising scheme. Volunteers may help by spending their time to do extra curriculum teachings or providing education tools and support. SAJA will be more than happy to sit and discuss further on the possible ways to fit your social objective toward helping the street children.

15 The Projection Budget (2001 – 2006 )

16 The Contact Please contact SAJA executives to learn more on how you can participate to help the future of the street children. Hendro Wibisono (Sonny) Tel +62 (21) 525-5160 Fax +62 (21) 525-6440 Mobile +62 812-914-5888 Dolly Tobing Tel +62 (21) 5793-3301/2 Fax +62 (21) 5793-3300 Chin Yi Email: Mobile +62 816-956-973 Rusmeiny Subronto Email : Tel +62 (21) 525-5160 Fax +62 (21) 525-6440 Mobile +62 812-914-5888

17 SAJA Bank Account Bank Niaga, JKT-IBC Tebet, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia Account Name: Hendro Wibisono (Sekolah Anak Jalanan) Account No: 025.01.11111.11.1 or Bank BCA, KCP Setiabudi Atrium, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia Account Name: Hendro Wibisono Account No: 766.014.0608 * The above Bank Accounts are the valid accounts which acknowledged and approved by SAJA founders and members. No other Bank Accounts other than those stated above are valid for SAJA. All data released are strictly confidential and meant use only for SAJA social purpose.

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